Days Gone – Free Challenge Content Update | PS4

21 thoughts on “Days Gone – Free Challenge Content Update | PS4

  1. the game is awesome. the only problem i have is that map pops out when you brush touch pad which happens a lot for me. especially when im in combat so its really annoying. other than that im really happy i preordered CE

  2. So ready for challenge 1! I wonder if the area around camp Sherman will be altered much to accommodate the endless horde in some way or to make it into more of an arena…

  3. I really hope they add gray coat Deacon and militia deacon as an unlockable skin. Would love to be able to use those alternate outfits whenever I want

  4. Guys I need help…as a fellow gamer I picked the new Spiderman over this game as it was on sale for $19.99 while Days Gone is currently on sale for $34.99…truth be told the bugs turns me off as it reminds me of Mafia 3…a game with a lot of potential but was unfortunately rushed and unfinished…the gameplay looks a lot like a Last of Us ripoff with Far Cry 4 liberating camps elements and a dash of The Evil Within 2's gameplay and monsters…is this game worth buying right now for $34.99 and why do you love the game…any advice is much appreciated and thanks…btw I have never played Days Gone but passing judgment strictly on reviews and game videos…thanks!

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