David E. Kelley wins the 2018 Writers Guild Award for Adapted Long Form for Big Little Lies

for some reason I have to present a second category because you know I'm an immigrant so I do twice as much for the same amount of money here are the nominees for Best long-form adapted and the Writers Guild Award goes to David E Kelly for big little lies [Applause] thank you very much to the guild I obviously accept this on behalf of many starting with Leon Moriarty who wrote a fantastic book and HBO for you know committing to the project and being fearlessly unrelenting and supporting throughout a tremendous cast and crew producers our production team some are sitting with me tonight Bruna Pavan Dara para sorry Gregg Fienberg also sitting with me tonight and sitting with me the last 25 years my wife Michelle who has always inspired me to be better than and and speaking of inspiration I have to salute obviously James Brooks when I when I heard that I might have to follow him it was a bit of dread but the truth is I remember when I arrived in Hollywood 35 years ago and I asked for a piece of advice people told me follow James Brooks fall of Steven Bochco fallen gnorm follow Norman Lear there are beacons in this industry they have inspired all of us in this room the product that he has churned out over the multitude of years is truly astounding it was 32 years ago I walked into that writers room and I was in awe of Steven Bochco and I remember the sense of exhilaration that I had being in a room full of writers and truthfully that has never left me being in a room full of writers like tonight it is always moving when you consider what we get to do what we dare to do and we're all hardwired to express ourselves to reach into our hearts our minds sometimes our souls and put that out there with for public consumption and on on a good day if you're lucky you get to work on a project that can move people to feel occasion them to think big little eyes was such a project for me I am very grateful to have been a participant in this project thanks to all the team involved and thanks to the guild [Applause]

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