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better Umbria sulla or do her for sulla or Kula Vienna for death of the Messner it I met David Weiss hello yeah so device your famous composer of video game you see here yeah and you have been composing for a very long time yes yeah in composing media for the least eight years or of innocence of the little kid yeah I have a question for you today about the above the how you actually involved in Kelvin 3:3 my problem we focus Concord g3 was purely at the beginning because I was going on two different projects yeah it was a dinner Kovacs project she was the main composer on that I helped her I think I did about five tracks then which ones I did but that pretty sure was five and then she Caroline had finished the game off as I went on to a different project to work on that okay so you didn't do Peach's castle team there's a rumor about it such as did cation again when I went out right to videogames people had quite Cummings and I was called aquatic ambience in years it was the water level in dkt war and when I write something that's what it is the actual Lang got no idea so I don't think I didn't feature castle whichever I didn't so I say that's probably everything what kind of music do Alisal to practical question I I listened to lots of music really I'll listen to rock music relative opera classical Latin jazz anything a zombies good anything that's inspiring to listen to and provide some fresh inspiration or I always find is interesting to listen to do you have any favorites bland favorite bands but they the curiosity of our favorite one is this morning by this afternoon that would have changed and wolves definitely changed by the time I've worked in tomorrow recent steps of lovely listening to is is Joe Cocker where else have been listen to where James Brown so it really just depends there okay to play and with video girls through self not really encode one of these people when I play video games I'll start playing and be offset by and so the last game I played all the way through with Zelda very early coffee and something NES yeah and I just played the three week solid and that's not a good use of your time so I'll that'll to scratch the surface with video games obviously I play the ones I'm working on because I'm directly interested but we constructive playing games I just don't have enough time there's already but it's big list of things I don't want to get to get through in life and work hard need about five lifetimes to do all the stuff already now I want to do at the moment yeah video games would get in the way of that so have you ever beat the doggy door country's games neck no no I get about 70% of the way for a game and then give it a bit Estelle very very difficult lately are pretty mythical okay I can only scrape through levels eventually but yeah there's much better game players than me did you find some kind of new inspiration when you rock music forward tropical freeze single mistake plan and ukulele you're gone for a while but then it came back I better than ever yeah I was married gone for one I am let's see when I was at Microsoft or what when where were things by Microsoft I was and they get off of it but when I was working started hosting again when I was working at rare and the leave and Microsoft was working on piling prototypes at the odd conversions of Nintendo but a lot of the stuff I was working on were new ideas and contacts and they just for many reasons didn't reach the likes data if they weren't produced of it they wouldn't go to market the things these days with video games such a large amount of money involved in making them before somebody's going to invest opens of 20 million pounds or 30 million dollars or whatever it is they need to think this is the right product and if they don't it means all the way you don't the last year or so gets shelved so it just means all the work that you've done might we might not be applicable so they'll move on to the next idea some reason when I wasn't rare when Microsoft ended there were several of those projects I was involved with I took a year off personal reasons and down that obviously when I took a year off like I left around and decided to to go and alone there's like them yeah I've never not been busy I've always been working on something it's just nice of it tengami and then freeze stink pad and your lady shift and that I've got a nice a lot of games to work on and with all fresh games was working on the absorb town inspiration and taking ideas from different things to it so the ten garments I still explore japanese-style instrument are the coat oh yeah because it sounds like you're almost reborn when when I heard there the tropical freeze soundtrack it was so magical yeah and look working on the per decade license and it's a lot of fun and I like some things and it was like just a light-hearted feel good type of game so yes I really enjoy the kind of work of all of your birth what is what is Dora so it's just in a bit annoying so I come in with me very quietly this is your honey it's okay this pacific feeling i I wish your soul Olivia of all your works what is your favorite piece or sultry and I think forced into lowdown dkc2 because from a technical point of view it's Nestle exam if anyone's in Spokane memory is fairly limited processing as in its on the most powerful processor on everything's powerful at the time and there was no ability to filtering on the Super NES tip and there was no ability to be portamento so I had to emulate it so I got a sin thing that since week and I took single cycle waveforms from that and then I read sequence I think it's playing lots of different ways within a sequence so it sounds smooth so we've got that working and then it's sliding from one pitch to the other all the time so just from a purely nearly technical point of view together waiting on the snare with was a very cool thing to do if you're a snow doing as technical as me yeah I like the because that I think to maybe be tasty Casey to who might be your best soldier ever is it Sam I enjoyed working on it but you know I enjoy with you on all of them so we're gals on a mission to prove that the even would 64k you can write at soundtrack and really go for and do do magical stuff with it it probably must stay with the rogue into for that thank you thank you very much what kind of taste in movies do have movies yet if you love Shelley's movies last media watch was Back to the Future oh that's that must be my favorite food of all time yes cracking maybe announcing for a long time and it actually gets better the older you get some little reason and there's a lot of jokes in there but until your your apparent the other and you have a bit of life experience with British float over your head so I was watching it again he was absolutely hilarious it was a ton of stuff in our I didn't understand first time when I joined the first time it's one of my favorite films as well but tortilla again now was in a bit of life experience it just absolutely hilarious yeah so I'm looking forward to watching two and three again and see if there's any different perspective on it but I'm also going to watch la la London and seeing that happen it's very good the latter ceremony cinema see was a film called slim and that's about an activist in in Washington who's trying to get some political leverage and that was a very big man that film it wasn't purely entertainment to invest a lot of energy to get get the best out of it so I quite liked them so well yeah I'm pretty open to watching different ones I was looking forward for dinner you see stuff or twenties for a fella but last time I saw twin plates was when I was a kid yeah so yeah the last things nicer on TV this was payment because once someone's rating to Haven and we could sit at the dinner table and put Haven on laughing I thought so very well that's between people mental have you ever watched a lead Japanese anime movies are there 1 c1 at the cinema yeah not long ago which was stopped down I definitely what it was called what was it your name where it was with its color your hands on it oh yes been the joy house didn't tell you yeah I know it started out yeah yeah which I'm actually going to go and see and although it didn't do very well as who I thought was brilliant yeah it was actually very good really really good film and it reminds me of Blade Runner so it's what I'm going to be out it's like a fresh version it's so stylized yeah I like star lights things you know it's focus and I can't stand why people are dreaming of an antibiotic grateful go and watch it I didn't need any out there in the musical and with that film as well is that the original composer did the music for this one as well yeah yeah after from what I understand I don't care something I've read Sophia just double check it out on that so that dairy heard it David by here recommend you to watch ghost in the shell I enjoyed the film looking looking forward to when only on DVD was see where I won't click around these days downloading so grant kirkhope he wants you to tell me about Madison Oh just before and grant and being given a job in America and we were working rare he was down the corridor from him and the singer in the band that my friend John and I had we were just a trio so we had the drums and bass on backing and some of the keyboards and that John play exactly saxophone and still do and we needed a singer so I convinced grant to join our band as a singer our grant is a very dynamic personality he's grateful and he's very good entertainment people and that yes definitely an inspired choice and I was gutted where he was going off to America to work to cement our band blossom so it was good fun working with Francis Gladys and I not only you think great composer he's a very good friend among singing playing guitar giggles and by the way if you dig deep and and they've gone on tour with them as a support band with Van Halen and a few other bands and down yes guitars awesome so it's definitely worth checking out together okay hm so he did the guitar on Star Fox Adventures did Olivia tape it did it yeah that was that's right okay okay okay so so you didn't record anything with the with madison's no no we just ashamed is chris burrman we would go out to score the gratifying having a few beers and having fun okay so at last question would you be interested in doing another historical country fall trends please say yes well I'm poised but of course that was a silly question radio for so it with them at the moment of and but if I was to be asking em and all together and came up when I'm busy with other stuff at the moment thank you so much for doing this interview with this everybody its product and plain crap it's being like their activity no okay times one thank you this is David Gordon you're listening to in solar and colder life reference will matter in 2017

