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'Rustam-E-Hind, world champion.' 'He had redefined wrestling.
It's none other than Dara Singh.' 'He was born on November 19, 1928..' '..in the town of
Dharmuchak, Amritsar.' 'Dara Singh had an interest
in wrestling since childhood.' 'One, two, three.' 'But nobody knew that his interest..' '..would make him a world champion
and an actor.' 'But how would the pair look good?' 'Dara Singh was 6 ft 2 in tall.' 'He weighed 127 kg.' 'His chest measured 53 in.
He was a terrific wrestler.' 'But let's find out
how he got started.' 'Dara Singh's uncle used to
travel to Singapore very often.' 'He returned to his village once..' '..and Dara Singh told him
he wanted to go to Singapore.' 'His uncle refused at first.' 'But he didn't like the heat
and hard work at the village.' 'Soon, his uncle took
Dara Singh to Singapore.' 'Listen, I am coming.' 'He had gone to Singapore to earn.' 'But some Indian travelers
helped and encouraged him.' 'They told him
to become a wrestler.' 'He was blessed with
a great physique.' 'Dara Singh thought about it
and told them..' '..that he was there to earn money.
But people insisted.' 'Gradually, Dara Singh earned
a living through wrestling.' Come on, Bala!
Come on, Bala! 'He was joined by
other wrestlers in Singapore.' 'His wrestling secretary told him..' '..they should go watch a movie.
Dara Singh refused.' 'He told him that he wakes up at 4
in the morning and exercises.' 'Later, he has breakfast.
Then he goes to the market.' 'He has lunch at 12 am
and sleeps till 3 pm.' 'He wakes up, exercises and
wrestles with other wrestlers.' 'He doesn't have time
to watch movies.' 'He had no idea..' '..that he wouldn't stop at watching
a movie, he would actually act in it. ' 'Will you take the life a person
for your circus?' 'The English film 'Hercules'
motivated Dara Singh.' 'By then, he wasn't wrestling
only in Singapore.' 'But he would visit various cities
in India for wrestling matches.' 'Once, a producer
played a prank on him.' 'It was in Madras that
the producer had told him..' '..that he would make him a hero.' 'Dara Singh got
a little serious about it.' 'Then he realised
that he was kidding.' 'Whenever a producer came to him
with a film offer..' '..Dara Singh would refuse.' 'When he realised that
the film would really be made..' '..Dara Singh agreed to do it.' 'He jokingly asked that he would
wrestle in the film, but who would act?.' 'Everyone laughed to that.' 'He was told that there was more of
wrestling than acting in the film.' 'So, Dara Singh had to be
the hero.' 'I take your leave, teacher.' 'He started his acting career
with the 1952 film 'Sangdil'.' 'But Babubhai Mistry's film 'King Kong',
which was released in 1962..' '..was his first film as hero.' 'From 1963, he found a heroine.' 'It was none other than Mumtaz.' 'They worked together in 16 films.' 'He had also worked.. ..with the great theater and
film actor Prithviraj Kapoor..' '..in films like 'Sikandar-E-Azam',
'Khakaan', 'Lootera'..' '..'Daku Mangal Singh'
and 'Insaaf'.' 'He played Alexander
in 'Sikandar-E-Azam'.' 'In the 1980s..' '..he played a character..' '..which made him
a part of every household.' 'In Ramanand Sagar's
TV series 'Ramayan'..' '..he played the character
of Lord Hanuman.' 'I, son of Kesari and
Wind God, greet you.' 'He worked non-stop
in Hindi and Punjabi films.' 'If there are scum like you
in this country..' '..then there are thousands
of brave men too.' 'When he started acting in films..' '..his fans were a bit angry.' 'They told him that
he was India's great wrestler.' 'He shouldn't act
as a snake charmer.' 'Dara Singh laughed at it.
But he made it clear..' '..that he might be acting,
but he won't give up wrestling.' 'That's why he was named
'Rustom-E-Hind' in 1954.' 'He was declared
'Rustam-E-Punjab' in 1966.' 'He was the world champion
until he retired.' 'No other wrestler could
take away his world championship.' 'Come on! Come on, Dara Singh.' 'There was another reason
behind getting into acting.' 'Dara Singh thought that
when a wrestlers becomes old..' '..he becomes financially weak.' 'He knew a lot of such wrestlers.' 'One of them was the wrestler Gama.' 'He faced a lot of problems
in his old age.' 'Because he didn't have
enough money.' 'Dara Singh thought
he should act in films.' 'The money would come in handy
in his old age.' 'Idiot, he wants to be rich.
Would he rob people or rob a bank?' 'He opened a studio
in the city of Mohali in Punjab.' 'He was the first sportsperson
to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha.' 'Dara Singh was married twice.
He had a son from his first marriage.' 'His name was
Pradyuman Singh Randhawa.' 'He had five kids
from his second marriage. 'Two sons and three daughters.' 'He retired from wrestling
as he got old.' 'But he didn't give up acting.' 'He acted in TV serials.' 'On July 7, 2012..' '..he was admitted
to a hospital in Mumbai.' 'He had suffered a heart attack.' 'He was discharged on 11th July.' 'But he expired on July 12, 2012.' 'Dara Singh will always
be remembered with pride.. ..in the history of wrestling
and Indian cinema.'

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