"Death of the Author" Explained.

20 thoughts on “"Death of the Author" Explained.

  1. When the author writes "mug", the reader may think of a variant of mug but never a "goblet". So meaning doesn't vary arbitrarily. The set of all possible mugs is much smaller than the set of all possible objects. The author cannot always fix a meaning singularly but always can narrow it down to much smaller sets. And that's why we are able to communicate. I would say the author is only half dead!

  2. This guy with the mugs has a really bizarre mug himself. It combines Jimmy Durante and Woody Allen, especially with that nose and those glasses. He's Oogly.
    But then again "I" didn't just write this. . You might think he's beautiful. But that would signify that you (the signified) are on drugs.

  3. I wish there was a video on how this essay has affected postmodern art. Barthes did so many things to art, it's absolutely fascinating stuff.

  4. Thanks for the thorough, yet accessible, explanation, Ryan. Now I shall to continue writing my story, dead to those who read it.

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