Deborah’s Army: The Book of Judges

Although the children of Israel had conquered
much of the land, the Canaanites oppressed them. And the general Sisera continued to march
forward. No one person had taken it upon themselves
to defeat Sisera. For who could? Not just any random citizen. Who are you calling random? But could a general? Or a prophet? Barak. What is it this time? You must take 10,000 men to the Kishon River
where you will find Sisera and his army. G-d will deliver him into your hands. Sisera? Have you seen his army? Iron chariots! What do we have compared to that? G-d. Okay. We’ll go. But only if you come with us. I’ll come along, but know this: the victory
will not belong to you. People will say that a woman defeated Sisera. Rise! This is the day that G-d gives Sisera into
your hands! Every last one of the Canaanites was destroyed. Except one. I gotta get out of here. Exhausted, Sisera arrived at a random citizen’s
tent looking for help. I’m not random. I have a stake in this matter. Heber, I need help! My husband’s not home. What’s wrong? The battle. The Israelites are decimating us. Tell your husband we need his help. It’s time for you to choose sides. Oh we’ve chosen sides. We’re just letting him get away? He won’t get away. I thought you… I said a woman would finish him. I didn’t say it would be me. Thanks for letting me hide here. Shh… Just get some sleep. I just… thank you for the milk. If anyone comes to your tent and asks if there’s
a man here, you must say “there is no one.” And so, because of one random citizen… with
the incredible act by the amazing Jael, the land was at peace for forty years, until the
Israelites started sinning again, lost G-d’s favor, got conquered, turned back to G-d,
and started the cycle of judges all over again in Gideon versus the Midianites.

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