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if you shop sportsmen guide you can get blasters that are so good you don't even have to aim to hit use my code war poet to go ahead and start saving immediately on farms accessories blasters ammunition outdoor apparel all kinds of goodies right let's pick it up no sweat why hey folks welcome back I'm to my new buddy hipster bin I doing actually identify as a hipster but you've got to appreciate how hipster of a thing that is say I am aware of that your hipster I mean like you work at a craft brewery you got those glasses I guess you're kind of halfway outdoors killer slash hit hipster I guess I just do my own thing say that but anyway bin is a viewer of the channel so he's a society member but he me and my wife for visiting a brewery that you work at and he came up and said hey boy you're poet and I'm like dude yeah what's happening and I asked you hey are you carrying and I'm gonna check on you make sure if you see me in public come up and say hello you might cameo on one of these illustrious videos as well actually drug I drug you here ya know well thanks for using anyway so anyway I asked you if you were carrying and you weren't right I was yes and then I said is are you carrying a cz P 10 C correct anywhere I will I totally got him how do you think I knew well I assumed it had something to do with the fact that I worked at a craft brewery but it is kind of the popular gun to uh to carry these days with what crowd hipster this it's a hipster gonna I don't know how it became the humor gun truth be told I've shot a few of these I wanted to go ahead and give you my two cents on the cz p10 see if I was not shooting a Glock I shoot Glocks I got a ton of Glocks and all my accessories and part it's built around the Glocks on my training stuff my scenario stuff my holsters my lights my all the accessories I'm like totally clocked out so for me to change is a big deal now all my holsters don't work with that new gun so I'm really I'd rather have 50 Glocks than 50 different types of guns where all my stuff doesn't match I've talked about that in another video the difference of being a collector or a protector regardless if I wasn't shooting a Glock I would be shooting the PMC a reason being do you mind can I get this guy right here we are all clear out it fits all of my Glock holsters so I could immediately adopt cz now why did you opt for the cz really well first of all I heard about the treaters from everyone and once I tried it out I knew it was it was a it was just a whole lot better than the stock Glock trigger yeah basically feels like a Glock trigger that's been upgraded the reset is awesome makes for a really good follow-up shots and then the grip just fit my hand a whole lot better than a 19 you had said a Glock felt a little blocky – yeah the Glock just feel like a little bit almost like I'm holding a board and I just I like how that one fits my hand a whole lot better than the Glocks alright good the back strap here it clears in the web it's a no-go when this is so wide that the knuckle sits underneath it that's a no-go for me some of them that are really really wide you can't get all the way around this one Nestle's right and it's got the low bore axis as well it really looks like a Glock feels like a Glock but it's got a really nice trigger right out of the box so well anyway if you guys want to see the reset here right here's the the prep and then the the easy brake and then the reset here again very good nice big obvious prep stop yeah that's that's pretty groovy right out of the box I mean how many rats you have in this gun I've got about 200 through it 200 rounds I have shot this gun because we didn't do this all in one take so anyway anyway shot really really well I'm about to shoot it again for you guys a couple things that in like but I wanted to go ahead and shoot it I agreed the trigger is awesome it does feel good I'd like to feel a stock one as well that doesn't have this stuff on it but party on let me go ahead and shoot this you want yeah go ahead all right let's go eyes and ears all right going up all right I'm shooting Raven target stand about 25 yards down here we go [Applause] [Applause] all right fantastic so well yeah the bullets fly completely straight those things just eat it yeah I mean we're not 25 this is like 20 yards when you were 25 right back there anyway a gun shooting really well the triggers nice and smooth and easy definitely better than gins one through four on block I think it's very comparable to the Gen 5 the reset itself pretty darned quick and kind of my timing if you're good with a Glock you can immediately pick one of these and be really good with it as well I like your sight that's good but I mean it just when I'm shooting it I can't tell any difference between a Gen 5 o'clock feels exactly the same so anyway we'll call this a big win it's pretty sick would you like there's one thing I didn't like and that's the slide stop lever right here it's really really flat which means if I did this when I was just pedaling around with it before but if you don't make a real hobbyist kind of commitment to get into it you gotten kind of spoiled with something that sticks out a little bit more where you can sweep if you do that you may miss it you got to really kind of push in and I knew that after I'd done a few reloads with it but there's just one map that one thing another caveat to that is if you do have something that sticks out sometimes in the course of shooting it keeps your slide from locking back to the rear when you go empty or it makes your slide lock back in the normal course of shooting even when you're not empty so maybe it being flat is a good thing maybe it's a bad thing it has to do with who you are as a shooter it is ambidextrous on the other side which is nice and cool if I take it down oh and surprise surprise it looks like every other striker pretty simple stuff this market children which is a little bit wider just a touch anyway yeah very very cool man I dig it thanks so much for coming out guys gotta make sure you check out sportsmen guide in case you want to pick these guys up and use code war poets so well that's it for me guys train hard train smart you nailed that was awesome thanks guys see you next time

