Dark Events Pre-ASOIAF Novels

this video is 10 dark in or tragic events Priya Song of Ice and Fire novels so this video only includes things that happened before the first book I say everything on this list is darken or tragic but that is my opinion I discovered with my disturbing passages video that some people think mutilating corpses and sewing animal heads on the bodies isn't disturbing so we all have differing opinions on what is tragic sad disturbing dark etc for the most part though these events are no darker than the things we can find in our own history there are also in no particular order and these aren't the darkest events just the ones that stuck out to me number one in volantis every year they hold a vote to elect a new try Ark three people that rule for a year or reelect the old one in one case a try Ark named Hirano had been elected for 40 years running due to him being a great hero during the century of blood after the 40th election he declared that he would be a triac for life this did not sit well with the rest of volantis even though they loved him they loved their ancient customs more rioters seized him stripped him of rank and title and had him torn apart by war elephants instead of you know maybe throwing him in jail or exiling him number two during the dance of the dragons a Targaryen Civil War many Dragons Targaryen sand innocent people died there is one particularly cruel event though when Rijn Aerys son was killed Prince daemon her husband promised vengeance daemon contacted his once paramour the white worm and she arranged his revenge a brute and a ratcatcher known as blood and cheese use makers tunnels to slip into the red key there they grabbed the current queen of the iron throne Elena's children jaehaerys and G Hara who were six and male or who was two the Queen was given a choice which of her two sons would die Hellena wept and begged for her children's life she even offered her own they said it had to be a son and told her if she didn't decide soon they'd rape her little girl she's then said pick or we kill them all in the end she chose malar the youngest who she thought would be too young to understand or because the older hairy's was king aegon ii firstborn son and heir she's whispered to mailer you hear that little boy your mama wants you dead then he gave blood a grin swung his sword and took off Prince Jerry's head in a single blow Hellena screamed blood and she's then left and did no further harm to the queen or her children afterwards Hellena would refuse to eat bathe leave her chambers or even look at her remaining son knowing that she had named him to die eventually she would throw herself from her window and makers hold fast to die impaled upon the iron spikes of the dry moat below she was 21 years old number three at the height of the valerian freeholds power the Valerians offered handsome amounts of gold for slaves the summer islanders attractive strong and intelligent people were sought after as favorable slaves the call of wealth was too strong even for its own people the princes of the Summer Isles began to sell far more of its own people into slavery than the raids by other people the years a shame marked this event were Prince's even fueled internal struggles and Wars so that they could sell the defeated enemies into slavery so hungry for gold they would sell their own people for two centuries only to be stopped later by a warrior woman number four in to a sea when Aegon decided the Iron Islands needed to be tidied up and be a part of the Iron Throne he descended upon Great wick with a war fleet forcing the iron men to collapse before him on old wick the priest King Lotus turned to his God and called out for the Krakens to drag down Aegon's warships however no Krakens appeared to fulfill his request so low dose filled his robes with stones and walked into the ocean to take counsel with his father the drowned God thousands followed him and their bloated corpses would wash up on the shores of the Isles for years to come however the priests body was never found number five Kalmar o craving conquest eventually brought his kalsa to sat har the waterfall city the men of the city were put to the sword and the women and children were taken as slaves on the cruel and grueling marched the Kal forced them on three quarters of them died the kill also had their city reduced to rubble and ash afterwards the kale gave the a new name the place of the wailing children a lot of fighting and destruction followed this eventually Cal Haro killed Cal morrow and continued with the destruction when Cal Haro was killed his khalasar broke into a dozen lesser hordes all striving to outdo one another in savagery as they enslave people and destroyed cities their savagery grew so intense that one place where – tried to hold out for six years against them in their City they fed on dogs and horses then rats and mice and other vermin finally they ate their dad when they knew they couldn't hold out any longer they killed their own wives and children to keep them from the hands of the cows and then the men charged forward and one final attack the Dothraki would later name the city the city of the blood charge number 6 meg or the cruel did a lot of terrible things during his reign as the third Targaryen king of the Iron Throne the one that stands out to me make or during his reign completed the red keep in 45 AC it was