Day2: Create Templates, Document Types and Content Page in Umbraco CMS

hi guys welcome to the Learning Abroad coach she met and today in this video I would like to show you how to download the HTML template file from the internet or into the widow PC so at last we will use that email fraud to create the frame pet for the website and the big one we will go ahead to create a website template over the Umbraco she met by Ken and at last we have to create a document I and the finally we create a pet content to deploy the content on the website okay so they get started and this one either a Bronco loco website we have we have done in the previous video by installing the a Bronco from the new it over the visual studio okay so now I get to accent into your brocco admin and provides a username and password here click on the button to ask into the admin ok click on the home page okay so you you can see here we have a lot of opposites have been created here because in the previous video so we had your tablet layout when when is it when is cylinder Umbraco console window pc so it will go go ahead to create some basic here for you okay so in this video i will go ahead to delete or did assisting pet and I will have to value how to create or the pet from the scratch okay okay let me lead this one okay okay so now if we come back to the front end pit yeah you can see for now we didn't see and neither air and the web bit had meeting corrected before okay so this one is a D for pet of the a Bronco back to the back end code see here okay so with you have the data after Verbier course i so now we are going to relate it we all go here to delete some look multi and also tablet a lot of thing here should be near it party of you pass review delete okay so I will commit for the user for now we have only one user this one email cow had been created or when if servings or Umbraco on drum on my video PC you go ahead you have all had to create a new user but in this video I didn't know I don't want to cut I don't want to create any more user so only be by default okay cool and now I gonna have to open their visual zeroes or court foot okay so before I open the visual zero sort code so you have to make sure you already have the HTML template Wow Whitman you 40 or 42 me oh okay so you can get the template file from the internet you can go to the web browser go to the and you can type 80 ml free we have a lot of website we provide free the HTML code for you so after that you after you select the desert amulet for that purpose so you go ahead to download it into the local PC so after that you will attract it and you it further or included in your project ok so now I will use the indoor spy camera here I have to attack it oh sorry I should delete it check again I go to the introspective okay so now I will copy this one foot and open the sun-god in Visual Studio okay and I will go ahead to copy the HTML into this project introspective okay so now I will try to escape this one from the browser Branko enter it okay so here you can see this one either HTML we Queenie which I go ahead to you it indeed project you can see now they're actively working fine okay so now I will go-ahead to create the template we will use it or HTML or either camera setting I'm going to create a template for this I will really buy a tablet what might Hamlet sorry okay so now I have to create a template for Oh bed save it and at us I go have to create a document die okay so I should okay so now you have to create a movement I for home document I with our tablet after that I click on the tablet here and selector home tablet for this and save it okay so open to home so you can see you can see here there are home tablet is a rip the layout from the web by tablet not CF at Yamaha you're submitting your home each I of the web by a tablet okay cool home yeah you can see here we have I can comment so you can check it to home you can change the color in green yellow green blue green save it okay I to the column and for home okay so compared we have to enter the code for render the body see be okay right to the visual studio I will open the HTML file we have sir acid is the headphone and the s okay so I had to copy it fell out of HTML I will be into this one omit these are sweet I copy it into the street forum' okay so now here we have for the sea and from sweep we contain there that the resources of the HTML we can do in this project so now come back to the video I will try to refrain this one okay see here we should include sea air water into the project script into the project from here include amid include okay so here when you're taking a look into the review for out here you can see we have hope don't see an HTML file and a web by damage not see that email from here have been created into the view photo okay so basically when you create any tablet Rahman time are also the content over the back end see map here so it will automatically career if right into the support here so now he returned ahead to click on the home and include included into this project also web by tablet include it into the project okay and now I go have to know sorry surrender body it should be in their website template and now I don't have to open there okay so if you after you sip the content here and you come back to the back end code here if you go to decree jelly here so the render body had been added into the web by damage found okay so now open the HTML up to a big bed in like I'm going to copy it and put it into the web wait a minute so this one should be under the menu okay so after that we have to check the reboot this one we have to change the path of the CAA and also see how should she remove the under sweep for the the query I don't mean okay cool and now try to write to the browser and we found this one foot and after that come back now open the content you gonna have to create a new content bit here it should be hope gonna be home save and update so you have to select a template for this one it should be hope ok say ok and you click on preview button here after you click on preview button here so you I want to see there that our home pet in review in preview mode ok it looks fine and you can open this one record local and open it another tap ok so you can see here the HTML had mineral migrated into the tablet of the Umbraco website ok so I think that's all for today and I would go more detail for how to create or matter templates for for the website later in another video and today after you finish this peel you know how to how to download there are 80 ml file from the internet into the widow PC and at us you know how to include included into the visual studio and brocco project and after that you also know how to create somewhere template is the web by a tablet home paid for our website or after that you create the document I foresaw for the web it and so finally you know how to create the content for a website to deflate your content on one Australian bit okay so I hope that we do when your food for you and feel free to let me know if you see any issue bye bye and see you later in another video talk to you later

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  1. Is there the link to download html as the template for demo site?

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