Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Patrick Doyle, Mychael Danna | 2012 THR Composer's Roundtable

43 thoughts on “Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Patrick Doyle, Mychael Danna | 2012 THR Composer's Roundtable

  1. Hi there! I’d appreciate it if you could check out my compositions! I’m a 16 year old composer/performer and would love for you to hear my music. My piece ‘Lost Time’ is a film-style piece. Thanks!

  2. Wow – what an amazing gathering of minds. Can you imagine how much inspiration is in the room? All accomplished composers, how inspiring…

  3. And!!! No intro!!! What’s that about?!🤦🏼‍♂️ revise yourself please!! I’ll help for real! Write me

  4. Please call me next time! For free I’ll do it!🙏🏼!!
    I don’t like to leave bad comments but, awful camera work🤦🏼‍♂️no excuses😥!
    But overall I love it! Thank you

  5. God only if I was there as a cameraman or a jenitor. I m geekin out so much. These are the masters yall!!! Marco Beltrami sir you killed it again with "a quiet place". Thank you!!!

  6. Danny Elfman is literally OWNING this room. Motherfucker…. Watch how nervous every composer is to talk about themselves, meanwhile Danny doesn't say SHIT about himself, only the process, and they are on pins and needles, listening and loving. Elfman is the shit and I don't only know it, these composers know it, too.

  7. Why is a non musician leading the discussion with composers? never uhderstood that, no empathy there at all, the interviewer is so deadpan!

  8. man I feel bad for those two foreign guys trying to understand the scottish guy cause even I couldn't make out half of what he was saying

  9. Danny Elfman says the more interesting things here in my opinion. He speaks at 11:27, 20:53, 22:41, 24:40, 27:00, 35:19, 37:25, 43:00, 49:08, 54:45, 57:32.

  10. I love Patrick Doyle's music. His score for Henry V is truly Shakespearean and a worthy heir to the classic William Walton score. The Hogwarts March from Goblet of Fire is also so old style British like Harry Alford or Ralph Vaughan Williams marches.

  11. Shame on the team of The Hollywood Reporter. In the roundtable it had only one woman, and we can't See Her face because the crew didn't film her. Or the filmed and the editor didn't puta her close up. How sexist is that? a roundtable of men and the male interviewer gets unnecessary close ups and the female interviewer gets none? And what about that wide shots? Clearly hiding the female and showing more of the male interviewer. Shame on you.

  12. Hmm, some interesting points, but goddamn this is a major circlejerk (I don't know if it can be avoided, but still)!

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