Customizable Guide Builder Stonly Adds Color to Web Content

Stoney is a startup that helps you be the step-by-step guys either for your customer or for any kind of collaborators that you have in your company anytime you have to explain something you can create a guide step by step to help defining what it is so for instance let's say you're on a website and you have an issue you can go to the Help Center and you can have longer articles that are redirecting to another article to another article we'll replace that by simple modules where you have questions about ok what is your issue and then we can help you going from the beginning to of the issue to the solution and if you don't find your solution and create the tickets the agent is going to get the oldest story of everything that you have done before so you can reply a lot easier we also do guys for internally so like for instance scripted guides for agents or for sales of any kind of people who employee that will need any explanation so I used to have another startup I was a co-founder of a startup called Ashland choose a password manager and digital wallet and I was running the product and the supports and actually we had this same exact issue that people were coming to a website because they had issues they were contacting us in as we scared we had run 15 million users as we scale we had an issue of too many tickets and so we were trying to reduce the number of tickets while keeping the same level while actually improving the level of customer experience we could give to our users and so I wanted to be a lot internally we didn't have the video around the processes to build it internally so I started to believe myself and was like well you know what actually this is something that everybody needs so I decided to create my former startup and launch a new one we were on AWS a mysterious mr. sheean and we've brought with AWS so for me it was kind of the non brainer to start with AWS and you know I think well the best to me is that we know that you know for instance we're going to lunch when we are going to lunch we are going to be really with all the architectures to be like ok as we know we are going to have a huge boost in terms of visit on our website we know to make sure that it scales well and well I really like is that you can build everything the right thing at the right moment you can start with small things that is not costing too much money and but you know that you have the infrastructure that can help you grow with the different needs that you have so it so it's great hair for us

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