Dead Poets Society – Neil's Suicide (original)

20 thoughts on “Dead Poets Society – Neil's Suicide (original)

  1. Neil, you dumbass!

    But in all seriousness, this was pretty eeries. And TVTropes claims that the big "NO!" that Neil's dad lets out is ruined by it being in slo-mo. And the fact that he's played by Kurtwood Smith (hence why I quipped "Neil, you dumbass!", because you'd almost expect him to yell that). I don't think either of those ruined the moment.

    And I saw this film during Language Arts class in the 7th grade. Pretty insightful.

  2. Just finished watching this movie in my English class because we were supposed to compare Mr Peters from the book crabbe to Mr Keating (or whatever his name is)
    Just wanted to watch this because I missed what happened for not paying attention r.i.p Neil

  3. This is my favorite Robin Williams movie ever. I hate how they all blamed Robin Williams in the movie it was his dad's fault. He never let his son do what he wanted hes just over controlling and making his son do what he wanted him to do not what Neil wanted to do. I will say it was Neil's choice and Neil's life not his fathers life I have no idea why some parents are like that. If parents read this comment let them do what they want because its not your life just to say. Let the kids do what they want because it is there life don't force a kid to do what they don't want to do because it is there life if you ruin it and your kids shoots them self step into there shoes then you would understand I think Neil's father should have stepped into Neil's shoes and understood.

  4. This seriously hits home… a close friend of mine committed suicide a year ago because his parents enrolled him into a military school instead of letting him attend an art school…

  5. The shocking moment for me is when the poor mother, who had nothing to do with this in the first place, started repeatedly screaming "He's alright!" but it just became more and more distorted and crying and more of a mumble… my god, may no mother or father ever experience such a thing, that must be horrible.

  6. It’s so poetic, how he puts on the crown and opens the windows before he does it. It’s like he’s reminding himself of who he really is, not who his father wants him to be, so he dies as his own person.

  7. And then, his poor excuse for parents had the gall to blame Keating for their son's death. Goodness forbid they should take responsibility for anything they did to their son. What a pathetic pair they were.

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