Dead Poets Society – Conformity Scene (1989) HD w/ Subtitles

no great just take gentleman just take a stroll thank you gentlemen you notice everyone started off with their own stride their own pace fitness taking his time you'll get there one day Cameron you can see him thinking it's just right it might be right it might be right I know of it maybe not I don't know mr. Overstreet driven by a deeper force yes we know that all right I didn't bring him up here to ridicule them there I brought them up here to illustrate the point of conformity the difficulty in maintaining your own belief in the facing of others now those of you I see the look in your eyes like I would walk differently well ask yourselves why you were clapping and we all have a great need for acceptance but you must trust that your beliefs are unique your own even though others may think them odd or unpopular even though the herd may go that's bad Robert Frost said two roads diverged in a wood and I I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference I want you to find your own walk right now your own way of striding pacing any direction anything you want whether it's a crowd whether it's silly anything gentlemen courtyard is yours you have to perform make it for yourself mr. Dalton you'll be joining us exercising the right not to walk Thank You mr. Dalton just illustrate the point swim against the stream

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  1. I'm about to become a teacher in few months, and my current lecturer of literature course has been so inspiring and encouraging especially in social emotional needs of students so when I watched this movie few years back I kinda not get it fully but now that I am wearing both hats, as a student and becoming teacher, the contentment and relatableness i felt from this clip alone is mind blowing.

  2. What an inspiring scene from one of the most meaningful and moving movies I’ve ever seen. And who better to play the part of Mr. Keating than the one and only Robin Williams. RIP.

  3. This movie is very similar to 'Mona Lisa Smile'. I like it when teachers go out of the usual way to teach IMPORTANT messages to students and put new ideas into their heads

  4. Mr Keating a true master of words…if only all our English teachers broadened our minds and taught us such invaluable life lessons…luckily i have a wonderful mother and she is my very own 'Keating'..but not everyone is so lucky and its so important to think and question life to challenge your own fear and integrity. A prime example: Nazi Germany
    Always question if something is right. Never ever conform to" fit in"

  5. "I'm exercising the right not to walk."
    "Thank you Mr. Dalton. You just illustrated the point."☺️

  6. This movie inspired my teaching style. 🙂 I've spent many a day attempting to emulate Mr. Keating.

  7. I still remember the very first time I watched this movie. It was when I was fifteen during our Literature class and since that moment I knew it was special. Just few people seem to understand the real meaning of every single word Mr. Keating says, but I promise there are no other movie that has touched me so deeply than this one ❤ Seize the day, make your life extraordinary, keep your beliefs no matter what others may think, just life as much as you can and be as happy as you wish …

  8. Always beautiful, RObin Williams Love this. So nice, hell yeah! The colors in the courtyard are so beautiful and nice. Look At all the pretty colors. Ooooooh! Doing their own thing, i LOVE this scene. This shows you the importance of CHANGE! I love the army walk. And I have to say every opportunity I get, I'm sorry, that speaking of conformity, it's okay to be gay! WHY should you have to be straight? Get a sex change and BEE Freeeeeeee!


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