Deep Purple – Child In Time (lyrics on Screen)

48 thoughts on “Deep Purple – Child In Time (lyrics on Screen)

  1. WHy is this song not required for every single kid in school to listen to on day one of kindergarten and every year thereafter.


  3. this song is really just 5 minutes as its a loop. so you could make an infinite playlist of just this song and listen to it till the end of time

  4. I remember when I was twenty two I was in bed with my girlfriend we’d both taken LSD and I’d smoked some heroin. This song was playing and I just felt so freaking good. My naked girlfriend beside me had the perfect female figure, she was naked and kissing me. I can’t even begin to explain how profound these lyrics seemed and how euphoric I felt as it played.

  5. Wonder? Anyone there? Lolo
    Ok here is my vision long past your prelims, Mr. President… somewhere in the future…
    Its glorious Mr. President, with your last terms you made your dream wall. It glows at night from the stored energy that overflows it, power is free in an unprecedented area, so vast the scientists got it so wrong in their studies of magnitude and yield of sheer battery power (sry for lack of term); its true wall, protected and dangerous to come too close. How did you know? And, you changed once we knew, you changed to what made Trump so… fearsome. And, welcomed a new age that would, in time no longer need it, as their tech evolved, but kept as a reminder of so much darkness in the world. And Mexico yelled, ‘mine, we’ll pay!’ But…
    Some visions Mr. President, seem so hard don’t they? Dreams are free for me… It could power Sth America tho, probably most of the US? Now, your wall is built, Mr President, let me ask, please, for some aid? Will you listen to my story and plea?

  6. Well now this is just going to make an excellent acid night addition. Thank you a.i.

  7. It's been 20 years when I listened to this masterpiece for the first time…I asked myself how long this amazing work will stand … I think forever.

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