Decoding Revelation Part2: Verse by Verse Bible Commentary: Revelation1:2,3

Hello this is Gabriel Arruda at Revelation
revealed today dot com we’re in our series here decoding revelation in which I am going
through verse by verse and giving you the tools to be able to correctly understand and
interpret the Bible prophecy remember the first tool we have learned from last time
was we need to be guided by the Holy Spirit so let’s start this the right way with the
word prayer asking pray that again please send us your holy spirit guide us into all
truth and she’s a man let’s look at dresses 2013 who bear record of the Word of God and
of the testimony of Jesus Christ and all things that he saw the job losses to see that read
it and they that hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are rich in there
and for the time is at hand ok as we read her story did you notice three things that
just popped out three things that are mentioned there are very significant unless it is here
that read it and they that hear the words and she those things which are written so
right there was telling us a revelation is supposed to be read it supposed to be heard
and it seems to be kept and that won’t hear the words of this prophecy that we’re here
doesn’t mean just hearing it means understand every jesus said years here but the Spirit
says to the seven churches or in the Gospels is here and so we’re supposed to read the
book of relief revelation sheer understand it and keep the things that I said so there
are things in the book of revelation that we ought to be keeping according to this verse
right interesting now what about that last part for that time is it might be thinking
how could at that time hand when this was written two thousand years ago how is that
the time is that well according to this context the time is at hand for whoever reads it understands
it and is keeping so does not apply to you know the material and the book of revelation
has significance for every Christian age starting from the Apostle John coming down all the
way to our teenage anyone who read it and heard it from its writing was keeping at the
time was at hand and there are things I applied to every single church each from then till
now but I have to say especially now friends but I’m as I and we must understand that shoes
that are hidden and the book of revelation to remain under deceived and its last days
because the last days has tremendous to such well that’s it for this session until next
time and don’t forget to go to our website revelation revealed you know right
now I’m offering a free ebook entitled decoding revelation and which I go through the real
nuts and bolts of how to interpret correctly see for yourself check it out download it
for free if you like revelation revealed and God bless you friends and if you’ve been
blessed share what you’ve learned.

3 thoughts on “Decoding Revelation Part2: Verse by Verse Bible Commentary: Revelation1:2,3

  1. Hi, just wanted to know if there is a regional block on the downloading of the e-book? I've been trying several times over the last 2 days, with no success – it just says the page is not found. I am from South Africa

  2. This was written in the 1st century. The time was at hand then. It says… IS at hand, not will be at hand. It seems like you make things more complicated than they are or perhaps are shoe horning it into some other beliefs you have. This isn't about today. He was writing it for people who lived in his own time. He didn't write it to be added to the bible (others added it later), it was a vision/revelation he had and sent to seven churches in Asia Minor; in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

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