Destiny 2 | NEW WEAPONS & HEROIC MENAGERIE! DLC Loot, New Content, 770 Power Mode & Dreambreaker!

what's up guys hand ish here and Steve we have some pretty exciting news to jump in and talk about regarding destiny – we do have some opulence as well as some shadow keep stuff so firstly in this week at Bungie they give us details about the heroic menagerie stuff about the power level the modifiers and the rewards so we'll touch on that on top of this Bungie today showed off some pretty cool artwork for some upcoming shadow keep weapons so we get a better idea of the kind of theme and style of them they clarify some other stuff about shadow keep pre-orders and when content is gonna be rolling out so guys I hope you enjoyed the video but without further delay let's jump straight into it so initially today Bungie open live on the Guardian comm stream because they're raising money for the event and there were an absolute ton off donations really really quickly when they went live so really cool stuff and I'll link the Guardian contrary streams down below however some of their donation goals included showing off some early shadow keep weapon previews so they first show us the dream breaker a new fusion rifle and each says a weapon like this lurks somewhere on the lunar surface for perhaps points beyond or deep below it's a pretty cool looking weapon and of course we've got heiresses themed right there but on top of this they show us a new LMG that's gonna be come in and these are legendary weapons and once again we've got Eris is kind of runes and stuff and the bands of leather across the weapon but also it features the icon I believe of the taken arts or token arts I'm not sure exactly how you say that correctly but these were the Chinese astronauts that first kind of explored the moon in the Golden Age that we learned about in destiny once so certainly pretty interested stuff and obviously those weapons do have the same theme as the weapon that Eris is holding in the initial reveal trailer although the one Eris does have is quite a bit more ornate I would guess the two Legendary's that they've shown us are going to be part of a new loophole for the moon or foreshadow keep content but obviously it seems unlikely that that would be for the raid as Bungie generally don't use that kind of stuff of course we don't know about any of the kind of major new activities foreshadow keep in any detail so a pretty cool early T's right there would such an some more shadow keep confirmations and details in a moment but now Bungie talked about the heroic menagerie so the next stop on the roadmap begins on June 25th with the menagerie heroic mode and the breakdown how some of this is going to work so increased power difficulty starting at 750 and increasing all the way up to 770 so obviously a very high power level activity right there we did get look at heroic menagerie listed in the database and it showed 740 but Du Barry – starts at 750 and matchmaking is disabled in this mode so you must form a fireteam to enter there will be weekly curated gameplay modifiers and these are rotating per bars so those will roll out week over week and unlike normal mode guardians can hit a failure state so extinguishes active and that means if your team wipes callus will send you to orbit and on top of this encounters never repeat if you fail to reach 100% progress toward the bus after completing each encounter once you will be returned to orbit and on top of this they say that heroic mode will have specific triumphs rewards and challenges and some of the rewards we speculated about so far are the three class swords these haven't been found in normal menagerie but also things like the curated roles of some of the menagerie weapons and specific catalysts as well as potentially some other stuff as Bungie duelist kind of challenges so let us say your thoughts about that it sounds pretty interesting and I guess if the rewards kind of line up with it then it should be pretty exciting and since they provide the roadmap for us once more of course on July 2nd we'll get the Illumina quest and that's we've spoken about recently that should be a pretty interesting one because it appears we have to acquire rows and then upgrade it into Lumina or go through the process to get an exotic equivalent so that's on July 2nd the week after heroic menagerie and shortly after that we've got the tribute hall and moments of triumph arriving on July 9th we don't really have any details about that yet before we know what happens we'll be seeing solstice of heroes on July 30th so plenty of content yet to come this season on the subject of heroic menagerie there are a bunch of triumphs for they switch are hidden in the game but you can see via light GG so we have short-handed to complete it run through the heroic menagerie with a fireteam of three or fewer that sounds like it'll be pretty fun there's once a completed run through the heroic menagerie with time left on the clock so there will be one full run where you still have time remaining and then there are some triumphs for each of the bosses so defeat peg Ori without allowing any fire team member to die in the heroic menagerie there's also one for seppuku I believe that's how you say that boss's name and then also Aaron ACK those three are to clear those encounters without anyone dying so on top of loot and stuff like that initially there will be a few more triumphs and Imperials to unlock if you're jumping into heroic finally something kind of random for season of opulence but a bunch of year one crucible armor has been updated with the season of opulence icon these have the full random roles and stuff that we see with the year two gear so the phoenix strife set for the Ty Turner we could see the anchor seeker which is the Warlock said and then the sword flight set for the hunter we've got no idea of why they're in the game or in the database right now but yeah it does appear that there are updated versions of year 1 armor with that opulence icon so maybe this is something that we're going to learn during season 7 and we'll keep you posted if we hear any details about what that could be now though buncha gave a little bit of clarity about some of the changes that they're gonna be bringing in shadow keep and for year 3 of the game especially in relation to armor 2.0 and ever verse stuff so there was some speculation that armor 2.0 won't be available for players who don't own the DLC or that the free-to-play version of destiny 2 will not feature armor 2.0 pieces of gear but cosmo did clarify than any players including first light players will have access to armor 2.0 sets and can apply universal ornaments to the sets so the brand new updated armor that we get for year 3 or at least some of it will be available for the new light version of the game and it's kind of interesting in itself because cosmo kinda confirms that these are armor 2.0 sets and that means maybe not every set in the game is gonna be updated right there has been a lot of speculation as to whether that's gonna happen well we know right now specifically is that there will be dedicated armor 2.0 sets in the game but some of them are available to first light players and they can apply the universal ornaments that our verse is gonna have so as Bungie broke down yesterday any ever verse piece of armor now acts as an ornament that can be applied to a separate piece of gear and that means there are no gameplay effecting perks in ever verse which is pretty cool and it'll be interesting to see if this trends mark or this visual transmog style thing is also gonna feature into the rest of the endgame right while it is fantastic that we're seeing it forever verse I really hope that we do see it in some other places you know some dope ornaments for completing a dungeon or whatever would be really cool but as Bungie said ever first gear that menthols will no longer produce bright dust and somebody did ask what happens if you don't dismantle stuff before September and for clarification cosmo just say that consequences are that you will only get bright dust from items dismantled before the 17th of September so it does make sense to absolutely clear out any old ever vers stuff that you can as they will still be reclaimed for from collections and no longer will actually require bright dust to pick them back up again and I think those are some hugely positive changes for the game in this week at Bungie they update the frequently asked questions section for shadow keep there are some potentially useful details here so firstly what is included with Bungie store purchases are physical additions of Destiny to shadow keep and it will include a digital code for sure to keep deluxe edition with the digital deluxe edition in-game bonuses as well as the original shadow keep soundtrack for the collector's edition exclusive physical collectible bundle contents delivered on or before 17th of September the collector's edition exclusive in-game emblem code will be printed inside of the physical collection bundle the hive cryptic left replica will allow you to follow clues in the collector's edition to unlock the hive cryptic life and its secret contents so that's pretty cool and there could be some Easter eggs to stuff in the game they'll also include a metal lunar mission container as well as handbook and journal which is a 160 page journal featuring additional story content that is bound with the mysterious charms and talismans are very small and then on top of this there are some additional details in there about cross save platforms and a bunch of other stuff so if there are any things you want to know I'll link that Bungie article down below but you do add to the known issues list for season of opulence so they're looking into an issue where some players do not get truth from the ascendant chests in particular this is happening if you open the ascendant chest at the end of the strike before you're on the candy from a baby step so definitely avoid that they also list refer-a-friend linking issues 690 gear from bounties dropping on alternate characters rune bonus two on the chalice of opulence which is no longer refunding seems to be a bug with that but you're looking into it and there are some other known issues listed in that help article so once again you can find that link to in the description below also in this week of Bungie they talked about how they're taking part in Pride Month details about a new Pride pin for sale in the Bungie store and all the proceeds will be going directly to the It Gets Better Project we is also something that Bungie are pretty passionate about but yeah for today guys that is going to summarize the video and it certainly is a very busy time still looking forward to that heroic menagerie next week and for those more substantial shadow keep details to be rolling out but it will link the Guardian cons-stream schedule down below you guys want to check out the rest of the lineup show some support over there that would be absolutely awesome I had hoped to make Guardian can't happen this year myself but a bit of a crazy time and I'm trying to save everything I can to get a house in a few months so looks like I'm gonna have to behave myself for a little bit longer per regardless it's definitely very cool to support Guardian Khan or any of you guys who are headed over I hope you have an absolutely or sometime but equally I appreciate you tuning in if you've enjoyed the video a rating really helps me out below if you're new to the channel and you want everything related to destiny to in one place be sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications to keep up to date otherwise thank you as always for tuning in and I will catch you guys very soon you

