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yes I am dressed up like a minion and yes you should have kicked that like button down below because I look at me like I mean it but I'm a yeah let's see if every single person watching this video can can that like button down below wisten tables dirtier than my sense of humor okay hello everybody hello Hey I start each video by saying hello in a different language every single time verse 1 we'll just go with French hola como esta welcome to today's video guys and today this has been a much-anticipated video like I did that because I like I like doing the camera changes every once in a while you know and at all there's no yeah ventured into the world of toys many many times on this channel in these toy videos I usually get extremely angry and frustrated with the toys because usually they can be extremely annoying but today we are going somewhere that I never wanted to go because I this boy that we're looking at today is by far the most annoying not so annoying is giving me box broke at starts by far one of the most annoying things on the Internet the most annoying things in this entire world of children's toys that I decided to venture into and now anytime I post a video that's not about toys every day marks the day that you have all been waiting for I have read your comments I have seen your cries for Tim only wanted for you to do how much Toys R Us is bent over a hundred and fifty dollars minion toys how many millions you guys think are on this bag I just counted them up and I want you guys leave in the comment section down below along with like your Twitter your Instagram your snapchat if you get it right I will be adding you and following you this is a know that we got we've all in one bag it plays s coming up an amateur keep them dogs poo poo biggest fart balls with single only daughters we got more we got the most boring what the fuck was that and there's still another video we got a lot of minion stuff is Vegas full we got these two we're going to be destroying both a lot okay so I'm here you guys saw the spider-man video where I dressed up like spider-man and I told you guys I was doing a minion video everybody said Derek you have to dress up like a minion for the minion video pressing up like spider-man is cool but dressing up like a minion is just I'm not willing to go that Loki I have some sort of morals behind my channel in my videos than me he dressed me like spider his superhero you know who I dress up like a minion just for the thumbnail in Chester I got to point number two dude what kind of noises do minions make I don't know I thought that rises I felt like a parrot started spongebob okay we're looking at minions who I don't have to be wearing to talking the entire time one because um there's something scary like it give me genuine fear like imagine like me in your bedroom and good thing I dropped out of college for this oh my these are all inside this minion bed we got a bunch more oh my god I can't inside it's bad we have one a mini and a Happy Meal you have this guy right here with a minion that you can dress up like a king banana because we all know how much minions love bananas we all know that cute selling that the kids don't stop but it's so awesome and cute you just want to totally walk up to those kids and rip their we're taking these off because I'm the duck blackfish so my fingers are not fun you have this which is a bunch of ballooning that's minions beams this is a hundred water balloons that Armenian theme will have some fun with those as well and we have the most exciting it's right the ball that had means on it so I was like oh known or not and we gotta sell that open these toys do not attempt anything I'm about to do in this video this is me after I just finished recording and I realized hey you know what ice probably tell people that this is being stupid so do not attempt any of this at home do not attempt to recreate this or anything this is all for comedic purposes so just for fun for me to do and for you guys to watch the do not attempt it and enjoy the video cuz you guys are my comments are always asking how you can get me to follow you on Instagram so I just posted this picture on my Instagram I am going to be following a big-time a big ton of people who head over to that photo and comment on it with the banana emoji how that photo comments a banana mochi spam as much as you can follow me like the photo and I will be following a bunch of you guys back to do first off we got our buddy channel time Carl here how's it going Carl he knows what's coming I mean just already screaming for his life everything you need to know about Carl on his head moves that's poor magic without him bogs intimate um he requires to better his great awesome I cannot find my Swiss Army knife anywhere in my Swiss Army knife it's really strong it's really good for just like going ham on these boxes so we're going to use them as not as strong as Swiss Army knife sorry Colonel you're not going to get the super fun experience of the unboxing we're going to have to use this they're killing zombies my god i perfectly dodge his