started by his father but he went beyond those plans and razed emoted Castle within the larger Castle later to be known as maegor's holdfast he also had secret tunnels and passages made along with false walls and trap doors throughout Aegon's high hill more tunnels were placed when the keep was finally complete Meg or threw a huge feast for the Masons and Carver's and other craftsmen that had helped build the castle after three days of celebration at the Kings expense he executed them all so that the secrets of the red keep would be Meg ours alone number seven talked about in a previous video the Valyrian freehold needed a place to send their worst criminals after capturing the city on the Isle of Tears they renamed gecko sis they built dungeons to hold these criminals here new tortures were continuously devised and horrifying experiments were performed slave women were forced to mate with beasts and bring forth twisted half-human children blood sacrifice and sorcery of the darkest sort were practiced here if you were brought to the dungeon you wished for death quickly number eight at the end of Robert's rebellion that displaced the Targaryens from the Iron Throne Tywin Lannister attacked King's Landing during this he ordered Gregor Clegane and a moral arch to kill Rhaegar King Aerys a second son children and wife in May doors hold fast Amerie bust down the door where Illya of Dorne and her children were he then dragged the screaming toddler Rainey's from under her bed and stabbed her over 50 times greg our – ray gars infant sons had egg on against the wall and then he raped ilya with her child's brains and blood still on his hands he then killed her number 9 King Harmon took the throne on the Iron Islands after his father's death he announced that Reavers would be hanged as pirates instead of celebrated and he outlawed the taking of salt lives saying the children of those unions had no right of inheritance and were bastards this one against long traditions on the iron Island he was also going to end thraldom the capturing of people and enslaving them when a priest named Shrike began to preach against him other priests joined his cry and then other lords on the iron islands listened as well in a fortnight King Harmon was overthrown Shrike the priest tore out the Kings tongue so that he could never speak lies and blasphemies as well they blinded the King and cut off his nose so that all men might see him for the monster he is the King's younger brother Hagin took the crown and took back all of King Harmons rules along with expelling the septons and SEPTA's who followed the faith of the seven from the Iron Islands in a matter of weeks every Sept on the Iron Islands was set on fire the new king either allowed them to mutilate his own mother a Lannister woman blamed for putting the idea in her son's head to outlaw reeving and salt lives Shrike blamed the Lannister whore for turning her husband and sons away from the true God they cut off her lips ears and eyelids and had her tongue ripped out afterwards she was bundled onto a long ship and returned to Lannisport the king of the rock her nephew was outraged and a war began that left 10,000 dead 3/4 of which were Ironborn 7 years of war ended with the Westerman landing on great wick destroying King Hagen's host and capturing his castle they mutilated the king in the same way he had done to his own mother and then he was hanged five more years of turmoil between iron islands in the western man would continue until peace was found the Iron Islands were impoverished from this war and the winter that followed was harsh and long three times as many iron men would perish from starvation during the winter and died in the battles that preceded it number 10 in Yi Chi God Emperor's ruled all the land between the bones and the freezing desert called the great waste from the Shivering sea to the Jade sea the first to rule was the God on earth who was the son of the Lion of the night and made in made of light eventually this God on earth left and rule of mankind passed to his eldest son the Pearl Emperor many Emperor's followed ruling for centuries but every Emperor's reign became shorter and more trouble than the last meda beasts attacked their lands and lesser Kings grew rebellious and the common people gave themselves over to envy lust incest gluttony and murder eventually the daughter of the opal Emperor succeeded him as the amethyst Empress but her younger brother became jealous and killed her for claiming himself the bloodstone Emperor then he began his reign of terror practicing torture necromancy and dark arts he enslaved his own people feasted on human flesh cast down the true gods to worship a black stone that had fallen from the sky and married a tiger woman it has said this betrayal and taking of the throne that was not rightfully his brought the long night in the age of darkness of course there are many many more dark things that have happened in the world of Ice and Fire pre the novel's time what are some of your darkest or tragic events pre the Isana by sea fire novels the field of fire how hellhole earned its name fee on Starks decor on his coast following the Andal invasion the rape of the three sisters brave Danny Flint list yours below we are almost done with October and all the Halloween theme game of Thrones of Song of Ice and Fire videos in November we are going to continue with the north

