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The Osmium Heirs, Oryx, previously Aurash,
Savathun, previously Sathona, and Xivu Arath, previously Xi Ro are the Hive Leadership and
have formed symbiosis with the Worms from the planet Fundament. They worship the Deep,
which is the Darkness and continue a conquest to destroy the Traveller and the Sky, a.k.a
the Light. They believe in order to reach the final form of the universe they must destroy
all imperfections and weaknesses. In addition, the symbiotic relationship they
have established with the worm grants them immortality however they must continually
feed their worm through bloodshed and conquest. As they become more powerful their worms hunger
grows, creating a never ending cycle. The Hive leadership have created separate Throne
worlds, different dimensions, and they return to this place with each death. The same knowledge and power used to create
the Throne worlds, can also be used to cut open portals to other dimensions, which is
described as “wounds” throughout the Book of Sorrow text. Oryx has also gained the power to abduct his
enemies and render them completely subservient, creating the Taken. Oryx was granted this
ability after creating the Tablet of Ruins, which allows him to commune directly with
the Deep, he gained this power by first killing his Sisters, and through the power of Sword
logic was able to defeat the Worm god Akka and consequently discover the secretes
of the Deep. To date, the Hive have destroyed the following
named civilisations, amongst others, the Ammonites, the Qugu, the Dakaua, which are part of the
Ecumene, which appears to be a some sort of intergalactic organisation, and later the
entire extinction of the Ecumene. In order to keep this video as concise as
possible, the remainder of the video is a summary of the book of sorrows verse 4 and
any components that require greater analysis will have dedicated videos, similar to that
of the Sword Logic and Ahamkara content. Let’s begin. Verse 4:0 a golden amputation, begins with
yet another annihilation of a race, this race is called the Taishibeth, who are also referred
to as Sun Ravens. The Tai Emperor Raven has talons and feathers similar to that of a typical
raven and appears extremely powerful, regardless, their fate is unchanged and Oryx easily defeats
the emperor, swallowing her into a wound, only later to return her as Taken. Without much further detail, the Taishibeth
are made extinct. With the extinction of yet another race, Oryx feels that he is on the
threshold of truly communicating with the Deep and in Verse 4:1 he prepares an unborn
Ogre to act as a vessel and receive the Deep. Oryx is successful in communicating with the
Deep itself, however, whilst communing with the Deep, Oryx’s sisters Xivu Arath and
Savathun attempt to trap him and prevent his return to his throne by cutting off his tribute. Despite their efforts, Oryx returns from the
Deep and repays the favour to his sisters by crippling their tributes so that they may
never betray him again. In order to secure his lineage Oryx finds a mother, who is unnamed,
and a spawn is born, Crota, Eater of Hope. Crota is provided with a sword and a mission;
to pursue and destroy the Traveler, for the false hope that it provides and deviation
from the true final form of the universe. Oryx makes it clear that he still has an oath to
destroy the betrayer Taox, who still eludes him, however this is not Crota’s responsibility.
On a side note, I receive many questions regarding the Hive figure, Nokris, the statue that can
found alongside Oryx and Crota on the Dreadnaught. I have searched a number of times to discover
who this Hive figure is and as far as I am aware there is nil mention of Nokris in any
grimoire cards or item descriptions. Considering the position of the statues it would be reasonable
to assume that it is the mother of Crota, however there is no evidence for this, apart
from understanding the Crota did have a mother and the positioning of the statues. Crota is not the only child of Oryx, Oryx
also created two daughters, even if by accident, he cut a larvae in half with his sword, Willbreaker,
and the two halves did not die, but rather grew creating the twin Deathsingers,
Ir Anuk and Ir Halak. Ir Halak created the deathsinger song, and sings it in Xivu Arath’s
throne world killing everyone who listened. The Deathsingers also created the Oversoul,
a technique of detaching their ascendant souls, which are then stored within the Throne world,
in the words of the Deathsingers this enhanced their resilience to death. In
addition, it allowed them to make refinements to their Deathsong, which perhaps explains
how the Deathsingers can sing the death song and not be killed themselves. This Oversoul
acts quite differently to the one we see in the Crota’s End raid and I assume changes
were made over time. Eager to learn from his sisters, and encouraged
by his Father, Crota creates a portal, however he was tricked by Savathun, and encouraged
to create a portal in a certain space, a space that Savathun knew would lead
to the Vex. Upon creating the portal, the Vex poured through it, invading Oryx’s Throne
World. This is the first instance of the Vex, we do not know where they originated from
however, in Destiny’s timeline this may be the first encounter. At first the Vex were severely disadvantaged
within the Throne world, however with the creation of the Vex Mind, Quria Blade Transform,
they deduced the sword logic, verse 4:9 Quria says, “I have to kill everything, Quria
resolved. Then I will be powerful.” The Vex mind proceeds to kill 2000 of Oryx’s
acolytes, and the Vex begin to establish power within Oryx’s throne world. Crota calls for assistance from the Deathsingers
and the two wizards create an annihilator totem that quickly destroys the Vex, however
Quria prevents the Hive from closing the portal and the Vex continue to enter the Throne World.
Neither race can gain a foothold. In order to break the stalemate, Quria captures a worm
larvae and rather than introducing the larvae to the Vex mind fluid, she manufactures a
priesthood and ordered all subminds to believe in worship, from this worship they were able
to gain a portion of power from the worms, without symbiosis. This may be documentation
of the creation of the blackgarden, however I would need to
look into this further. This all occurred whilst Oryx was absent,
observing the Deep destroy an ancient fortress world, however the events did not go unnoticed
and the Worm God Eir, informs Oryx, saying, “Set your house in order”. Like an angry father returning to mis-behaving
children, Oryx returns to his Throne world and instantly destroys the Vex reading from
the Tablets of Ruin, some of which he abducts, making them Taken. Angry with Crota for his weakness, Oryx picks
up Crota by the legs and tosses him through the Vex portal, he says “Come home glorious
or die forgotten!” Crota proceeded to battle through history, becoming a legendary
demon. Whilst Oryx is pre-occupied with the Vex,
his Sister Xivu Arath plans another ambush of his Throne world, predicting this, Oryx
decides to move his Throne World and says “I shall keep my glorious mind cosmos inside
a titanic warship.” In Verse 4:11, Oryx creates the Dreadnaught.
For the first time it mentions, specific tools of the Hive gods, the Hammer of Xivu Arath
and the Scalpel of Savathun, Oryx steals the Hammer and the Scalpel to create the Dreadnaught.
Once the physical ship was created, Oryx, pushes his Throne world inside it, so that
it leaks into the material space, into the Dreadnaught. The dreadnaught and his throne
world become one. The Dreadnaught was within the throne of Oryx,
but the throne of Oryx was the Dreadnaught. With his throne world now safe, Oryx tracks
a ship called the Nicha Thought-ship, thinking it may contain the Gift Mast, an object left
by the Traveller when it fled and something that Oryx is eager to consume. Oryx tracks
the ship, with the assistance of his Daughters, however it is being protected by a race known
for their invincibility, so much so, that they are named the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible. In their confidence, The Harmonious Flotilla
Invincible surrounded the Dreadnaught, unaware of the secret weapon, a design by the Deathsingers.
Oryx plunged his Sword into the helm of the Dreadnaught and Oryx’s throne world was
pushed out into the material space, the clashing of the two worlds was devastating. The invincibility
of the Harmonious Flotilla was tested, and the title of invincible was removed from their
name. Despite the victory, Oryx found that the thought-ship
did not contain the Gift Mast he so eagerly sought but it was a trap, and inside was the
Vex mind, Quria, Blade Transform who appears to have not been so easily beaten at their
first encounter. That brings us to the ending of the Book of
Sorrows Verse 4, my plan is to finish Book of Sorrows Verse 5 prior to the challenge
mode being released, that way we can look at the new calcified fragments with all the
knowledge of previous verses. Once again, it has been a pleasure, this is
Myelin Games, Peace.

