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[MUSIC] So growing up, I moved several times,
and it was never easy. And starting a new school and
being the new kid was always hard. But I think that you kind of gotta
remember that you’re probably the most exciting thing to happen to
this school in a really long time. So, like, enjoy your moment in the sun. Let other kids come to you. Let them decide who’s
gonna be your friend. But also don’t be scared to talk to
new people and reach out to them. And, you know,
take your time getting comfortable. But also take this as a great
opportunity to meet new people. [MUSIC] Getting picked on at school is never easy. I know it’s really hard to remember this,
but a bully is probably picking on you because
they’ve got some issues all their own. That being said, it’s still really hard,
and you still have to deal with it. So obviously you should go to
the adults in your life and let them know what’s going on. But also, if you feel comfortable talking
to your bully, you can call them out and ask them why they’re bullying you. And tell them that it makes you
feel really uncomfortable and it makes you feel like they
are singling you out for no reason. Sometimes this will work and
sometimes it won’t. But at the end of the day, you should
always involve an adult in your life. [MUSIC] I think it’s really easy to forget
that crushes are just regular people. And you have a crush on them because
you think they’re fantastic and special in some way. It’s also important to remember there’s
probably someone out there that thinks you’re fantastic and special in some way. So just treat them like
you would any friend. I think it’s really important to get
to know your crushes as friends first. And then if that develops
into something more, great. But I think it’s okay to
just kinda slow it all down. And just remember they’re
normal people and they probably share a lot of
the same interests that you do. [MUSIC] I think it’s never easy to watch
relationships in your life change, especially when it’s one of the most
important relationships in your life, which is the relationship
that your parents share. I think it’s really important to remember
that if your parents are getting a divorce, they’re not getting
a divorce because of you. It can feel like it because it’s
all happening around you and it always concerns you, but
it’s not because of you. So I think if you can remember to separate
those emotions from the fact that you’re having to readjust to a new life with your
parents living in different houses and learning how to live with
both of them separately… I think that’s the best
thing that you can do. [MUSIC] I think it’s really hard when our
friends around us are changing and becoming different people. This happened to me countless
times with lots of friends. I know that’s probably not [LAUGH]
very heartening to hear, but also know that this is totally normal! Sometimes you’ll find that you don’t
have the same things in common with people that you did when you
first met when you were a lot younger. And sometimes it’s hard to
relate on those same things. And sometimes people are just really
concerned with looking popular or hanging out with other kids who
look like they might be popular. And I can tell you that
that fades pretty quickly. Because you find out really fast that
there’s not a whole lot of substance when you’re just trying to start relationships
with people because they’re popular. I would say hold tight and
see what happens. Be patient, but also don’t be afraid
to go talk to that person and ask them what’s changed? And, is there something
that I’ve done wrong? And, if not, can we talk about why things
have changed and maybe try to fix them and patch things up? [MUSIC] So I think the first thing to remember
is that if your little sibling is copying you, it’s ’cause they admire you. Even [LAUGH] if they’re
trying to be annoying, it’s really ’cause they look up to you. And they think you’re probably the coolest
person ever, which I’m sure you are. So I think that I would just try to
be a little bit patient with them. But also, you can tell them,
this is annoying me. I can’t promise they’re gonna stop,
because little siblings, like, really, like to annoy you, I’m sorry, I don’t. I’m a little sibling, so it’s hard for
me to answer this question ’cause I feel like, don’t you get it,
I think you’re cool. But it’s gonna stop eventually,
I promise, I promise. I don’t know when, but it’s gonna stop. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]

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