skinhead oh I'm cutting his arm off okay it's not working on the down swings I'm not using my samurai will come at all there we go that's it yes yeah there we go alright buddy Carl world actually it looks pretty cool Carl here's the batteries in your booty hole quarantine you wanna have a good relationship you should know just shut up okay what would you like to say the disease squad for your very first and probably last video okay so let us think the advertising the boss for mr. Carl here is he has movable arms so it's his arms go because you have the moving arms if you slap them fast enough and throw him in the air you will actually hover midair for a couple seconds to say a few funny lines so you go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and then you throw them and I is I moves back and forth – that's all this frickin being done for all I've got a few surprises over there for you that um you're probably not going to like it so if you want me to just put you back in your boss and set you aside just say anything just don't laugh just laughing is time – rude what do you what do you want it is for you uh oh the thing in the middle of the minions face some people may think of it as an eye but when I look at the minion I think of it kind of like a target like it's just like they heated up [Laughter] I'm gonna set Carl down here for a second we're going to see if I can hit him right on the target um we'll use something that probably won't ruin the toy this early because of this is like the first part of the video I don't want to ruin the toy instantly so let's use off here we go we will use just don't like what I miss I miss the target I missed the target part okay you got that was I think it a little bit too far probably sure this swung twice I such rubbish it is left it with the one swing to that how you doing buddy good baby these daddy facet Carly is still good I think that means I'm okay Derek keep on going I'm having fun I got these bunch of balloons here which is a bunch of water balloons that are minion themed you guys know that I love fire so I thought why not have a little bit of a challenge where we say our good buddy old pal Carl here we set him on fire and then we see how many of you have minions deemed water balloons it will take for us to extinguish the fire we're going to see if we can save Carl before the fire engulfs his body and melts them into a little piece of Dominion so let's head outside and see as Carl is safe first thing we got to do is get all the balloons and make our little buddy over there and we're going to sound fire and see how many balloons it takes to put them out there we go dogs you got 60 water balloons let's start a little friend Karl on fire sorry sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry Karl let's see how many it takes all right Karl space is on okay here we go guys let's go Mauro let's see if you crawl hi miss conclude I meant again okay Karl you're going to die akin mistake [Applause] oh gosh oh gosh okay yes oh my gosh is still hard smoke I have no idea how many balloons that was but Carl safe leave it in the comment section down below how many balloons did I use because I am no pink glue know how many balloons I'd use on Carl but um to it this is what it looks like now I don't hate me I did not mean I tried to save them okay I'm if my aim is terrible Carl I have not tried this yet but there is no doubt in my mind that this is not going to work anymore please by the grace of God maybe but if innards are done it entered has been burnt I think the reason that Carl still works is called you know call out of all the toys I've ever dealt with I think Carl has the best sense of humor like this guy just loves to laugh and because he loves to laugh and he's just such a nice guy I think Carl daughters does think it was just a joke now we're going to take a look at the light-up Lobby this thing is so freaky like just a good dude oh you're so cute I just want to set you on fire and make sure you're never cute ever home for this fluffy thing you basically have to give it like a mini abortion to get fucking back shove that in battery pack back into her stomach although I'm oh what a time for bed quickly press the host button twice to activate the magical charm suppose it'll glow too dim to help you fall asleep I want to know if I'm or I would fall asleep it's so creepy like there's a little hole in its ass hub you can insert a USB chip and you can actually put your own sounds onto fluffy I put a few sounds of my own and so I'll show you guys right now here we go ready there's many many jobs here's the next one please coming straight underground yonder man now one more little game of flamethrowers spin roulette what I'm going to do is we're going to just well via chess guys usually I'll give you swords chance at all I don't even see back there the massacred a graveyard of poised usually I just burn them and they just die but we're going to do three rounds I'm going to flow with my eyes and sit around for about 20 seconds until I have no idea where I am and I'm gonna try and aim for fluffy we're gonna do this three times if I don't