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when the years of the DC Universe face ultimate death things can only wind up getting deceased hey everybody welcome back to another episode of graphic content I'm your host Ted Kendrick and today we're talking about DC Comics newest limited series DC's this book is written by Tom Taylor who's recently renowned for his work on the injustice videogame comic tie-ins dart is by Trevor Harrison stéfano Guadiana and James Haran so this series is almost certainly out of continuity this starts with some pretty irreconcilable events that happen to the DC Universe I don't think they can really come back from Darkseid has attacked the DC Universe for what looks like the final time it could have picked up at the end of Final Crisis the Darkseid war who knows just Darkseid attacked earth to Justice League fought him back and this league actually sees some newer members on the team such as Green Arrow and Nightwing and Black Lightning they're here with the newer Scott Snyder version with Hawkgirl dark sides like you know what I have what I came for and he and zap boom tubing it back to apocalypse and it turns out he's kidnapped cyborg and from recent iterations we know that cyborg has a mother box embedded within it sometimes it's a father box but either way he has new gods tech the Sadd brings big stone back to his lab of apocalypse and Darkseid appears and says you know what I have half the anti-life equation the other half is within you and so they started dissecting cyborgs cyborgs being really witty and too sad pulls out his tongue so cyborg gets his tongue ripped out the rest of the anti-life equation gets pulled out of in – and Darkseid summons the black racer and in the summoning is able to rewrite the anti-life equation to be what Darkseid wants it to be he doesn't quite get it right it's up being sort of a mind eating virus that was very much similar to zombies so if blows up Darkseid's head and in this moment if they're excited leaps into the fire pits of Apokolips and there's a beautiful sequence weirdest adds watching it all unfold and he says dark side was that happens cyborg gets sent back to earth he is able to escape at the last minute but without this somebody pulls out their cell phone starts filming cyborgs and that is what transfers the anti-life equation virus from cyborgs to the people of Earth it's transmitted digitally so as soon as this viral video goes online they end up being affected by the virus and the infected is able to spread it anywhere else digitally and before long while Superman is talking to big Barda mr. miracle about launching an attack on apocalypse to try get cyber back Superman learns that the virus and he speeds home immediately to try to stop his loved ones Lois Lane and Jonathan Kent who's hanging out with Damien Wayne at his apartment they're playing video games together so he he like burst through the wall and fries their cellphones fries the TV just as they were about to be exposed to it manages to save them then we jump back to Wayne Manor we see Bruce Wayne learning about everything happening and so as Batman he shuts down access to the internet but it's too late Wayne Manor has been affected even though he goes on his local line alfred who's upstairs Bruce runs up to check on them and Alfred's corner in the kitchen with Nightwing and Robin who have already been infected by this virus so it ends with Batman trying to protect his Butler his old friend just as Nightwing is biting the crap out his neck so it's a very bloody issue as most Dombey apocalypse sort of things are if you're a big fan of The Walking Dead you'll probably like the series – it's not blackest night and level of emotional connection with the characters and whatnot but it's the DC Universe and a zombie apocalypse what more can you ask for definitely recommend checking this one out if you're just a fan of like big DC comics events or zombie genre in general you know a big fan of Tom Taylor's work from what I've read he did the earth 2 series after James Robinson set it down Tom Taylor came in to finish that so the writing is really strong starts really beautiful of for being a zombie book I am I expect this book to get a lot more interesting the first issues set up was great but being out of continuity it can be a little difficult to take things seriously because we know they're not lasting for these characters this is just an alternate sort of future scenario at least I believe it is so until we figure it out maybe it won't matter maybe you will but at the end of the day it's still just fun see how they endure zombie apocalypse so if that's your thing check it out it's been another episode repeat content thanks for joining me today and I'll be back two weeks thanks

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  1. I liked Trivia Tuesdays. But this is much better I love seeing the comics that you like reading right now. Keep it up

  2. The first issue looks promising, so hopefully the whole elseworld mini-series of deceased is as solid as issue 1.

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