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  1. I'm currently downloading the software, but one thing I am still confused about is if I can create/format a fiction novel, one that doesn't include that many images or graphics, using the program? Or is specifically for books with images, photos, etc.?

  2. Actually it doesn't automatically give YOU an ISBN number. What it does is assign one of THEIR ISBN numbers to YOUR creation.

  3. Hi, I want to produce a poetry ebook. So, once I am done, I just need to upload right? How long will take to get the ebook? Is it going to be sent to my email? Thanks

  4. I want to create a cookbook EBook and then save it as PDF to then sell through my website, how do I go about doing this please?

  5. Hi Djysse – It takes about 4-5 days to produce a book and the shipping time depends on which shipping method you select. You can calculate the shipping time and cost here:

  6. How many Time i have to wait for the Book Is send ?

    Mon anglais est plutôt nul ! Au cas où il y aurait un français :
    Combien de temps met le livre pour arriver ?

  7. I am interest in selling on Kindle, but didn't know exactly how to format my writing, but this is it!!! Thank God for BookWright!!!

  8. Good morning, if I use Book Wright to design my book,  do I have to publish with book wright? Could I take what I have created and send to another publisher? I want to use book wright as a way to organize my writings. Is that possible?

  9. I have been writing an eBook for fixed layout format in BookWright and thought I was doing very well with it. Now I'm not convinced that my font size will be large enough. I am using Arial 12 pt because I intend running a soft cover printed book along side the eBook. Will this font size be too small for say Kindle Fire and iBooks? I have also used the tab bar to indent paragraphs. Is that the right way to do it? Can anyone answer my questions on this matter before I tear out what is left of my hair? Thanks in advance.

  10. I have 30 plus books. I was selling on Amazon too besides other places. Recently I pulled them out of KDP as I am not satisfied with the way they handled problem in payments. I want my books to be sold on Amazon without having them on kDP.

    Can you share the link to the page that has info relating to royalty computation?

  11. Hi, I need help! I'm trying to upload my magazine and it says my cover needs to be two pages… but it is. I've used bookwright to design the soft cover (front and back) as well as 20 pages.

  12. Hi i have a question: How to move from a page to another like in catalogs? because i'm using bookwright to realize a magazine

  13. Love the idea, but Bookwright is horrible. It doesn't save properly, I've twice had to spend hours re formatting text I've already gone through. It's clunky to use, not easy to learn and the user interface is confusing. Such a shame but I'm going to have to try something else

  14. I have a question. So after you are done making and developing the book, once you push print, how does the physical copy get back to you? Do they automatically mail it to you?

  15. Sometime I need a drawing pen to create arrows or links as in family charts. What about a family timeline template as well.

  16. when i was a teenager in 2002, we made a magazine in our literature class, 13 years later i'm going to publish a biannually culture magazine through here! who knew  #stoked  😀

  17. Thank you so much #Blurb, I have been wanting to publish a book in years, but never found a way to do it. with this I love it.

  18. Thank you very much #Blurb for sharing/publishing my book ““Self Employment – Secret of Success” by Lalani Jay (Amazon, Apple's iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo), I would greatly appreciate it. 

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  19. Hello, I am just learning how to do this stuff ( sometimes confused ) and yet it is very exciting to realize what the end result possibilities can be OR are! 

  20. why can't i upload book as an ebook??? the ‘Reflowable’ won't even load at the end. even after I've changed font. It only lets you have two options Fixed layout and None???

  21. only you cant upload your book once you've finished it because it sends you on a catch 22 never ending software update where you waste your life watching a progress bar that just keeps telling you to update and will never launch…

  22. thxs i was lost how to use book text but i get it now thxs and im 14 and i love this app i told all my writing friends and wattpad people to use this app u should also work with wattpad the reading app 

  23. I love this program- I can't wait until I'm completely done and I can sell it.  Thanks BookWright – and Blurb 🙂  .. Happy Writer!!!

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