oh we're not see lads huh huh you guys had a good day so far yeah hey you my name is Thomas TomSka Ridgewell and welcome back to product see what I did there what what uh what did you do I don't follow did I say product I meant content I'm not doing again see what I did just then was called a synonym which I found in a thesaurus which is a word that means the same thing as another word and that's what today is all about that's right we're playing this to Saurus game what's in a name synonym game in the name cinnamon a any what's what's your favorite dinosaur it's a thesaurus what kind of dinosaur notice the most words what are the Souris I see the same question again hey what did I get Ellie yeah for sorrows right why did I have Elliot what do they have when I when I sat down on a thumbtack surah surah so the game of car with today is we've taken titles of things movies bands comic books TV shows and we've gone to a thesaurus and come up with alternate names and the objective is can we figure out what the fuck the original thing was basically that's the game that's the game that's the game you can play a home can you figure out what it is keep score post them in the comments I don't care and I won't read them but it'll generate more analytics home coming off the forthcoming homecoming of the forthcoming Return of the Jedi no dad I love the Ford so like blow I know I'm gonna be so angry yes back to the future I think homecoming of the four counts a better title no vexatious mademoiselle's bad moms Mean Girls yeah I'm gonna hard forever Elliot what uses in gently first waterfront meat atonement and meat is in the food and one have you taken a name of broken up into his individual syllables kind of son of a bitch okay coming out coming it can we request what the medium is film film was it that no okay give up yeah sure shank redemption sure sure sure down meadow mondo lanky and gross the garganelli no South Park bigger better uncut close enough bigger Longer & uncut up [Applause] heaviness reduction weight loss their gravity medium medium yeah what's the medium uh TV okay I'll seems you were struggling you joked earlier but you were close gravity falls gravity ver I'm gonna go up be easier thank you drawn sure rubber was drone shows not ascribing yeah that drone could also mean like stupid idiot like like a follow-up now I'm just like going through all the shows that we are okay can I request medium yeah it's not dumb and dumber Thank You about B movie ya know why don't you let it poison everything in my life molest dabble and the beaker of tinder Harry Potter gobbler fire molest molest Harry was like harrying which means to pester Oh raw potentate of gong of gases Wow I don't know what a potentate is raw the 10th 8 and what of gong gasses gone come on go go so like Bell Fresh Prince of bel-air yeah the 10th 8 is just like someone with royalty apparently plunge aware flushed away no suck suck away suck away medium video game plunge down sink the crack zone okay the cracks are in the cracks Eddie like genuinely like a gap I'll give you a small hint you're on the wrong track in terms of the definition of crack but are you gonna be so angry let's say the good place yes crack crack crack yeah what what yep how lame is did the four soros crack means good I just went with a show I'm watching a cracking good time but outstanding fuck sibling just fuck siblings nice it's free practice no no no bad Super Smash Brothers yeah [Laughter] lifeless Lagoon dead wet dead dead where I'm dead we're Suicide Squad no what are we sort of like lagoons is it that bad what is it Deadpool ah fuck with stupid yeah so long their authority squirt just asleep no authorities foot police Scotland no squirt medium moving boss baby yes fuck's sake Oh baby yeah yeah what's up squirt hey that's my other peanuts the wretched I'll give you a clue it's not our way no okay I'm not gonna give you a clue all right the clue is it's not it's not this is probably my meanest one so okay between it becoming a book and a film it's also a theatre production he's thinking he's going so much Simon I'm starting to figure definition got variations of wretched or like so stomped on it like wicked no lemon lemons ah blah bleh miserably the origin Captain America the First Avenger yeah bum this bum you want me on the eggy wacky the sperms in it it's a baby robots baby stop saying the old like cartoon characters at some point fuck if the heaven kids goofy he has a son and his wife died in labor then later she died I think canonically she dies in a car crash gets the football shit she's the lead the metrics the matrix original yeah I did I looked up the matrix as well I should have figured that out this is gonna be horrible and unfair goddamn it here we go boss baby no fuck is otic I hope you are in this instance it's a noun exotic stop I mean not here space as in not from here away lien yes unfamiliar or foreign would have also been good yeah foreign like Caesars from a nodding perished walking dead mayor you know we're still processing the word proper now promenade ii i dot walking taking a starting here down the promenade to the walking now is it I was like area sounds like a fruit that's a pomegranate jagged saw no raise it to from yeah sure Tommy show is it cheap chalk Oh zip top tip job to job Teletubbies hug it well the fuck is jagged jagged to me sounds like it's like but the edge of a saw so yeah like its sharp edges yeah jagged could also mean just like a very uneven surface rocky uneven surface Oh a dumb hole huh your wife [Applause] fuck I'm sorry quiet please yeah location the preposterous blob don't like you should only be sent by like someone wearing a top hat oh and I think they sponsor tic tacs but you took both the oranges evening fucking lime give you a clue you're likely to rank it the worst of its kind are we giving up yeah yeah The Incredible Hulk oh oh single bash guy one punch man yeah this is where we all stop trying isn't it tight snuffs you'll Sam kills Christmas available in November right thank you for watching play it with your friends also we're gonna be at MCM London Comic Con on the 26 to 29 not like I'm going to be at MCM London Comic Con on the 27th or 28th of October that's Saturday and Sunday I'm not there on Friday that has nothing to do with grand theft auto coming out no that's not with Red Dead Redemption – coming out the same day I just don't want to do the Friday this year it's if that's a bit so I'll be there from he will be there come say hi and come and buy my Krusty much will clean the merch yeah fuck off


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  2. Can we legally rename 'Super Smash Brothers' to 'Outstanding Fuck Siblings'?? Please, because that's amazing!!

  3. I bought a limited edition Thesaurus once. When I opened it all the pages were blank.

    I have no words to describe how angry I was

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