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  1. After listening through this again, I have some speculation.

    You suggested that the first encounter with the Vex was when they entered the Throne World through the wound. Since those wounds rip through dimensions, could it possible that the Vex were "trapped" within their own machine dimension? If they were first introduced to the "main" universe as a result of the Hive's actions, then that could explain why they have the ability to teleport all around and why the Black Garden is in another dimension. It could be that the Vex are using an altered version of Sword Logic.

  2. When you scan Norkis's  statue your ghost says that there is no information of Norkis not even in the world's grave data base. So Norkis is probably going to remain a mystery. Also it's a trap!

  3. On the subject of the Vex. It is likely that it was Quria and its manufactured priesthood who are responsible for the Vex learning the power of worship (as they practice in the Black Garden), but I don't think it has anything to do with the existence of the Black Garden or the Heart. The Black Garden is said by Pujari to be a result of the Traveler's actions on Mars because of a necessary "symmetry."
    What I would say with near certainty is that Quria is responsible for is the Vault of Glass. In verse 5:1 it said "There will be points in space and time where this data is vital. There will be great projects undertaken in the study of this ontological power, this throne-space." We know the Vault of Glass has use of the ontological powers (power over the nature of existence); the Gorgon card states "Deep in the Vault of Glass, the fabric of reality bends to the will of the Vex. Warlocks speak in tones of awe of the Gorgons – creatures that seem to possess a dreaded, almost unimaginable strength: an ontological weapon."

  4. Great video as always,my prediction of the books:Oryx defeats the Vex,one of his sisters tries to kill him and Crota just spawns in yelling ITS A TRAP!!!

  5. i love when your videos hit my sub box more then anyone tbh. i say ill just watch one and then watch for like 5 hours or so…

  6. I thought Nokris was a brother to Crota from the positioning of of the statue. Also im sure at one point Crota was called "the runt of Oryxs' litter" by Eris, that always implied to me that there were other God Hive like Crota, beneath Oryx. I dont know now since we have Ir Anuk and Ir Haluk as Oryxs' duaghters though……

  7. The deep and the traveler (darkness and light ) complete opposite of each other and forever bound to fight each other in a never ending battle that none will ever completely win ..its a trap!

  8. im been hearing Eris is secretly a hive transformed human…what if she's Taox hiding from the Hive and triyng to use the guardians to kill them off as she tried to back in the Fundament?

  9. I remember everything about the day I was born, the awoken are my family now.

    mara sov is taox. she has been hiding from oryx and had a pact with the traveler and is an agent of the traveler and the the sky and she became an awoken via the traveler. just a thought.

  10. What if the Ahamkara were spawned from the pieces of Aka and are trying to use the guardians to get revenge and/or weaken the Light.

  11. I cannot let this false info proceed as truth to those who havnt seen or played warmind. Nokris is an outcast and a heresy. one of Oryx’s spawn. He did not use sword logic and formed a cult around Xol, the will of thousands.

  12. This comment might be too late , but the word Halak, has meaning in arabic which means the end of something or someone in a miserable way .. One of Oryx daughters is called “Ir Halak” death singer

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