DDG “Push” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I ain’t gonna lie though, I’m cheap in the club. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why
niggas be in that bitch, spending a thousand dollars on a bottle that you literally seen at the
liquor store for 50 dollars. The most I do is a Don Julio, 300, if I’m feeling myself, maybe like a little Hennessy, 300. But at the same time, it’s
like, nigga, this is dumb. You literally payin’ an extra $260 for just to be in the club. You really don’t buy bottles for yourself. You buy for the girls
anyway, so I be like, you know what, I’m tryin’a vibe out. Lemme go ahead and just buy these bottles, but I be cheap in that bitch, honestly. I actually made this song a minute ago. So I made this song like, 2018, like August or somn’ like that. I was in Atlanta and heard
the beat, and it was fire. I always wanted to make a song
that people could move to. Kids love it and they got
that Salt-N-Pepa sample in it so the old people rock wit’ it, too. I always knew who Salt-N-Pepa
was when I made this song, but like I’m only 22
at the end of the day, you know what I’m sayin’,
I wasn’t buyin’ tickets to Salt-N-Pepa concerts but I
knew of the song, of course. Feel like it’s so simple
and it’s unforgettable at the same time, it’s
like it can be carried over to other generations ten years from now, somebody gonna use that same sample. I would consider “Push” as a friendly, a kid-friendly, a
family-friendly twerk song. I’m sayin’ “toot that ass
up,” but at the same time the beat is so fun, it’s like, you can’t really tell
your kid to turn it off. I get a little boujie with
it, I ain’t gonna cap, you know what I mean, since
I started getting money, I start goin’ inside of
Ruth’s Chris and Morton’s. You know, lobster’d be
like 60 dollars a pop. But it’s fire, though. It’s really good. I done tried some cheap lobster,
and it’s a big difference. They stink a lil’ bit, the
smell is like a lil’ fishy. Not a clean lobster. They give you clean lobsters
when you pay more for it. As you know, I’m signed with Epic Records. Have a bangin’ deal. I own all my masters for anybody, any old heads that wanna try to double down on me,
I know what I’m doin’. I know how to handle my money. I always wanted a Rolls Royce
and my birthday just passed, right, so I was like, you know what, I been workin’ hard, and I went to the Rolls Royce dealership
and I bought me a Wraith. Stars on the roof, so
I’m in space every day. I don’t even be on Earth. Recently, I came from New York, right? And I was like, you know, I’m tryin’ to be on my grown man shit,
so I went inside this, I don’t know what the place is called, but it was Georgie Armani, I don’t know the fuck you say it,
but it was a pea coat. It was $3,000, it looked just
like every other pea coat. I went to H&M the next day and I was like, why the fuck did I buy this,
and it looks exactly the same? But, fuck it. My squad eatin’ is a very important lyric because I feel like it’s important
to bring people wit’ you, like what’s the point of bein’ successful if you have nobody there wit’ you? A lot of people know
that I come from YouTube, you know what I’m sayin’,
I make YouTube videos, all that shit, I still do to this day. I be vloggin’ my life. People just love me, as
a person, so I’m like, why not record it? That included my nephew gettin’ put on, my nephew got like, 300,000 followers, 100,000 likes a picture, he three. My brother, he poppin’. He almost got a million followers. My mom got her own shit poppin’. My little sister poppin,
you know what I’m sayin’? So I got my whole family doin’ they thing and also my friends, too. I got this watch on, and I
got this on and I got this on, ’cause I’m wit’ y’all right now. I’m on Genius, you know what I’m sayin’? When I’m just out and
about, especially dolo, I ain’t puttin’ none of this shit on, ’cause people look at you and be like, you never know what people are thinking, you know what I mean, so it’s kinda like, it’s a liability to have
money and to look flashy, because you never know what
the next man is thinking. Somebody might just be
lookin’ for a come up. Watch how they look
how I blow up in music. Watch how they look when I sign this deal, watch how they look when
I’m buyin’ this Rolls Royce or this mansion, and you
know what I’m sayin’, so it’s like, basically a flex thing. I rarely wear this. I got this in Atlanta at Icebox. I rarely wear this because it’s
like hella, it’s dangerous. This motherfucker will
really hurt you, like, it will put a hole in your skin. I paid like, 10 for this. This right here is a two-toned AP. This is, I wanted this
watch for a very long time. I had the all white one
and then I seen my jeweler, I met up with him, and he had this, and this is a very rare watch, like they don’t sell this anymore. So I was like, I had to get it. So I got this, it’s like, what is it, like 50, some shit like that. I don’t buy chains like that. I feel like that’s a dumb
expense to begin wit’. I mean, all this shit
dumb really, but fuck it. But this right here is really dumb. I got this like two years ago though, and I paid 20 for this, so. Lookin’ at a cool 80. 80 racks. Oh, earring, oh this like, two. So 82 racks. I don’t wanna sound, I
hate soundin’ boujie, man, ’cause I’m really humble,
you know what I’m sayin’? I hate, I really hate soundin’ boujie. I hate explainin’ this type a’ shit, but for motivational purposes only. So I had a million dollars, right? I got a buncha different accounts, so I transferred all
the money to one account just to see it, and I
was like, this is crazy, like what the fuck is
goin’ on with my life? You know what I’m sayin’? I want people to know that
money is not everything. You might want a million dollars, you might want 10 million,
100 million dollars, mo’ money, mo’ problems is a real thing. They’s a lotta shit that come wit’ it. Always being a kid, I always
wanted to be a millionaire. I always wanted to buy this
nice shit, buy this shit, you know what I mean, so it’s really just makin’ my dreams come true, really.

100 thoughts on “DDG “Push” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. never felt so attacked in my life calling me an old head bc i know all about salt and peppa 😂 JK, 😂 i like this kid alot, hes so well spoken for such a young up and comer👌👌

  2. Humble lol. I saw a few videos before youtube recommended. Dude is insecure as f… but one thing I got to give him credit for, is putting people on around him. That part is evident

  3. Spent 80 racks on jewelry n said no body got this watch
    Next sentence I’m really humble 😂 jk I know he is humble

  4. “Mo money mo problems”
    I’m out here eatin 1 dolla burritos, and you call my expensive 20 lobster dirty and stinky. I think I’ll take the milli😂

  5. This is how many people love DDG
    Btw I’m a YouTuber… I would love some love too 😭💙YouTuber btw)

  6. This is how many people love DDG
    Btw I’m a YouTuber… I would love some love too 😭💙YouTuber btw)

  7. This motherfuker said he's cheap in the club but he spent a $300 Hennessy like WTF that's me saying that I'm too cheap to pay my phone bill but I got enough to buy a new phone LoL

  8. This man was sneezing LMAO!!!
    "Watch how I cook (CHEAH)"
    "Watch how they look (CHEAH)" and no one said bless you. R.I.P

    Must feel badd

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