David Brin: What Every First-time Novelist Should Write

I'm going to tell you why I tell my students when I teach writing no matter what they want to do a lot of the people who come to my courses want to science fiction and I would pray science fiction show it's the general literature of which is a tiny what I tell them I tell the students your first work of substance your first novel should be a murder mystery without a doubt a murder mystery why my son Ivor was a science fiction murder mystery which the first thing to his body it's done in the Sun it's a little difficult to do CSI but the point is why why do I insist that they write when murder is to first it's simple when you are doing romance or women in sci-fi or any of these other stories other types of you can get so obsessed with the furniture with the gimmick of that's Jonathan they distract from the fact you don't know how to tell a story but in the murder mystery you have an arc and there should be several surprises but the big one there are only three kinds of reactions that you can get when you get to look at it is numbered Ernest there's of course once that saw a mile away there's hot that's another response if you get Donnie horror on the meter space Simon and self-loathing it's all there it was never a whole time if you hadn't distracted me with those good red herrings I would I got it you want the reader to terrible can throw it out the window and die

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