41 thoughts on “CZ P10c | Hipster Gun Review

  1. is it me or did that first mag dump @5:10, the report sounded like a 80's action movie? the Boom Growl.

  2. 3:25 – "The glock feels like I'm holding a board"
    I didn't know that I was the only one who had the same experience. I cannot STAND gripping a glock; it's like grabbing a 2×4 to me.

  3. Wow, I can't believe you just said the Gen 5 Glock's trigger is better than the Gen 2 or 3, I own all the above and find the Glock Gen 2 & 3 to have the better trigger but guess that's just a matter of opinon but non of them are close to the CZ P10C or the Walther PPQ.

  4. Big fan of your stuff, John! Just wanted to let you know that this video and a few of your past video have some issues with audio only coming through on the left or right channel. For example, your intro audio is completely dead on the right channel for those using earbuds/headphones.

  5. Luckiest hipster on the planet to get to hang out and shoot with John. Never thought I'd be jealous of a hipster LoL

  6. I mean if you’re looking for a nice trigger; catch a Walther PPQ… interesting the direction this channel is turning. God bless

  7. I’ve carried several different models of Glocks for work over the last 23 years and I wouldn’t trade all of them combined for my one personal CZ 75 SP01 Phantom. Best handgun I’ve ever shot!

  8. I've always wanted to like Glocks, but every time I get one in my hand, it just turns me off so bad that I just can't spend the money. Too many excellent wonder nines now, to put up with that block. My oldest son is a Glock guy now, and that's great, because they are excellent guns. But not for me.

  9. It's better than gens 1-4, but pretty comparable to gen 5 Glocks… Ummm, the gen 5 Glocks is basically a gen 4 a new number. Glock hasn't "innovated" since the dual springs of the gen 4. I like Glocks, they're good guns, but the CZ is generally better, not to mention $200 less expensive. If Glocks are going to be that expensive, it's time for them to bring the value.
    I get it if you have a bunch of Glocks. That being said, it makes sense to stick to them, but it doesn't make them better guns. So when giving advice to someone getting their first gun, if it's between a G19 and a CZ P10C, the honest thing would be to point them to the CZ. It's a better gun with a lower price tag. When Glocks drop the price to $300, which they could do and stay profitable, I'll have a reason to consider one again. Until then, I can get better deals on guns as good or better.
    At this point, the only reason I would pick a Glock is if a friend was selling one cheap.

  10. LOVE that you finally did a P10C review, don’t know why it took this long! But I don’t get the “hipster” reference, I’ve never heard that about the gun. Anyways, I have a couple but my carry P10C has a TLR-7, Triji RMR, and all extended magazines, all inside a T1C holster if you’d like to test her out. Can throw your suppressor on there too and check out that functionality 👍🏻

  11. Glock dont fit in all of my 1911 holsters. Hair to my ass, jeans, t shirt, flip flops, full size 1911. Am i a hipster.

  12. 200 rounds through his CZ. After filming, the warrior poet has now fired his hipster gun more than he has. 🤣

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