Dear Writers, Stop Sacking Relationships

thank you for taking the time to listen to this video that makes me look way smaller than I actually am before the video starts I want to tell you that spoils were happy for these three shows total drama island two world tour star which is the forces of evil and the dragon quit season – you haven't seen these so I suggest you click off the video if you do want to see them relationships and souls are pretty cool since these are characters that complement each other and are sometimes catalyst for the capital growth and odd for the chaos in relationship with these aren't problems most of the time but sometimes to rather sack these great relationships for other ones that's the pant you really want instead of sticking to their guns and right with the characters go together the biggest and watch examples I've had the bad luck of seeing is Guang c'n growing and Duncan and stalker stolen Marco both these are terrible ships stemming from better relationships so what I'm going to do is go into these two relationships how they rose and how they fell apart because they're either circular characters started with total drama said stalker is a whole different problem of its own both storage the person's of evil until drama have the problems when sacking the relationship this such problems when they sack the relationship they sack the character and they might kill them Nathan so all together that episode like like with tread tread and Grandma from the original cast from the flavors mummy think our mom it was patient with the development and not to go over both the dialogue with you that was enjoyable it's a play get hit along the way and then they have had a video diary to say the obvious did at the beginning of the seasons instead if though it amounted to absolutely nothing it is a good job at setting Heather as the villain ultimately to a twist of stupidity by tracing the most untrustworthy person on the island and then not trusted him even though he explained the fact had to played him they fought but finally they got together and then accident is when things go down the drain they told you our accident what they did is they gave Trent a new trait that made him seem crazy and when Gwen said she liked wind he took that way too far it wasn't a relationship it was an obsession and all of that came to offense when they broke up after Trent said he wanted to put a G into him instead of an L also don't took his number nine obsessive the wrong way but that was only a theory when is the one who didn't even ask what that was about way to make the doubters guy seem crazy Duncan is your stereotypical bad boy could he it should stay with him the rule follower cliche as it be this character interactions make great development that could grow a holiday corny loosen up they hated each other at first but too many challenges they push each other till they finally hooked up that dynamic didn't last long since Harold tamper with the votes to get back at Duncan what happened when the accent come along could these development gamma bursts that stick up about went deeper honestly I never got what people called her cool but she wasn't whiny in this season she turns into a wine he know-it-all that caused her own relationship to come with a made dumb kid with 32 pages of what he had to change the privilege just quit he hangs he did and you know what but egged her whiny behavior on was full drama aftermath when they said never-before-seen moments they'll always try to shoot more footage that never happened since they had at all of it earlier I could have the minds of these relationships of the idiots Nicole Dumas and Terry mckernon after water we never heard about going in ever again and they broke up she came in this seems more like a bizarre ship it Cameron fain would make rather did something actually happen these relates to came from sacking the characters every never knew why the drugs truly talked about however we do know the answer for what happened with store versus the forces of evil the cluster Frigg of stalker the prioritizing of what fans want then what's good for the soul the blessing of stalker itself I was talking about how sometimes the ending needs to be what's good for the soul instead of having the ships to fetch one at the end what do these people do instead of ending in how it's supposed to say a base and say this is how it is sometimes things can always walk out but not the endings with the feds were they literally clusterfuck meaning earth for the sake of two people things were looking up to Jackie and Marco but the rather sack that after one episode a single episode it Tom it's awesome habit but what did they do they second since thought was a bad GF anyway so why would she be better for Marco and since they were sipping was if they did any other kind of sense someone will get beyond trigger with this so magicial weekly these are the same people who maybe shift that don't go together was the sauce biggest problem and beg extracted to the soul they had two favorite one of the ships must accept and go all the others events was the development compressor to one season and naturally was the stock affairs they sawed down the own so the ending suffered because of it the reason I called out dope was he was the directed of this man the inspiration for the video is because I didn't want to see dragon could fall out the same hole as stopping the forces of evil these souls need to stop sacking their own ships just for the fans to be happy however they either make other fence mass with stars case not only make up in tonight but shoot down their own so if it's good for the soul do it but if it's just for a happiness status quo let them be mad for the sake of mm well good so rather than making any completely bad because they want to see their two favorite characters end up thanks for listening to this video it kind of sounded like I was reacting about my favorite ship not happening it probably does too I'm still gonna post cuz I need I need a menu up you see these video essays you like have a conclusion recap what they're talking about but not me though I hope you enjoyed this video essay I would say if you want more go ahead and like the video but basically all my videos or video essays

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