Dear God – Poets In Autumn (Cape Town) 2017

I'd like to call up is a very interesting young lady I know when she came through her stuff and we're kind of going and reviewing her to select what really captured me by her is the way that she performed it looks like someone is given a word that she's saying it she's got like this weird artistic vibe and she's hectic like you'd be listening to poem like oh that's sweet and how how did we get the end we're talking about flowers now I please she does she catches you up God so I want you to make a big noise and welcome Joanna dear god this is just to let you know that I'm breaking up with you and I want you to know that this decision was not an easy one to make but I feel it's what's best for the both of us for me and no it's not me it's you they say the truth shall set you free so I'm freeing myself from all your lies and since you're always talking about how just you are I think it's only just that you just answer me this where were you all those years when my sister was crying mercy at the hands of her husband when she couldn't spell love without fear passion without pain they say god is good he's faithful where was this faithful God when my sister who was faithful to about faithfully God on a wounded knees day-in day-out our Father who art in heaven you in heaven with your angels watching us over some Popkin pills for you some what was it just a good movie with a pinch of salt you betrayed me you betrayed our trust i now realize the foolishness entrusting something you can't see because we never even know when it's going to sneak up on you and take away the people you love the most hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come what kind of King claims to love his kingdom kisses his kids with these invaluable blessing John's back on them allowing evil to still kill and destroy make sense to me why Judas betrayed you with the kiss that's our backstabbing works on the kings John don't try to talk me out of this I've already made up my mind is not your world that will be done it's mine give us this day our daily bread ask the kid on the street corner what that prayer means to him your privilege you probably tell you a little bit about breadcrumbs and a whole lot of hopelessness because for him daily bread doesn't come every day you talk about the blood of Jesus and body of Christ I was pleased really given so we could freely receive desires and its most abundant form yet innocent kids are so dying of malnutrition that's because their breakfast times at dinnertime and that's the only time they don't see anything else besides poverty you still have the audacity to tell me ask me so be given your ayah he once told me that forgiveness of of trespasses strengthens relationships I feel like you're still punishing me for its transgressions for how long for the seeds planted in my wound pain of root how do you think makes me feel the record a woman just not woman enough to be called mother and don't tell me to come to you as I am you sell the father of all and I the mother of nine lead us not into temptation I struggle to pray with my eyes look all I see I'm either close their eyes cos I've often wondered if fairy godmothers existent and if they do then how miserable do you have to be for them to hear your cry how loud did I have to scream to silence my sisters pain how many tears did I have to cry to quench my brother's earth Lord hell how do you choose your soldiers I won't ask you to deliver us from evil could you create it you can have it all the kingdom the power the glory forever and ever I wanna be still [Applause] we still be still and know that I am God I can't say I'm surprised in fact I saw this coming I've seen the way you don't even look at me the same anymore the way you cancel our date some way in between your busy life and worship of self has become a once a week thing twice and Sundays things right in front of people think four times when you giving it something thing I've seen it in your eyes I've seen your mind drift off when you're supposedly spending time with me in fact all today I don't remember when last we spoke for longer than 1 million and twenty seconds what a bittersweet tragedy at the one time you're giving me quality time if you tell me we're out of time and don't stop me it's you you get on your knees and ask for my work to be done which won't let me take the will there is no room there is no roof about you and me the out of your heart there is no room for me to bless that one when you have any pregnant with impatience there's no route for me there is no room for me to give you this daily this day our daily bread when you won't acknowledge that I'm your soul provider from those bread crumbs to the very breath such a lungs dive on seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that you need will be added unto you that is seek first my face before the works of my hands that is [Applause] studies that is best first for me before the satisfaction I bring that his friend before benefit studies that is seek me and if anyone wishes to come after me he needs to deny himself take up his cross and follow me for whoever wishes to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it I need you to trust me I need you to have some kind of faith in me even if it's just the size of a mustard seed that's all it took to part the Red Sea I need you to have the faith of the blind men who fix their blind eyes and an invisible God saw me before their eyes could see skin believing is a lie believing is seeing and when you see and when you feel your heart is too heavy for you to bear remember job stripped of everything that was true to him his family his wallet his how it came from a man with everything to a man with nothing yet he held on to me with blisters in his hand remember Abram Hannah Sarah do not lose heart for your heart present every side but not crushed perplexed but not in despair persecuted but not abandoned struck dumped not crushed remember the cross greater love hath no man than this that a man would lay down his life for his friends brethren the enemy is already defeated tell your brother tell your brother the parable of the prodigal son tell him my heart breaks each day the Sun Goes Down without him coming back home tell him my heart leads with the time call him and relentless in my pursuit of his heart tell him I will not give up on him tell him the only way to get back on his feet is to get on his knees tie him up waiting tell him my grace had passes bad decisions in the broken relationship taught him time I love him you asked how I choose my soldiers I needed you together in your mother's womb molded into a star star specifically designed to shine in the darkness I don't make mistakes shine whatever was supposed to kill you didn't and what doesn't kill you knows who you belong to [Applause] so tell so tell your story use your story to uplift others do not be afraid my grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in your weakness therefore both in your weakness rejoice in your hardship persecutions and difficult people in your weak and you are strong today whatever you decide to do if you still decide to work or to walk away may you in your wandering never wonder about my deep love for you may you be a way that is complete and unconditional may you be aware that none of what you did yesterday none of what you said today none of who you become tomorrow will change that may you be aware that my son stepped on the path the only life-giving gift was just so you could experience all of my love you may you be a way that the entire kingdom the power the glory forever and never mean nothing to me if I'm not getting your heart [Applause]

42 thoughts on “Dear God – Poets In Autumn (Cape Town) 2017

  1. The beauty of Poetry… This poem touches and reaches the deepest part of my soul. You did great. May God almighty continue to use you to save souls that are lost. You made mii cry.
    God I am sorry and I will serve with my gift of writing poems.

  2. This literally brought me to tears. Crying… Right now… Touched every fibre of me… Praise GOD!

  3. Wow, this has been me, questioning. I am in tears! I listened to this poem many months ago and thought it was just another great written piece. I didnt realize the state I was in. Lately, I have been seeking and asking, and coming across this again today made me realize that the reason I started seeking and asking is because I was in this exact state, feeling i was about to walk away from God because I felt like He wasnt who the Bible says He is. I now know I was wrong. I will NEVER leave Him. There is no where else to go.

  4. This is so amazing! Loved every bit of it, the rawness and truth at the beginning and end. Fantastic, May God continue to bless you and provide open doors for you to continue delivering His words. xxx

  5. Joanah, this is super creative…the way you’ve captured minds from the very first word, the build, the flow and how it all adds up together…just super epic

  6. Wonderful poem to use as a witness for the Kingdom of God. If we as Believers of Christ don't know how to approach someone and tell them about His love, this poem is a wonderful place to start.

  7. I have felt angry at God, …we have a father we can communicate with…and who gives us understanding. ..

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  9. Blasphemy according to me ; giving God a personality,,not judging u though.the beginning of ur speech is no different from its end, quote the Bible as much as u can and use it in ur art,bt u need to understand that it can also be used in politics

  10. Wowo that message makes me so emotional thanks so much for the heads up 😢😢😢🙇🙇🙇🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌 be blessed

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