Dear John (The Poet: Part 1) S3E18

stop you guys need a lot of work what it's getting there but you gotta give me more soul we're never gonna win that contest if your shoe B does lack conviction okay so they were they were but unfortunately clancy's isn't handing out any $500 prizes for quite good we have to be great and we can be come on stand Paul I'm surprised remember you're Kirk X you pick the name whose idea was it that you just got just in the first place Horace and I thought it might be fun so I let you believe singer and activist but I am NOT a turkette I will never be a Kirk at and if you ever again referred to me as a cricket I will personally ensure that you are the last of your illustrious line meaning a swift kick that will make you a Kirk at no might help him with his high notes Dear John his film before a studio audience why do you here with my husband Orlando Diaz this morning me tommy was shipping out again I just hate the sim dogs because bein in the Merchant Marines only gets a few days time then it's gone three or four months so I said Orlando do you really have to leave and well to make a long story short too late anyway Oh spend some real time together I feel like a newlywed I'm just gonna go home and start my second honeymoon right now just hope I don't get seasick well Anna likes to make love in a hammock haoles if you wouldn't mind could we get back to her trying to do up here damn cigarettes frozen solid it's got to be some more sugar around one of my days I was about to leave school and I found I had to make out a whole bunch of these curriculum evaluation reports by Monday it's just a bunch of meaningless bureaucratic busy work but it's gonna take all Saturday and most of Sunday you can't find a damn thing here where the hell do they hide the sugar oh thanks I just great weekend plan I was gonna do nothing absolutely nothing no appointments no parties no dates doesn't that sound perfect no but it does sound familiar Oh John okay did you tell me what's wrong ladies can we worry about John later remember we only have two weeks to rehearse John will have problems forever Hey you late to do up rehearsal Oh big deal all you let me do is there you mean he won't let you sing no no it's a good question Who am I am I the gale force wind that mocks our vain constructions am I the tidal wave that plays with vacation homes like small boats in a bathtub by the sea the sand the sky all empty now or am I just a poor poet looking for the lightning flash of inspiration and weeping with joy at the muffled voice of its distant Thunder must take you forever to fill out forms this is Hollander John's creative writing teacher from back in Croatian you were coming it's a surprise his next-door neighbor told me he comes here on Friday night oh yes he's here he's in the storeroom has he been a bad boy I'll just tell him you're here let me do it I wonder if he'll recognize me been 20 years John spilled the sugar good to see you I think you guys realize who this is this is the best teacher I ever had you know those poems of mine that read you from time to time well Frank here is the guy that got me started great now maybe he can get you to stop Frank I can't tell you it's so good I can't believe you're really here how the hell are you your last letter said you were living up in a barn you did four months yes work your new book of poems my cash flow has dwindled to a mere trickle so I'm I'm here to talk my penny-pinching editor to advancing me a few bucks till the book is finished Frank if it's money you need single more oh right Kirk you're gonna give him a loan no I just want him to say no more I'll be alright my editor just has this thing about deadlines she doesn't realize that poems after simmer underground gathering heat and wait before they can finally burst forth with the full force of nature ah I could listen to you talk on that mm-hmm yeah I don't know what it is about poets but they're a real turn-on alright there once was a girl from Nantucket Mike I can't tell you how great it is to hear you yell at me again it has been 20 years since I've been called an ass oh when Frank called the student an ass it was a compliment it meant that he had the guts to be different you know to take risks yeah I've always believed you could spend your life playing it safe you wind up dying never having lived yeah hey Kiki you remember you used to say that it was unhealthy to spend too much time in a classroom so we go to some little dark smelly bar why don't we hold our group in clancy's tonight next week but be forewarned I once quit a singing group because of this same lacks attitude and that's why you never heard a song by Peter Paul and Kirk I couldn't find the place for my motorcycle so I said you really took a risk right yeah you didn't play it safe well done Ralph you're a real I think your poetry is sublime didn't you win some awards no no not some award Frank won the National Book Award oh hey congratulations Frank guy for one know how good that must feel because I am myself a published author letters to penthouse don't count sitting around drinking disgusting poetry I feel like I'm back in creative writing 401 now I always felt there was more to learning than books exactly that it was important for students to get out in the real world and experience life exactly and I was an alcoholic eggsy excuse me why do you think I'm drinking mineral water Frank I never realized you had a problem it neither did I at first but there's an easy way to tell you have a few drinks in Chicago and the next thing you know it's eight days later you're lying on the ground in a little village in Spain and a local senior eater is dancing the flamenco on your chest I don't drink much but thanks I'll watch for those signs that was two and a half years ago I haven't had a drop since that Kaizen accomplishment did you go to a