Dalai Lama Biography and Life Story | Full Documentary

22 thoughts on “Dalai Lama Biography and Life Story | Full Documentary

  1. Every life matters! Please make peace and live in harmony among each other. Love and kindness upon Tibetan 🙏🙂

  2. I would only ever warn the public against following the Dalai Lama, who only ever protects Tibetans who globally rape, gang-rape and extort Western females to criminally obtain fraudulent marriage Visas. He is NOT a safe refuge, especially for females. The Tibetan and Nepali cultures subscribe to forced arranged marriages, which means systemic cultural RAPE. THAT is their culture. And bigemy.

    The Dalai Lama deceitfully lies to the public about all of this. Tibetans do NOT subscribe to informed consent whatsoever about their real values which include: gang-rape; fraud passports; fake love letters; prostitutes; illegal entry into other countries; sex w/ male transvestites; bigemy; drunkenness; adultery,; Monks who prey upon Western females; raping & extorting Western females globally for fraud marriage Visas and then all ambushing her ruthlessly until they obtain their abject evil agendas. These Tibetan criminals work for foreign governments and relatives in the U.S. who create the fraud passports. They’re criminal felons.

    Tibetan ABBOTS and their bigemy-married monk families all conspire in this. They are ruthlessly STEALING, including the Dalai Lama, because he is NOT protecting Westerners whatsoever. He protects Tibetan felons.

    The Dalai Lama himself helps them to commit this abject evil because of his concealment of it. His OWN Abbots are involved in it. They pray to evil spirits to possess people—to do their bidding.
    No matter how much the Dalai Lama talks ad nauseum about “loving your mother sentient being”, he is brainwashing unsuspecting Western females to be raped and extorted by Tibetans.

    Forced marriage and rape is what the Dalai Lama wants to then force all over the world as “Saving the Tibetan culture”. It’s his deceitful Tibetan “compassion” propaganda which lures females globally to be raped and pillaged by these felon Tibetan marauders. The Dalai Lama needs to be arrested and put in prison for all of the females globally that he’s ruthlessly endangered.

    I was raped and ruthlessly extorted by Lotte Lama (fraud DOB 12/25/1966 from Tsum, Chekkampar, Gorkha, Nepal). He absolutely stole a U.S. Marriage Visa from me and from my family. His Drepung Abbot brother, Jamphel Gyatso Lama, conspired in their abject evil felony, as did his cousin, Nyima Lama and Chhang Lama, who works for the government of Gorkha, Nepal—who made a FRAUD Nepali passport for him to hide his criminal records in Japan. They all viciously lied to me. He had already GANG-RAPED a Tibetan female in Nepal before he raped and extorted me. I NEVER gave my consent!! I was robbed of ALL informed consent by their global fraudulent marriage rape extortion ring. His real values: gang-rape; sex w/ male transvestites; endangering spread of HIV/AIDS; fake love letters; bigemy; adultery; fraud Nepal passport; felonies. Then used the STOLEN U.S. marriage Visa to criminally bring over yet another “wife” and two children. Even Mt. Everest Sherpa involved: Norbu Lama; cousin Sonam Lama; Tenzin Lama (NY). They are ALL a global fraud scam ring. They’re relatives. Surname: “Lama”.

    Do NOT follow the Dalai Lama! He’s nothing but abject EVIL! Even when it’s been reported to him, he only ever conspires with their abject evil and the evil of his OWN Abbot!!!

    He will NEVER be sovereign truth.

    They pray to evil spirits to possess people—to bypass their will. They are NEVER to be trusted! They will NEVER be sovereign truth whatsoever! He’s an abject evil wolf in sheep’s clothing, deceiving the public. You know NOTHING about what their culture is really like.

    The Dalai Lama has NO conscience and NO morals. He’s NOT a safe refuge whatsoever. He doesn’t care who he lies to; who he misleads; nor who he steals from.

  3. Tibetans are always welcomed in india….Tibetans are our brothers and sisters….love from india…

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