"Deep" Content That Isn't Deep At All

it's pretty deep down here okay hello welcome back to my channel if you're new here what's up how's it going and if you're coming back what's up how's it going it's very good to see you again you see what happens when you subscribe to my channel you get an extra greeting at the beginning of every single video so press the subscribe button fine folks we got a great video for you today I'm very excited I'm so excited are you guys ready to get deep are you finally ready to accept the fact that we live in a society get a load of this society it's gonna get deep weird so I've been on the internet for a long time probably like oh my god like 15 years now holy shit I'm very old so I've seen a lot I've seen a lot of the Internet I've grown up with it basically it the Internet has seen all parts of my life and there was a small portion of my life where I thought I was a very smart person I was probably 14 or 15 and I was like yeah oh yeah yeah I know that I also know that oh what's that I know that too around that time I was also on tumblr a lot I use tumblr so much way too much tumblr if you don't know is a site where you know people share their photography their their thoughts their emotions they just share everything you know I mentioned tumblr because it has a lot to do with today's video there was a lot of hormonal emotional artistic teenagers on tumblr and when you mix all that together you get some very moving content content like she believed he lied or the classic realized realize realize just straight bars dude that's the original bar this is content that you see when you're like 13 or 14 and you're like oh shit dude it says she believed but also he why this particular type of content has been named fake deep deep isn't that what Shane Dawson devotedness in this newest conspiracy video no idiot you're wrong those were deep fakes okay deep fakes are very harmful to society but being fake deep is much more harmful to society I think fake deep content is when someone is trying to be smart woke or creative or anything but it just it's just not that at all it's just like really bad and cringy you know it's like the opposite of deep shallow it's shallow content you got the actual like smart woke creative content over there in the deep end and the fake deep stuff is over there in the kiddie pool with your baby cousin just peeing peeing everywhere dude the fake deep content is pissing babies that's what it is so I've searched the internet far and wide and I've compiled a great collection of fake deep poems drawings everything and we're gonna look at some we're gonna figure it out we're gonna get to the bottom of this fake deep content even though it won't be that hard because you know it's shallow but I'm sure that was a drum sound so we're gonna get to the bottom of this phenomenon and we're gonna figure out how to stop it should we stop it I don't know we'll find out strap your water wings on cuz it's about to get deep deepers creepers it's going down really quick I want to give a shout-out to the subreddit I'm 14 and this is deep very funny go check it out and I found a lot of these posts on there so yeah alright let's get into it let's get into this FDC fake deep content maybe okay you'll notice a lot of these posts are like drawings and a lot of them really well done like they're impressive drawings but the message that they're portraying is never really a good one like this one for example so we've got a girl she's on her phone you know that's fun she got a like then we just we just got this old man in a wheelchair being smart and he's he's reading a book and dude look at all this there's a bookcase coming out of his fucking head bro before a bad book good doesn't name it as painting foam bad book good people are too busy walking around on their phones they need to wheel around in a wheel chair and read a book dude and I'm glad someone's finally speaking up does and it doesn't matter what book you're reading alright as long as it's a book it means you're smart it could be a book about how to use your phone more and still makes you smart doesn't matter because it's a book comforting lies unpleasant truths oh and you got a lot of people there and then okay nice these are just lazy it's not letting you like figure anything out it's like yep this tables for comforting lines and this one's for unpleasant truths you could just swap these out for anything you know you knew extra greetings and one greeting it's easy nineteen ninety yet you got a skinny guy and and a big TV and now in 2008 there's a bigger guy and a skinny TV cuz you know obesity didn't exist in 1992 these were overweight and they're all these dietary pills for your TV you'd be like come on open up TV come on put your TV on a meal plan and then all of a sudden two thousand eight year old around now we're getting big ah and our TVs are slim before smartphones how old is Barbara Streisand I think she's 71 really Wow who's Barbara Streisand after smartphones I'd love to think that this was made by Barbara Streisand no one's talking about my age anymore they're all too busy on their phones before these iPhones everybody was talking about my age they were guessing my age they were talking about my age and now it's just Facebook Facebook yeah never give up and never bag a picture with very deep message okay yeah well thanks for letting me know I thought it was just a random picture but then I read the bottom I was like oh wait yeah you're right it does have a deep message and I guess the message is I don't know what it is if it is what I think it is it's really fucked up because it's saying that like well this guy's homeless and he has both of his arms and this guy he has no arms but is still carrying bricks on his head doesn't matter if you have arms or no arms you should still carry bricks on your head in all seriousness I guess I guess they're trying to say like there's no reason for you to be homeless everyone you should just work hard you know just get a job and that's just so fucking out of touch oh my god you know there's like PTSD there's schizophrenia there's so many other issues that go to poverty and homelessness that aren't just based on how many fucking arms you have you know there's a lot wrong you see it's like this fake woke shit it's being like listen I don't care how many lives you have if you weren't carrying a fucking house on the top of your head you're not working hard enough alright never give up never beg when there are only 80 of you left in the world but nobody is helping you because they're all too busy taking selfies and flossing guess