Def Poetry – Common – A Letter To The Law

24 thoughts on “Def Poetry – Common – A Letter To The Law

  1. I hold up a peace sign and ain't need for no gun. Just like yeshua said u carry one that's how u end up dead

  2. White America's dropped a bomb on Hiroshima killing hundreds of thousands and then there was peace! A black man speaks of peace, has a gun in a poem…white people want to call the cops!!! Fuck you!!!

  3. common is against interracial dating….. not very conscious….and J cole supports kaepernick just like kendrick common and racist ex ms badu false prophets….i see black supremacists from where I am standing all connected too…."why they messing with sadam??" wtf why would common say that?

  4. he wen from this incredible black man to on television and telling whites in 2015 that racism can be solved by blacks giving whites a hand of love smh. These new blacks need to be stopped they are a disese

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