48 thoughts on “David Wise (Composer) | Sola & Cola Interview

  1. This guy asks good questions! I like him. Most interviewers ask stupid ass questions and it’s annoying

  2. Ok, great interview and questions. I just want to give you some feedback. You guys need to work on your editing a little bit. There is som cringy pauses in my opinion. Don't take this as hate please. Ni förstår säkert själva. tack från Sverige 🙂

  3. donkey kong country question. what is your favorite colour? donkey kong country question. what is your favorite food? donkey kong country question xD

  4. I need to meet this guy after the Star Fox Adventures soundtrack he did… David is a literal genius if I could ever tell someone. I LOVE HIM, HE'S MY FAVORITE, THANK YOU FOR PRODUCING THE BEST SOUNDTRACK IN THE BEST GAME!!!

  5. блин, надеюсь он бессмертный! хочу еще музла крутого, да по больше!!!

  6. I want to know two things. 1. does he have music released that I can buy unrelated to videogames, 2. what did he work on between dkc and tropic freeze?

  7. Not gonna lie, I’m a little disappointed with the questions you asked. Not all of them but some.
    Like when you asked about twin peaks or if he’d do another DK game. We already know he likes doing DK soundtracks. And twin peaks… really…. who cares.
    I’d like to ask him more about how he innovated with the Snes sound chip and his opinion on making a game soundtrack now compared to then. What’s his opinion on English made video game music vs Japanese.

  8. i loved his response about forest interlude. It just goes to show it doesn't matter the tools, a good artist can always create art.

  9. i see this man and i still have to realize that he has made my childhood music amazing and id give him a huge huggggg,,,cut he made me go into music!!!

  10. My favorite theme song David Wise ever composed was the lobby theme song from Diddy Kong Racing N64.

  11. Hell yeah man. <3 I actually met David Wise and no joke this man is a wonderful example of when you follow your dreams.

  12. That effect in Forest Interlude is amazing, I couldn't believe the sounds coming out of my SNES when I first heard it.

  13. It's my dream to meet him one day also I hope if he's not busy I hope composes the music for the new 2019 battle toads

  14. I got to say when I was a kid I played donkey kong mainly for the music back then. Of all the catchy music I heard in video games back then, I never heard anything as good as donkey kong country's music before.

    Still to this day david wise's music never fails to impress me!

    I hope he never retires! The video game world needs him and tim follins.

  15. Man, your music influenced me without noticing since my early age more than 20 years ago. Thank you for your passionate creative music. Cheers from Saudi Arabia

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