December 2019 Epic Book Haul | The Queen of Nothing, The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky, & More!

[MUSIC] Books, to love, love books. It’s not my best opening,
but cut me some slack. Look how much effort we put into
making the book haul space festive. Can you feel the holiday spirit? [MUSIC] Hey everybody, my name is Michael
from Team Epic Reads, and you are watching
the December Epic Reads book haul. It is the end of the year, and also,
someone pointed out to me recently, the end of the decade. And that gives me an existential
crisis every time I think So we’re not gonna talk
about that right now. But it’s been a fun 12 months of books,
and I have a whole host of books
to talk about again today. And if you’ve been watching these before,
you know that I start out by talking about the year of Epic Reads
monthly reading challenge. And we are at the last year
of Epic Reads month, so it’s been a good time
reading with you all. And the theme for this final
month is read a fantastic finale. And for that, I am including
Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. I have to say I already read this. And I have to say it is my
favorite in the series, so I think it definitely fits
with the fantastic finale. Jude and
Cardan are both such complex characters. Neither of them are the good guy,
none of them are the bad guy, and it’s just a really magical
fantasy political book world. Thank you Holly Black,
let’s all say thank you Holly Black. And so now I’m gonna talk about some of the books we have
coming out in the month of December. The first of which didn’t actually
come out in the month of December, cuz I’m a liar. It came out at the end of November, so
it still came out very recently, and that is The Gentleman’s Guide to
Getting Lucky by Mackenzie Lee. This is a novella in hardcover book format
that has a lot of cute art pieces in it, voila, just like this. And it tells a story following Monty and Percy after the crazy events of
the Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. And how they’ve been through all of this
stressful, intense, and hilarious hi-jinx. And yet, still are finding trouble,
and having anxiety, and just in the smaller things, and
the bigger things in their relationship. And so it’s a very cute book
in continuation of the series. And then next up, we have
Dangerous Alliance with Jennieke Cohen. And this is a Jane Austen
inspired romance about a girl whose sister marries off, and is supposed
to secure the state of their family. But in the words of the novel,
her husband is a card. And so she has to find someone
to marry to prevent herself and her family from being left destitute. And she arms herself with
the works of Jane Austen to figure out who she should end up with. And there’s a love triangle, but also mysterious accidents that
are happening that she finds herself seeing that Jane Austen’s works aren’t
quite answering all of her questions. As she tries to find the right path for
herself and her family, and
it’s a really cute fun story. Okay, and then I also wanna talk about
a book we got from another publisher this month/the end of last month, and
that is The Toll by Neal Shusterman. And boy, is she a brick,
this book is giant. It is the conclusion to
the arc of a side series, and Neal Shusterman’s writing is always so
fantastic. I love everything that he
writes that I’ve read at least, I haven’t read all of his works. And it’s a technically I guess
utopian society, where there’s no longer a disease, or illness, or
any of that, because it’s all been cured. And so in order to control the population,
sides are chosen and appointed in society to keep
it in a livable amount. And it gets morally gray,
and epic, and dangerous, and it’s a really fantastic series that
has just ended in the thickest way. So that was a really short book haul. And I thought, I have time, what else
can I talk about to the reader people? And I thought maybe I’d talk
about some reader books of 2019. And I’ve read and
loved a lot of books in the year. And I just looked around and saw some
books that I enjoyed that were around me. And so these are some of my favorite
books that I’ve read all year. [NOISE]
[SOUND] That’s the theme song to Michael’s favorite books of 2019. Okay, so let’s start up with This is Kind
of an Epic Love Story by Kacen Callender. And This is Kind of an Epic Love Story,
it’s a book about a boy who does not believe in happily
ever since his dad died, his mom never really recovered from it. And his ex girlfriend, but
now good friend wants to change his mind. And then his friend from when he
was younger returns to town, and is looking like a snack to him and
he thinks, whoa, maybe. Maybe there is something for me to pursue here,
maybe I will have an episode ever after. So, such a cute, heartfelt story. And then we have The Vanishing Stair,
by Maureen Johnson, and this is the second book in
the Truly Devious series. I love Truly Devious,
I love The Vanishing Stair. And I also love The Hand on the Wall,
I read that early [SOUND]. And it’s a really, really mysterious
atmospheric boarding school murder mystery starring one
fantastic detective, Stevie Bell. And this is the second in the series, and
the third book comes out in January, and it’s called The Hand on the Wall. And if you have not read the series,
catch up on it, because it’ll make you a better
crime solver, if anything. And then I also have Thirteen Doorways,
Wolves Behind Them All, by Laura Ruby. And this is, as you can tell,
a National Book Award finalist. And it’s this just stunning, ambitious
historical fiction novel told from the perspective of both a girl struggling
to survive in World War II era Chicago, and a ghost, and
how their stories intertwine. And it’s just so
descriptive, and rich, and fascinating, and I just love the story so
much ,and seeing Frankie’s story, and seeing how the stories came together,
highly recommended. And then we have seeing this book just,
my heart, Five Dark Fates, the final in the Three Dark Crowns
series by Kendare Blake. Boy, did this deliver an epic conclusion. It was dangerous, and deadly, and
full of romance, and action, and political backstabbing, treason. All of the things and
magic, all of the things. And we finally find out how
the tale of the three sisters who are born to be queen,
but only one can reign ends. If you have not read this series,
it is finished now, and it is the time to pick it up. And then finally, if you’ve been
watching any of these videos, you’ve probably seen this coming,
Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahorn. I loved this book so much. It’s a 17th century enemies to
lovers romance between a witch and a witch hunter. And it was the enemies lovers
romance was absolutely fantastic, like chefs kiss, so well done. Everything was chefs kiss, so well done
in here, I’m getting myself hungry, I’m really sorry. Whether it were how well realized
the characters were, or the character relationships, and the plot, my god, the
things that these characters go through. There’s one point where I thought this
book was gonna end after a really tense moment between Lou and Reid. And then Shelby was like, sike,
it’s not over yet, there’s more to come, and more did happen, and
fantastic romance, great action. There’s the war between the witches and
the church. It was just, thank you. So thank you guys so much for
watching this video. And if you did watch the other 11
videos I’ve put out this year, because thank you as well. I don’t know,
I tipped an imaginary hat just now. But I hope you guys all have
a happy holiday season, and I will see you next year. Enjoy your reading,
because read these books, because you’re gonna have hopefully
reading time over the holidays.

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