Dave East and Styles P’s Favorite Verse: The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Last Day”

(film rolling) – Well, the significance Last Day has for me personally is that
I feel that I was part of the best album that was
ever made in hip hop, along side of one of the greatest, best emcees that ever existed. That was my brother,
he put us on the game. So, from one, being emotional as an emcee, with somebody just bringing
you in and showing you love. And two, just really
being part of something that’s historical and, you know, the greatest
album in hip hop in my eyes. – For me, like I said,
that’s my favorite album, Life After Death, and this
is my favorite rapper. So that’s like one of the few songs that they on together,
you know what I mean? So that was kind of big for me. But like I said, my favorite
album for all them joints, but that one stood out,
because The Lox was on it. – Thanks, bro.
– (Laughs) (“Last Day” by The Notorious
B.I.G. [Ft. The Lox]) What makes Styles my favorite artist? I relate to him, from like 13 to 18, that little period of my life, when I was really becoming
what I thought a man was, I was getting in my first fights and all, just being outside at that age, it was like a soundtrack
to them times for me, you know what I’m saying, I could just really relate
to everything he was saying. And it was like, I felt
like his flow was different. I always loved Kidd’s
flow, I always loved Sheik, but I feel like he would just
come on tracks differently, you know what I mean,
so he stood out to me. ♪ Before you think of keepin’
me down, heatin’ me down ♪ ♪ The flow like water
get deep and you drown ♪ – With no soul, so many
niggas roll with no goal. ♪ Even the small kind
got a little black hole ♪ When you’re outside a lot of the times, when you’re amongst the mix of the jungle, when I say, “With no soul many
people roll with no goal.” It’s like, sometimes
you’re out in the jungle, and you see soulless people just, kind of moving on their path being wild. So that was really like, you know, you ain’t got a plan,
you ain’t got a soul, and you just rolling, and that’s like, you know, that’s dangerous. ♪ Your destiny is somethin’
you can never figure out ♪ ♪ Niggas is never happy ’til
there’s blood up in your mouth ♪ ♪ There’s a lot of killers, ♪ ♪ but who the hell are you to blame? ♪ ♪ There’s a lot of dead, how
the hell you take the pain? ♪ – [Together] Live with it. ♪ Got money you better get with it ♪ ♪ My man had the thug in
him did his bid with it ♪ ♪ Get married to the game but
never have a kid with it ♪ I think that “married to
the game but not have a kid with it” is an epiphany every hustler has. I think that’s just in a state of when you hustling or
you outside doing dirt, you know you getting money, but it’s like that thing that’s
in the back of your head, your conscious hitting you saying, “Damn, I’m getting money,
but I’m actually selling coke or dope to people, which is wrong.” ♪ Uhh, uhh, uh ♪ ♪ Who the fuck wanna squeeze? ♪ ♪ My Desert E’s ♪ – Make MCs freeze. ♪ You wakin up in cold
sweats, they just dreams ♪ ♪ You still apoligizin’ ♪ – Analyzin’ my size and your size and. ♪ Realizin’, a fist
fight would be asinine ♪ – Hold on … Right there. (laughs) “My Desert E’s make MCs freeze” … You know, I mean, just the arrogance of the come-in is ridiculous. “You wakin’ up in cold
sweats, they just dreams. You still apologizin’, analyzin’
my size and your size and.” That’s like saying, who
the fuck wanna do what? Now you dreaming about it,
now you know I’ll fuck you up. Like, you know what I’m saying, and you know to apologize,
but you just dreaming, and you know this whole
shit is just stupid for you. – [Together] (laughing) (film rolling)

66 thoughts on “Dave East and Styles P’s Favorite Verse: The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Last Day”

  1. Biggie is the greatest MC of all time he died aged 24 with 2 masterpiece albums. Imagine if he lived longer he didn't even hit his peak of lyricalism.

  2. Man thats one album thats so hard to pick a favourite joint from. The dark storytelling is on another level. Big painted a pic so well…. i remember listening to somebody got to die for the firsr time…. sheeesh!

  3. Big was once in a lifetime
    Bottom line glad I was thirteen fourteen I lived in that period didn't know he was just twenty four till Kurt loader MTV News broke it the following morning he passed

  4. Ghost is one of the most slept on and underrated emcees of all time. He’s just as good if not better than Kiss :shrug:

  5. I have said TIME AND TIME AGAIN FOR YEARS that BIG's most impressive to me is BY FAR his one on "Last Day"…. #LegendaryIconic

  6. This goes out to those that choose to use disrespectful views on the king of NY f*** that why I try to throw bleach in your eye now you're Braille it stash that like s*** I'm scaling it conscience of your nonsense in 88 sold more powder than Johnson & Johnson tote still like Bronson vigilante you want to get on son you need to ask me ain't no other kings in this rap thing they siblings nothing but my children one shot they disappearing

  7. Who the f*** want to squeeze my desert he's make MCS freeze you waking up in cold sweats they just dreams you still apologizing analyzing my size in your sizing realizing a fist fight will be asinine you just popped ones I must pop nines Ginuwine still piece nozzle in your grill piece you shook up to Bricks have you cook up we can hook up all I see is the future disrespect I shoot ya

  8. Legend has it 👑👑BIG👑👑was knocking down 40s and pretzels 🥨 while recording Long Kiss Goodnight… HARD🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Rest Easy Big Fella ur still UNBELIEVABLE

  9. I love the lox, but man, they just always gotta make sure nobody forgets that they were on a track with biggie. Like, can I actually hear styles p's actual favorite verse? Nope. I gotta hear styles say "yo! I new big!", like i didnt already know and hear it everytime he or sheek and kiss opens their mouth.

  10. Biggie's fight bars was lifted straight from Muhammad Ali, "if such and such even dreamed of beating me, he better wake up and apologize." Biggie fashioned his whole steez after those before him(boxers, comedians, Ice Cube, etc.)

  11. Definitely put out more videos in this series. It's fun to hear people talk about their own songs that aren't just big singles. The videos of T.I. talking about Bun B's Murder verse and Black Thought talking about Kool G Rap's Road to the Riches are great as well.

  12. I remember reading an interview the Lox did where they talked about the session for this song. Jadakiss wanted to spit something he had already wrote but BIG wasn't having it. He was like that was nice but I want you to write something for this. They said they spit their verses and were just chilling smoking and laughing with BIG for hours. Finally when they were so weeded they could barely concentrate BIG gets up and goes in the booth and spits this verse in one take.

  13. Although I prefer Pac, Big is without a doubt the goat. The nigga has 2 of Hip-Hop’s greatest albums in his catalogue and he was just getting started. He could also do it all.

  14. Biggie and Pac seem to get extra credit for being murdered. When they were alive absolutely no one called them the GOATs. It was Kool G, KRS, and Kane. They die then suddenly their the best ever, oh please. Greats yes, GOATs no. Unless all you care about is popularity. Then okay they're the GOATs.

  15. Big is the most influential rapper. So many MCs are influenced by Big's storytelling, flow, and lyrics. So many of his rhymes are repeated by today's artists. I still don't think he get the props he deserves.

  16. This is a subliminal diss to Tupac that very few know about. Biggie wrote it against an interview Tupac made where he compare biggie and his size. Big actually won the battle, even against Hit Em Up

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