David Baldacci's One Good Deed

what could be the sort of my sticking of my telling their crime to war business in the nineteen forties I love stories novels from my time period Dashiell Hammett really Chandler movies like Chinatown in the Big Sleep just critical period of time and I wanted to write a short story it's Jennifer it's going to be a short story I was in the book tour for long with diversity and I started writing it before I knew it I have over a 40 page novel and it really for me a writer should be able to write anything and there was a time period that really spoke to me and I just wanted to see if I could pull off the story doing that and I had a lot of fun writing that I wishes Archer was probably about thirty years old he was a World War two veteran spend most of his time fighting in Italy in Germany and the Eastman theater he came back after the war was over got into some trouble sent to prison for a few years now he is out serving his parole in a town called Paco City I know I never say where the where the location is really where the state is I sort of leave it up to the imagination is somewhere sort of in the Midwest of the United States and a small what used to be a farm community now is trying to grow up into something bigger and better than that it was fascinating for me for after World War Two Aloysius Archer and others they were seeking fame and fortune you know people going west again because the war was over and people wanted to like have a change in their life they wouldn't have some excitement that's why I love people flooded in to the west and the California how they were starting to bloom again Las Vegas with blooming because people just wanted good times to roll and Archer one of that but his wife got totally derailed and now he's he's an ex-con he's got the service parole in this place he knows nothing about doesn't know how that's gonna run in following he he's a straight shooter sort of Coughlin's world he really doesn't understand he has to think Bichette

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  1. Hello Sir. I have 3 top writers who are my favorites:Shakespeare, James Baldwin and David Baldacci!!!! Keep writing, and i know you will. GodBless.

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