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JEFF: Dear Diary,
it finally happened today. I kissed a girl for the
first time at the age of 25. It was… everything I imagined
it would be. CAL: Yo! Me and the boys are headed
to Club Ice for Freaky Friday. What you sayin’?
JEFF: Bro, I’m there! Let’s shut that place down!
CAL: Yeah! JEFF: Gimme like 10 minutes.
CAL: Alright. JEFF: Her lips were
soft and beautiful. I wanted that moment
to last forever. [rapping] I come through,
you and your whole crew, my guns go rat-tat-tat-tat! Your guns go pew, pew– Oh, my bad. Just workin’ on these bars. I didn’t see you there. CAL: Yeah, uh… We’re gonna get bottle service.
You in? JEFF: You ain’t even gotta ask. You already know my answer.
CAL: My man! JEFF: Oh, we gonna
get crazy tonight! BOTH: Ah, ah, ah, ah,
ah, ah, ah, ah! Ah, ah, ah, ah!
Ah, ah, ah, ah… [laughing] JEFF: I’m so sorry.
That was really disrespectful. ♪ CAL: ♪ Yo, do my fellas
run this joint? ♪ CROWD: Oh, yeah!
[cheering] CAL: Yeah, you know it! JEFF: Dear Diary,
maybe tonight I’ll find love. I know there’s someone
out there for me. CAL: Is that…
Is that a diary?! Yo!
JEFF: No… It’s not!
CAL: Say word! It’s a diary.
CAL: Yo, yo! JEFF: Give it back!
CAL: Yo, yo! HYPE MAN: The thing says,
“Let life surprise you.” GULED: No, it’s my
book of rhymes, give it! CAL: Yo, yo, yo–
oh, yo, everybody! Everybody!
Hey, cut the music. Yo, my boy Jeff brought
his diary to the club! [laughter] CAL: That’s some
Bridget Jones, Eat Pray Love, Carrie Bradshaw type shit. Yo, yo, check this out! “Dear Diary, we went to Club Ice
for the 40th Friday in a row. “Cal says we run that joint.”
All year long, baby! HYPE MAN: Hell yeah!
[crowd cheering] CAL: “I think he’s running
away from his bills, “and from his job… “and worst of all,
from himself. “He numbs himself
with vodka shots. “Why are you so
afraid to feel, Cal? “I long for the day
when I can… “when I can look him
in the eyes and say, “‘You are enough.’ “‘You’re my friend,
and I love you.'” CAL: I love you too, bro. [crowd cheering] CAL: Your prose is lit, fam. DJ: Oh, there he is! Big man talkin’
about his diary! You wanna go? You wanna scrap?! ♪ DJ: My scrapbook’s
more of a vision board. JEFF: It’s all
about the groupings. I’m gonna own
a boat one day. I’m gonna find love.

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