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He said I am his Radha. By the way I am quite liberated. Whether is the stage,
poetry or painting.. ..the well known personality
of the acting world, Deepti Naval. The first book was Lamha Lamha. One more book that was published
of poetry was Black Wind. Deepti Naval was born
on 3rd February 1957. Her father's name was Uday Singh Naval. And her mother's name was Himali Naval. "This is your house and my house.." "A black horse is outside my house.." "Where does the rain come from?" Deepti Naval was born
in Amritsar in Punjab. Deepti Naval has worked
with great directors. But if you glance in her personal life.. ..we come to know that she had
gone to acquire a Bachelor's Degree.. ..from City University of New York.
That too in fine arts. She completed her education
in painting and then also did drama. Since childhood she had
a dream of becoming an actress.. ..but she never told this to anyone. And after growing up when she told.. ..that she wishes to act
in films everyone was stunned. Hey, elder mother!
Are you alive or dead? Deepti Naval started
her film career in 1977.. ..from the film 'Jallian Wala Bagh.' Since he became the governor of Punjab.. ..every day we get the news
of someone or the other being killed. After that she was seen
in Shyam Benegal's 'Junoon'.. ..which was released in 1978. No doubt her scenes were less
but due to the strong star cast.. ..Deepti Naval was quite nervous. Shabana Azmi,
Shashi Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah.. ..Jennifer Kendel.. Amongst all of them
Deepti Naval too tried.. give her best in acting. You must be Leela Dalvi, right? I am Chaitali. Actually spending so
many years in America.. ..helped Deepti Naval
in enhancing her personality. She also worked as
a radio jockey over there. "The bee is crazy.." And due to her work
she would often get.. ..such opportunities
where she would interview.. ..Indian film personalities
out of which the interview.. ..with Raj Kapoor was
a memorable one for her. I am smiling looking
at your innocent face. Deepti Naval has always
been a broad minded actress.. ..and she also proved
that in her first few films. From amongst her first films
was one called, 'Ek Baar Phir'.. which there were a few scenes
which were very bold in every way. But Deepti Naval played
those roles very easily. Hrishikesh Mukherjee
and Gulzar's films.. ..gave Deepti Naval a new identity. And Sai Paranajpe carried
this further in her film 'Katha'.. ..where Deepti Naval's acting is
proved in front of.. ..Farooq Shaikh and Naseeruddin Shah. I am not ready for this marriage. I am aware of that. The film 'Rang Birangi' which
was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.. ..Utpal Dutt was with her and
then in the film, 'Kisi Se Na Kehna'.. ..too Deepti Naval and Utpal
Dutt paired together once again.. ..and all got carried
away with their comedy. I want to go to the bathroom. Yes, it is over there. You go.
– Okay. On one hand Deepti Naval
was doing comedy films.. ..and on the other hand she
also acted in serious films like.. ..'Ankahee',
'Panchavati', 'Main Zinda Hoon'.. ..and who can forget 'Kamla'. I saw him running away. If we glance in Deepti Naval's
personal life we come to know that.. ..she got friendly with film maker,
Prakash Jha. On the sets of 'Hip Hip Hurray'
this friendship turned into love.. ..and then they both got married. This marriage lasted for
only a few years and then.. ..they both parted their ways. Even after separating from Prakash Jha.. ..they both were still friends. For a while she stayed away from films. The reason given was though
her acting was good in.. ..the films 'Saudagar' and 'Yalgaar'.. ..but the roles she enacted
were not up to the mark. So Deepti Naval decided to
stay away from films for a while. How will he take care of me? He is busy taking
care of the whole world. She paired very well with Mr.
Farooq Shaikh.. ..then whether it was the film,
'Katha' or the film, 'Chasme Buddoor.' "You are beautiful.." Happiness and sorrow were
on and off in Deepti Naval's life. And then she got
engaged to Vinod Pandit. And after that Vinod Pandit passed away. But Deepti Naval never
left doing her varied skills.. ..then whether they were
character roles or main roles.. ..she kept performing them. Am I not a woman?
– You are my wife. You should feel ashamed. You
are creating a drama in front of all. Definitely Deepti Naval
was such a heroine.. ..who not only acted in unique films.. ..but also kept her identity
different from all. To know more about great
people and their life.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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