or a clinic oh no no I quit cold-turkey I just decided to head enough so I poured my last half bottle of gin right out the window how'd you get up the courage I drank the first day okay so Frank where are you staying while you're in town I have my eye on a little Parkman up on Woodhaven Boulevard that's my streets also your apartment maybe if you don't get too busy maybe you could read some of my new poems I'll be glad to my college days you know what I'm gonna do chugalug a pitcher and puke your guts up I'm going home right now and work on my poems maybe I'll write a few new ones give it John what about all that paperwork for school oh the hell with it Frank you showed up just in time you reminded me how important it is to do what you talking loosen up take some risks be an ass once in a while John Lacey I'm an acid you'll never get a cab that way ah Frank I hate to interrupt you while you're reading my promise but I just want to put the milk in and I suddenly realize you might prefer fight about pancakes so what do you think Buttermilks fine Matt no I was talking about my poems I know you haven't finished and I don't want to press you I hate it when people pressure me so it's the last thing I want to do is press you so how do you like them talk maybe you should get some sleep you've been up all night no no I'm fine I drank lots of coffee you Joe Mexico have your best quantities of coffee does it show yes sputter John I'm almost done that's all for lettuce yes yes relax a good idea I'll just go have another quart of coffee so how you like well there are little thin John Finn I remember your forms of that's having more substance I mean like any of them not even the one about the straight German Shepherd I just feel that I feel you need to dig deeper I feel you need to take that leap of faith you need to give your poems that personal voice that's yours and yours alone not even the part where he brings a little stick back your poems still show promise John you just got to keep working at it don't let it get you down no no of course not don't be silly yeah what kind of a writer would I be if I let one little rejection get me down okay one two three four leave those suckers wanting more we're supposed to practice our moves without a lead singer oh no no no no really I'm not very good marybeth I know you've never heard this before but your flat we walk through the choreography I'm sorry guys I sound a lot better when I sing in the tunnel oh no wow you were terrific okay guys I'm here we can get started excuse us we're wealthy we got a lot of work to do okay Ralph just filled in for you singing lead I did an excellent job an extraordinary child an extraordinarily excellent job wait a minute we trying to say well compared to Ralph you sound like a goat being milked in the winter by a farmer with no blows worked really hard and we want to shot at winning that $500 and we think mouse would definitely give us that show what yeah what about you Mary Beth you know music you think wealth can sing better than me ah no question about it what is Sheen though she's thrown dad John Joe help me out here they think the wealth has a better voice than me so they just want to push me out and let him sing the lead Oh get real Kirk John's not going to defend you hell I'm not don't you realize that creating is an act of courage I don't care if it's singing doo-wop or writing a poem about a German Shepherd every time you create you're making yourself a target for rejection you don't seem to appreciate that no I do you seem to care how people wounds you might be inflicting on the artist the writer the poet it's no one that we live in a cultural wasteland yeah a moving oration John but I can't help thinking that something else going on that's okay okay okay no big deal Frank didn't like my poems yes yes a matter of fact I did I thought it was some of the best work I've ever done I wanted him to love him I thought he might be deeply affected you know laugh cry the whole thing John in town yeah he hasn't found that yet whether he's gonna get that advance for his next book his editor wants to read some of his new work first good then I suggest you give it another shot write some more poems a maybe Frank will react more favorably what the hell I'm just fooling myself I can't write I don't think I ever could shine don't talk like that remember when I first came to New York I wanted to be a writer but nobody would hire me I felt like giving up and I probably would have but you gave me some really good advice remember what it was No door neither do I ja John my editor just gave me a $15,000 advance the forces of literature have triumphed come on I wanna celebrate I know this is the place on 53rd got the finest pasta eastern seaboard and the calamari calamari of the gods what's wrong John something like calamari next week on Dear John how could you Frank I could just steal my poems if it makes you feel any better I've had a lot of students over the years some good some bad some indifferent but you're the only one I have a stole from okay okay um I had something I was gonna say until the end of the meeting but I think you could all use a little cheering up I got your costumes for tomorrow night's do I don't expect us to wear the hat well you didn't think I'd let you go out there naked I wonder never wrote anything without booze that is absolutely ridiculous Frank doesn't need liquor to write of course not but he thinks he does so he does I'm sorry I can't accept that hi I'm Roseanne Barr a Valentine semester saw you guys hey before you rushed out to see that new Julia Roberts movie remember I'm hosting Saturday Night Live and Sunday don't miss the chilling NBC world premiere miniseries based on the true story Entertainment Weekly closed at exceptional love lies and murders Sunday night

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