Day in the Life of an Author – Rachel Hollis

everybody it is about 7:30 in the morning and I am headed out to run 9 miles which makes my voice crack because it's overwhelming I'm on deadline for a book but also about to run a half marathon so I have to fit in the miles where I can so I typically start every riding day with a long run I have this OCD thing about having the exact same coffee every time I write let's take a minute for this outfit I like to say that having a big word count day is a lot like breaking up with your boyfriend you want to wear super stretchy pants a really comfy shirt of like weirdly comfortable sweater and have your favorite treats surrounding you at all times on this particular day I had a call with my editor to talk about the cover for the reissue of party girl hey it's Rachel Paulus I thought that that was kind of my thought with the lettering mm-hmm mhm and not because they're my legs but because like Landon should be someone that we want to be and I want to be tall and thin packing everything up and heading to my super special writing location the boys bedroom I wrote party girl in this little nook and cranny in the boys room and so I have this weird need to be in the exact same spot to write sweet girl let's just have a minute for this painting I would like to point out that is not the Loch Ness monster this is actually a Dalton I sit down I've got my coffee I've got a special outfit put my glasses on I read an inspirational note to myself and then I have no idea what to put at some point along the way some little kernel or nugget hits me and I just start to write I don't think about it I put down anything that comes to mind and then I'm like I am the greatest writer on the planet and then I'm like what the crap was I thinking that was terrible oh no just about the time I'm really on a roll and feel like I am jamming I get a visitor where's your car yep thank you confession I have a weird thing with snacking while I'm riding I'm an emotional eater and if I don't have healthy snacks around me at all times I'm gonna drive and get a Big Mac to deal with the pain of trying to hit 5,000 words in a day another weirdo quirk I talk to myself a lot are just by the end of the day I look like nine miles of bad Road I'm totally beat up but at least I hit my 5,000 word count then it's time for wine I know at this point I should seem celebratory or happy mostly I just feel like I got hit by a bus

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