Daniel Kaluuya – Writer/Actor/Comedian & Lyricist

we have talented and hardworking I think some of the teacher said to my mum I was a bit busy at school and he should release it's really doing conventional improv yes so I didn't really touch the script too low until my first job there which is really sad would so basically all the generation tasks like Reggie Yates and Cassidy and even though they're not actors they present it's now joe veeneman and like a lot of kids that could've yeah I wasn't getting part so I was just like this is so what's a Houston feel again that's the most important thing you have to have passion in other ways you see people don't even my clutch and that looks of that had scandal losing 90 on yeah I never had Charlie well I still talk to Charlie's in EastEnders and like and and then I'm saying like holding a mic right I didn't realize that I was right I just was just doing it it's improv mostly in pro and in they start calling me around you don't have a when a fool like you because it's like people try to tell you that especially in this country to say yeah I find that way the people know who I am cuz I'm just going I don't really watch that I don't really do the same kind of PR game work that's another thing no cuz way if you could be the your spouse when you go into militia very lucky already so always be ready we'll just knock it away well you're different everyone else that's so what you're bringing to do no one else can bring hard-working humble handsome and is the wonderful wonderful young man I wish you the best in your future because when you shine

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  1. Became aware of Daniel Kaluuya and Jason Lewis through the "too many weaves in here" video, spellboundingly good… spoof on a black issue! doubled up in laughta, watched it on loop, can hear the voices of the new generation coming through: observing, thinking, adding the new… good work guys I am humbled.

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