21 thoughts on “Destiny 2 | NEW WEAPONS & HEROIC MENAGERIE! DLC Loot, New Content, 770 Power Mode & Dreambreaker!

  1. Very excited for Heroic menagerie! Super awesome to see the community come together and support GuardianCon. The Bungie slot has been INSANE and its amazing what the community can achieve. Thank You to everyone who makes it happen <3

  2. Would someone enlighten me on how to get red runes? I have all the required slots to get them, however its been over a week since and ive ran multiple activities including menagerie and i havent dropped a single one.

  3. Recently, I've completed 2 secret triumphs from the tribute hall, in which I acquired 1 item for each. They both dissapeared… one was a black yellowish mote and the other was something related to iron… banner… hope to be able to see them july the 9th.

  4. I have no shame whatsoever admitting that I haven't played Destiny since season of The drifter came out and I played last night and I got out Lord of wolves and blast furnace and now im getting over 40 kills per round and a KDS of 3.8. holy shit balls guys. I was completely deleting guardians off the map, even while their supers were going! I stopped so many supers in about an 11 hour period, I probably killed 4500 guardians easily may be way more than that, I don't know, I just know I killed a lot of them and for some odd reason I'm a lot better at PVP than I Used to be. And no…….It's not because of Lord of wolves. I can usually outgun most gaurdians.


  5. For the love of Cayde, No more Exotic Hand Cannons…I don't even wanna see LEGENDARY hand cannons. Auto Rifles, Sub machine guns, and Sidearms need love too.

  6. With the release of the heroic menagerie, will our light cap go up to 770? That's is the question I need the answer of..

  7. When you said we don’t have any major details did you forget that they said a raid in the black garden?

  8. is it worth to get the season pass? will that content get outdated once the new expansion release? I mean does light level make old raids and content too easy?

  9. wait so for the universal ornaments in new light will hey have all the eververse ornaments and will everyone just get the eververse ornaments from all of year one and 2 from eververse for free or will the d2 players only have those that were unlocked thru random drop

  10. so what about the eververse armor with rolls? do we keep those or get rid of them? are those eververse armor pieces used for armor 2.0?

  11. Personally disappointed with Heroic Menagerie. I love standard Menagerie because of the matchmaking allowing me to access raid like mechanics without the time commitment to look for players.
    So i'm pretty much done with Destiny till Solsis then shadowkeep.

  12. Gods, this guns design with ropes looks so bad. I feel like the motivation to play Managerie Heroic is flow away.

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