Demon Hunter – I Will Fail You (Lyrics)

11 thoughts on “Demon Hunter – I Will Fail You (Lyrics)

  1. The Battlefield. of the Mind.sometimes the longest journey is from the mind to the heart.for the things i will to do are not the things i do .but for the things i will not to do are the very things i do .its only by jesus christ grace and love , john 3:16.for we all fail daily but repentance means making a true effort to change.ephesians 6 .Jesus loves you

  2. To sum up what i took from what the lead singer said the song meant. The song is about the projected image everyone shows each other and when that image faulters the person is disappointed by that person. Soooo 'I have failed you' is appropriate it has ZERO to do with Yahweh nor His son Yeshuah…its the Failing of man

  3. cool song as far as sound goes, but what happened to no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus?  this song doesn't sound uplifting in the grace that we now have.  we aren't continually reminding Him of the pain that He endured.  He said that our sins are forgotten and completely blotted out.  when we fail, He still sees us through the blood of Christ.  He doesn't even look at or consider our failures anymore.  again, the song sounds cool, but i don't agree with the message.  it focuses too much on our failures when we should be looking always upon His victory!

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