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  1. How come Blood and Cheese did not kill Maelor? It was Lucerys that was killed a /second/ born son. Seems that they don't know the eye for an eye.

  2. Here's a dark story.

    Due to a strained relationship with my mother I was living with my grandmother and attending college. I decided to make up with the woman who gave birth to me and came to live with my mother. She had come to adopt a younger dreadheaded man as her boyfriend. She rode with him, drank with him, and loved with him, and her once flourishing hair salon squandered into nothing. I attended school and told my mother that the alcohol would be her downfall and she believed me and swore off alcohol. Her boy scoffed "Don't let your son run your life." And so, she continued to drink and I blamed her to it. Weeks later, with a resentment still brewing in my heart, my mother and I argued on substance abuse and her man stood up for her. I talked to her boy and confronted him of how he was destroying my mother. He expressed his distaste for me in spitting and howling swearing. I enraged by his words, but a beat down upon him and after his destruction my mother cradled him and loved him as she once had me. I, humbled by my own sucumbation to anger, decided to distance myself from them all together, and allow their story to unfold as it would. Ghetto times ensued, and I continued in school. I made friends to take my attention away from home, and they became a family away from home. Good times ensued, but the foundation of my life, home life, was still encompassed by ruin. I went to school, I starved, we were homeless, I went to school, I lived with crippling sickness in abadonned apartments, I had a falling out with my friends, and still went to school. But the day dusks and dawns faithfully and we weren't homeless, and the school year closed, and my diligence yielded near perfect scores in my 6 classes. But home was still ghettotized. My mother had bought a gun for her boy who I still glared at out of the corner of my eye.

    I worked diligently, hopeful in my own future but hopeless to my mother's. My mother and sister and cousin and her boy were descending. Her boy fired his gun off frequently, into the air outside, and outside my mothers car. He had nothing to his name, and took everything that my mother had. She bought for him whatever she wished, and for me, let starve out of resentment. Domestic violence was abounding in the house between my mother and him. He was a pussy, and tiny, and not only did I fight him that once, but my mother fought him frequently in her alcoholic wroth. He was a man to fight back. She was more often the assailant, but one day the tables flipped entirely.

    She was gunned down a faithful day, shot in the chest and shoulder and I came out to witness it. Mother mother limp upon the ground, staring at me with helpless eyes, "He shot me. . . I can't move. . .. " I was conditioned to see past her faking, but my sister who witness it all said, "She's bleeding." I approached and saw her boy in the door way. He denying that he shot her. Denying that she was shot. I kneeled and touched her, and after seeing the blood on my hands I was not likely to believe him, "She's bleeding." He approached out of disbelief and I rose. I stood over him as a towering ebodiment of rage, "You shot my mom!" All he had to say next was, "I'm gonna beat your a-," and I lifted him from the ground with my fist. He flew. He landed scattered upon the pavement outside. I did not relent. I hit him more, and threw him. He was a ragdoll. He only wanted escape, but I wanted something else. I pounded his head on the pavement over and over. It bounced. I had him by the hair and his head bounced. I was a yo-yo. Then I her the moan of my mother and saw her and realized I was looking at her through teary eyes. I released him and backed up. He got up and was frozen staring at me like a dear in headlights. Now as I look back on it it was probably an accident, but I didn't care. I hated him for what he'd done to my mother over those past few months and hated him even more now. I ran to find a phone and call the police. And they arrived and time passed so slowly but so vaguely. I remember how I begged her to leave him, so many times before, and the last time a week prior when I begged her that he would end up shooting me, or worse my little sister. Or that in they constant fights, she, my mother, could end up dead or never able to walk.

    She's alive to this day, and she has not walked a single step since that fateful one. I no longer go to college, I take care of my mother, and I pray for a brighter day. I go over that final plea I had with her, and I find I am begging, just as I did her, my own self for forgiveness. Am I still trying to forgive her, or me?

    I can't do anything about it now. I can be thankful for that day. Thankful that he didn't shoot me and my sister too.

  3. You didnt mentioned cannibal bay a bay in the shivering sea where boat are stuck in ice and the revenant of lost sailor feast on the trap men

  4. I'd say one of the darkest moments for me would be when Roose hanged Ramsay's mother's husband and raped her beneath the tree where he was hanging. That disturbed me a lot.

  5. The summer islanders selling their own is what actually happened in Africa in the 14th century. The wars between tribes and kingdoms fueled the American slave trade

  6. Ugh, I've been going through all these terrifying things and I need to "go away inside". I'd have to say that the Rat King and the history of Harrenhal. * hugging my knees and rocking * Okay going to go look to see if you have a history of Harrenhal video. I'd like to request a video about the badass warrior women of ASOIAF.

  7. the westermen should have purged the iron islands completely when they had the chance as should robert and aegon have

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