Danny Brown visits Citywide Poets, 2016

welcome thank you for being here because poetry is at the forefront of what we do we like to start all of our meetings and sessions with a poem show some love for mr. Tyrell morrow when it's winner tonight's come quicker and being bright doesn't exactly attract the most likely to fly or watch detroit state of mind last night to be together in the same space creating sharing ideas providing affirmation for each other city wide pose is an after-school program for the majority my city white poets is a really really exciting program we spend time teaching our poets about stage presence about volume about rate so with your blank paper what I'd like you to do is draw an X in the middle of that paper that X is gonna represent you aside from finding yourself it's a great coping mechanism and it allows you to see the world around today we're really excited to have Detroit rapper Danny Brown with us the author is in the room right now so there's anything that you think they need we will chime in on questions an artist it doesn't matter the rapper or a poet even when they get big it's really rare to see them give back to their community and it's nice to and refreshing and always be reminded that someone doesn't forget the river when did you start writing that's not right I would say that I started rapping really you're like kindergarten but I think I started writing like by 6 grey we're really excited to have Danny Brown because we have the accessibility of the hip-hop genre and also his familiarity in the with the city of Detroit it's exciting to think about the ways that poetry and rap work both against and and with each other the lyrical dexterity the depth the attention to detail is there in hip-hop in the same way that it is people don't really listen to me I'm kind of like like a lost voice I we kind of live in a society that doesn't value women's voices especially women of color so writing kind of helps me amplify my own voice and kind of figure out what it is I need in the world I heard you say that the let your volume and dictate the way you made art and now I get that Detroit is a big campus for lost poets it gives them confidence to speak about the unique experiences that they have as people in Detroit I don't think that I've felt the sense of community anywhere else it's a great place yeah Elliot I walk away knowing all that's come out of Detroit from like techno to arms to poetry it I'm constantly reminded by how much good can come out of this place and we're telling them that what you have to say matters and without your voices you know our city's missing something our youth do need a presence here I still through the streets I still plant tulips I still live in my house you know we're helping celebrate our writers voices our young writers voices and making sure the young people have a say in Detroit

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  1. and its the downward spiral, got me suicidal
    but too scared to do it so the pills ll be my rifle
    surpassing all my idols, took the wrong turn
    but cant go back now so let the blunt burn
    cus now its my turn if i fuck it all up
    i took a while to get here now i depend on these drugs

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