hit her if I miss every single time she's good to go and she can live on her stupid fucking life as is done she's got fake photos show us tongue fakes POTUS out and if she catches on fire which she might and then we're gonna have a great time and this going to be tons of fun stuff here we go flame thrower speed roulette as an example I'm going to go dad dad's death but I yeah and wherever I land oh that was um French investing Everland flamethrower roulette we have are you ready for 15 okay number one left into spinning and lesbians Luffy survived here we go oh I'm gonna aim the lower when I'm doing this round number two I'll a before I get there de go my dear accompanying breath but we going into round over three how's your viewing my missus she say safe and you guys don't get to see a burning unicorn on my video today I'm doing this for all the loyalty squad out there let's go why don't stand by there like Bert dead children doesn't I know that what that smells like I guess I wouldn't know what a Brit child smells like it was I'm dealt with him alright so fluffy had a little bit of a makeover uh-uh there's a nice black mohawk now but her Ford is completely destroyed and I'm going to try to button but there's no way this thing no she literally is oh this is her back okay this is what the habit freaking fluffy boo-boo God's a little bit of a rocky start but I think now that we've gone through this bonding relationship of playing the fire roulette spin game I think we're a lot closer now and I think we can move on as friends what do you think about that fluffy next up we have Kevin the banana build a minion I think it's not a brand old friend to open up Kevin when I say old friend I mean my good old Swiss Army knives because I've used this with soreness so many times in video that kind of become a legendary and we're going to use it just hitting oh I nailed him right on the forehead all right Kevin come out and play so this Kevin minion toy doesn't say anything it is all your doing you dress it up as different things so you like here you have this jacket you can put on him so there Wow look at that that's an amazing investment right there good thing I bought this one he doesn't do cool you can put the jacket on it you know you can take the jacket off and then throw it away because you're never going to use you want for some reason you can turn this guy literally into a banana this is a banana minion Kevin is my little buddy here and I would never want to harm him but I asked you guys on Twitter what I should do to this minion toy and I gave you guys a bunch of choices and the top choice that you guys picked was a chain saw I asked my stepdad if you would be willing to saw this minion toy in half and he was surprisingly more than willing you don't even blood-related to me so it's not like he has any of my angry toy destroying genes in him but maybe I'm rubbing off on him a little bit Kevin I'll give you the same treatment I gave Carl all you have to do if you don't want me to do this to you just speak up and say anything and we won't do it so Kevin what do you think we're doing anyways go guys that video of coggan excites was face he's completely honest this is actually perfect because you have a daughter and it's something you don't have a lot of money buy one Kyle oh here we go [Laughter] so I went to McDonald's and grab a minions fucking happy meal I thought it'd be just a little bit of nostalgia for me to open up a hack me and look at the toy because I haven't gone to ask Meal toy and so long but I also thought it'd be fun to give myself a little bit of a challenge here to see if I can eat the Happy Meal faster than anybody has ever eaten it you guys know youtuber named at Sony has like a well-directed to the fastest half meal so I'm going to get a pair tennis Happy Meal to mine side by side and see who is faster so the toy they gave us is this despicable me toy so the toilet is a population bullshit fuck this shit um so yeah that's all that's a story right there there's nothing I would rather have in this amazing Happy Meal tool why does it feel larger what we got gosh thank you alright guys fast as have me leveraging this here show to start with an Eaton career here we go ready three two in discussing this is one of the most successful tour reviews I've ever done because all three of these toys still work they look great I don't think great is the right word for me to be using in this situation you ever want to see behind the scenes of my videos be sure to add me on snapchat I'm always posting stuff behind the scenes in my videos before I do my videos little sneak peeks and all that stuff I hope you enjoyed meeting the new members of our team here the minions the dispensable me stuff they weren't that bad they got so much for watching I hope you have a fantastic day always remember the motto of do good die great that ma doesn't really make sense for this video because I'm literally just destroying stuff and wasting money but yeah take that alive all right have a fantastic day I will see you all very soon from fluffy tile and Carl

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