I'll die be very funny of something like I'll just show you what I'm thinking in my head this is a great dance guys I love this dance this is fun let me take a selfie really quick what Oh guys wait wait guys stop what about the Rhinos the Rhinos went extinct because of the backpack kid alright you heard it here first I be making animals extinct I'd be making animals extinct I'd be making animals extinct I'd be making animals extinct quit treating your girl like a snack treat her like a garden take care of her and she'll feed you forever she's like pouring water on her every morning you're gonna grow to be a big big girlfriend one day you're my little garden hold on let me get my hoe what do you mean your hoe like my hoe oh you thought ok how stupid I'm so dumb went to the moon took five photos went to the bathroom took 37 photos yeah dude girls were dumb they're always in the bathroom taking photos dude but this astronaut man healings at 5 and using the moon so hello all that tells me is that this astronaut was a dumb ass man you should have took way more photos bro dude if I was on the moon my phone would fucking explode with how many selfies at 10 why didn't they take any selfies on the moon I'm gonna write a letter to NASA and be like the next time you idiots are on the moon you better take a goddamn selfie dude you know what I'm gonna train to be an astronaut and when I get to the moon I'm gonna take a selfie for you guys alright free book no one's there free Wi-Fi and ok and everyone's going in alright everyone wants Wi-Fi not a single person wants to read book there's just one there's this one free book in there no shit the thing about Wi-Fi is that a lot of people can be using at the same time a book one person that's a one-person thing you ever tried reading a book with some another person that's bullshit this isn't that pisses me off man there's so many things you can do on the Internet you can watch a dog lay down next to a cat you can watch a guy fall off a chair you can watch a guy talking about country boys there's so many things on the internet man in a book cool books are great don't let me I don't want to like put off the wrong message books are great okay but no one's gonna be running in to a room that has one book in it fucking pushing everyone out of the way like fuck off this is my book alright give me that one book there's also like books they can buy online and read them through Wi-Fi so dude ah this is another one where you can just change the words and make it something completely better [Applause] school six cruel hours of our lives did as much as you hate school I think you should stay in it well it's like dude that's that's crazy it's like the Facebook logo but it's also like a periscope thing and that's also the name of an of an app roll do this is so deep dude I can't tell this is a picture of Facebook as a periscope or if it's a picture of the Marianas Trench dude because it's it's it's funny to think of someone seeing this picture and like explaining it to someone but like trying to take credit for the idea like yo dude you everything Facebook is just like a like a big periscope and we're just looking through it Facebook is in Paris periscope is a whole other app what are you talking about there's no I mean like we're like we're looking through Facebook I was like a periscope and that's how we see our lives but the door is open and we can't go out I can't periscope on Facebook it's a different it's a completely different app altogether let me show you Facebook really ya know get away from me life is a collection of moments yep yes it is you could this could say a lake is just a bunch of water a bouquet is a collection of flowers Curtis is the best youtuber you know everybody knows that dude okay my dog started barking even even he knows this is a good one okay so you got these these pills right with all these uh all the apps on them like apps or pills dude cuz like we read we're addicted bro we're we're addicted to these apps bro appetizers my fixed you give me a bruschetta I get where they're going for I guess but the funniest thing about this picture is that fucking uber is one of the pills who's addicted to goober I can't stop ride-sharing dude dude last night I was tripping on uber bro like actually I was on a trip in a car every single day you make a choice okay there's a lot to unpack with this one I guess the main thing they're saying is that like you either make a choice to be sad or happy which is you know just not true at all again there are people who have like genuine mental illnesses that don't allow them to do that they're what they're also saying is that if you sit on the sunny side of a bus you'll be happy but if you're sitting on the one side of the bus that's darker then and I guess you're sad and I don't know if that's ever happened because this is just one turn of the bus ride do they just keep alternating back and forth to whatever side is dark and whatever side is sunny what if they go through a tunnel then they're both sad that's sad this is just another idiot being like oh depressed people just be happy dude I'm gonna draw this to to further explain my stupid point okay this next one I don't really understand we got like some sort of like camera or something I think and then like filming two people and I guess it's showing on the TV or something that it's uh I don't know this is really makes sense oh wait hold on it's media okay now I get it it's a good thing they put that big fucking arrow there and it said that so I can understand whew thanks thanks whoever made this hey it's media hey it's media you get it you get it because this part is only being shown on the screen it's media it's what media does this hundred got Mickey Mouse just rake it in the likes and the followers in the comments we love a fucking influencer King and then we got this regular Mouse with no likes and no comments and no followers absolutely no clout a cloudless Mouse no shit Mickey Mouse is more popular than some random Mouse who made this I can get York let-let's Mouse out of here dude I don't like famous mice here's this one I guess like she's posting about her grandma on Instagram love my gram love love my game game and then we also have her grandma fucking lifting up the couch with her on it with one arm with ease I hope her caption is my grandma is so fucking strong if you take a selfie in the ocean a shark Willy you and that's the shark guarantee but also that picture is gonna get a lot of likes even though it's taken on the first digital camera ever made but still if that goes on Instagram do the engagement on that