DA₩N (다운) – 마지막 (live hall) (prod. by N O V E L)

36 thoughts on “DA₩N (다운) – 마지막 (live hall) (prod. by N O V E L)

  1. It's crazy how their are so much people everywhere with such unique and beautiful voices and are still not already famous

  2. this has so much Christmas vibes. idk who this is but i've fallen in love with this voice.

  3. 노래 너무 좋아요 싸운드클라우드를 통해 알게되었어요 항상 응원해요>___<!! ❤️❤️

  4. He is not famous in Korea. one thing that I CANNOT agree with is that he is not. plz, tell me a reason why he is not.

  5. this song is just so good, for Jesus sake, let's be honest. Not even one sing of him is bad, omg for real

  6. 멜론같은데서 듣고 싶은데 유튜브 맨날 검색해서 와야되에ㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔ

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