Demi Lovato – Sober (Lyric Video)

33 thoughts on “Demi Lovato – Sober (Lyric Video)

  1. This dumb bitch literally humiliated niki and gabi on x factor. I hope you die in a car accident ugly ass bitch

  2. my little sister lived her so much. she had bipolar disorder as well and life was so hard for her since she's never been to a normal school. everytime I listen to Demi I just wanna cry sometimes.

  3. Demi I can relate to you. I'm struggling with addiction like my dad. It's hard to overcome especially by yourself. But keep your head up! You are a inspiration to me.

  4. We will always hold you and support you. We love you for ever. You are my rule model, and you will always be. You are the strongest person I've ever seen. One day I'll hug you and thank you for saving me. And I want to return you a favor and save you too. We know you are only human, we love you and supporting you, when you fell and rise. We will save each other, together. 💞

  5. This song broke my heart. It hurts to see Demi like this. Please, don't feel sorry. It's not your fault. Nothing is. You are an angel, Demi. I love you so fucking much. Please, please don't burn and crash down on yourself anymore. I know this was almost a year ago, but I'm still heart broken. You are a role model. You are a goddess.

  6. Lost my husband to an overdose in March… i understand her lyrics completely.. he would have cold sweats and was scared to be alone felt lonely all the time…. Demi don’t leave us keep fighting❤️

  7. August 31 2018 my bestfriend past way from an overdose… I sent this to her shortly before her passing and she loved it.. she was Just wondering why ppl don’t feel the same about “regular” addicts instead of focusing on all famous ppl.. everyday ppl are dying and it’s not really getting any attention even tho to me it’s a national emergency I pray for you all to get the help and recovery you need. 😩🙏🏼😇 rip bri I love you forever ♾ x’o

  8. I’m coming up on 3 years clean from heroin, meth, and opiates💗 having my daughter saved my life🙌💗 I pray for anyone who is battling this evil disease and that they too can one day get clean and sober💗 And of course my prayers go out to Demi🙌 the devil only seeks to devour you. Allow Only God to win this fight!🙌💗

  9. Demi u are my role model and you made me cry 😢 i love you demi and if u need help becoming sober we will help u, ur fans ur not lonely 😔 millions love u we all do thats why were here

  10. Damn i wanna cry everytime i hear this is that it brokes my heart specialy because i can relate i have been drinking because of my 'girlfriend' who is not even bisexual or leabia and after that i fell into depression then started drinking for the stress to fade away…….. Your music always has a deep lesson thank you so much

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