one's gonna be through the roof people are prisoners of their phones that's why they are called cell phones fucking bars bro using a phone and being in jail the same thing I'd love to see a movie like you know the Shawshank Redemption but just about someone not using their phone as much Andy Dufresne he finally stopped fucking posting on Twitter every two seconds now he only does it sometimes he crawled through a pile of shit on his phone and came out clean the other side was probably the worst Morgan Freeman impression that you'll ever hear in your life here's another fucking phone bad but good one you know it's raining phones and they're using a book as an umbrella to shield themselves from the phone from the phones that are falling from the sky so this is saying that they're like they're smart they're knowledgeable they're using books you're like fuck off phones I got a book umbrella if they're really smart they would scoop up all these phones and sell them y'all are dumb as shit hey hey we're fuckin dad and daughter you guys are dumb as shit sorry for being cruel all right this one makes no sense we got people who've all pissed in the pool oh this is fake deep dude it all comes full circle dude whoa because you know how I mentioned earlier the video that faked deep posts or just the kiddie pool with a bunch of peeing babies in it dude that was crazy like maybe you should start pissing in the pool is that the is that the lesson or is like some sort of piss cult right I've never said those two words after the other it's some sort of piss cult where it's like they're initiating the next like inductee I guess they're all like piss piss piss piss piss and then he and then the then he finally pees and then they're all in unison they're all like great you're in you're in whoo oh my god you got me a like oh I had this heart and you didn't even like it love is dead I cut out a human's heart and gave it to her dude why didn't she like me why did she go on a date with me flip your phone all right it's the same way dude what happened that's stupid so dumb okay so we got a girl walking and she she sees a book whoa oh and she picked up a book and now she's reading the book now she's a smart girl this is fucked hey really quick this is fucked up it's taste like misogyny with like a like a hint of racism there too if you got big boobs and big butt then you can if you start reading books then that'll go away and then you'll just be a white girl what do you this is bad um whoever made that I hope you get eaten by a shark okay I think that's all I can take I'm pretty sure you understand it's way too deep for me dude we need to do deep I gotta come up for air I'm all for people learning new things sharing these things talking to people you know making commentary about society and stuff I'm all for that dude we need we need that to happen for us to you know evolve and progress as humans you know so smart dude so smart but there's just a better way of doing it than this stuff like most of these are totally missing the mark they're missing the point and there is condescending and recruit you and a large percentage of these pictures are like phones are bad and they're ruining everything you gotta read books again phones are the reason everything is fucked up it's the phones and usually the people who buy into that idea are like the older people who are actually to blame for why everything is so fucked up right now I mean yeah we pretty much destroyed the entire economy and made it next to impossible for people to make a living wage into you know own their own house and start a family but yeah the fucking iPhone dude in the apps in the tweeter lose the phones you know I think phones social media the internet it's all brought the world closer together we're all connected okay and that's a good thing with us also a very bad thing because you see everything a lot more of society where a lot of it used to just be like in the background or somewhere else for you just never knew it you know and now we realize that like older people fucked everything up and they just need something to blame instead of blaming themselves you know goth your phone dude back back in my day phones were not as good what's the message that I want to get across I don't know is it use your phone more probably not I guess the the message is we're all just trying our best to put everything back together you know and maybe when we're in those positions of power maybe we can do something but until then we got to keep looking at these stupid fucking pieces of art great all right dudes those fucking deep wasn't it I'm gonna hop in my my deep Wrangler and I can drive out of here guys if you enjoyed this video please press the like button one like equals one book because we all love those right we're so smart someone like Eagles one book and let me know if you want to see a part two of this video because there's no shortage of these pictures and I'd love to make another one so let me know down in the comments if you want to see a part two of fake deep content did FDC my guy also don't forget to press the subscribe button because I make a video every week and you'll also get an extra greeting at the beginning of every single video so press the subscribe button and join Curtis town today also in my description you will find links to my social media my Instagram and Twitter also links to my weekly podcast called very really good it's free it's on Spotify iTunes listen to it on your way to school when you're at school and I read it work it's a lot of fun I do it every week and it's if you enjoy these videos you'll like the 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  1. 16:38 That's actually a fetish comic, of what fetish, I have no idea. I just heard about it years back when people were laughing at how braindead these fake deep bois are that they use softcore porn without realizing it. I think the original artist even said that it was meant to be porn.

    EDIT: It's called "bimbofication", and the artist has a deviantart account.

  2. I be making animals extinct
    I b e m a ki n g a n i m als ex ti n ct
    I be ma kign ani amls e xtinct
    I be makign aniamls ehxitnct

  3. Okay so the mouse one: Mickey Mouse is fake, the other mouse is real. People like Mickey Mouse because he's cute and huggable but they don't like real mice because they don't match society's standards of what society expects from a mouse. Thought you were deep bruh.

  4. "people are prisoners of their phones that's why they are called cell phones" something lil wayne would say

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