Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma (Letra/Lyrics + English Translation)

33 thoughts on “Daddy Yankee & Snow – Con Calma (Letra/Lyrics + English Translation)

  1. can somebody explain you have candle and I have candle. I'm guessing I don't want to misuse this in polite conversation.

  2. It's "I wanna see how she shakes him" instead of "how she wags him" / and it's "She is a murderer when she dances, she wants the whole world to see her…" Instead of " that a murderer…" / In my opinion I think it had been translated by Google, lol

  3. Banaaaa kurdolar havliycakkkkkk gelippp gelipppp apo ya ben mi haleennnn odiycemmmmmm lan suzmeeeeelerrrrrr dedik sizeeeee benim konusmammmmmm bitti apoooooo kurtcenizdeeeeee sizin olsun youtubeeeee defalarcaaaaaa soyledim mallarinaaaaa cunku senelerceeeeeeeeeee her yerden halennn bagirdimmmmmm yeter apooooo ocalan yeterr

  4. It's not how she wags him. They must have used Google translate. It's more shake than wag and he's saying he wants to watch her shake it. Source? I'm Mexican lol

  5. Everytime hearing this song i ask myself what does "Poom poom" mean? First i understood "Boom Boom" 馃槀

  6. Having read the the lyrics, Its pretty clear that some songs should be left alone and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE nobody try to sing this great song in english. Like Danza Kuduro. It SHOULD BE LEFT and sung in spanish. Any one else think the same. Thanks for the effort translating but lets leave well alone and enjoy this great song as it is.

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