Cuento de Nochebuena de Rubén Darío

Brother Longinos of Santa María was the
Pearl of the convent. Pearl is saying little, for the case; It was a case, a wealth, a something
incomparable and uncontractable: the same helped to the learned fray Benito in his copies, distinguishing himself
in capitalize the manuscripts, as in the kitchen he exhaled soft smells
to the fritanga allowed after time of fasting; thus it served as sacristan, as
He grew vegetables from the garden; and in matins or eve, her beautiful voice of sochantre resonated
harmoniously under the roof of the chapel. But his greatest merit was his marvelous
musical gift; in his hands, in his illustrious Organist hands. None among all the
community knew as he that sound instrument from which the notes sprouted like flocks
of melodious birds; none as he accompanied, as possessed by a heavenly spirit,
the prose and hymns, and the sacred voices of the flat song. His eminence the cardinal
-that I had visited the convent in one day unforgettable- he had blessed the brother,
first, hug him right away, and finally Say a complimentary Latin phrase, then
To hear him play. Everything in the brother Longinos stood out, was illuminated by the
Kinder simplicity and the most innocent joy. When I was in some work, I always had
a hymn on the lips, like his brothers The little birds of God. And when he came back, with
his saddlebag full of alms, heeling the borrica, sweaty under the sun, on her face
there was such a sweet glow of joviality, that the peasants came out at the gates of
their homes, greeting him, calling him towards they: “Hey! Come here, Brother Longinos,
and you will have a good glass … ”His face you can see in a table that is preserved in
The abbey; under a noble front two eyes humble and dark, the nose a raised tantico,
in a naive expression of childish mischief, and in the mouth ajar, the most kind
Of the smiles. Avino, then, that one Christmas day, Longinos
I went to the next village …; but don’t you Did I say anything about the convent? Which was
located near a village of farmers, not far from a vast forest, in
where, before the foundation of the monastery, there were spells of sorcerers, meetings
of fairies, and of silfos, and many other things that favors the power of the Most Low, of whom
God save us. The winds of the sky carried from the holy monacal building, in the stillness
at night or in the serene twilight, mysterious echoes, great sound tremors …,
it was the organ of Longinos that accompanying the voice of his brothers in Christ, he was throwing
Your blessed cries. It was, then, in one day Christmas, and in the village, when the good
brother slapped his forehead and he exclaimed, full of fright, driving his
patient and philosophical cavalry: -Unfortunate of me! If I deserve to triple
the sackcloths and get on all the way to bread and water! How will they be waiting for me
in the monastery! It was late at night, and the religious, after
to cross himself, he headed for Your convent Shadows invaded Earth.
The village was no longer visible; and the mountain, black in the middle of the night, it looked similar
to a titanic strength in which they lived Giants and demons. And it was the case that Longinos, what are you doing,
pater and bird after pater and bird, warned with surprise that the path the pollina was following
It was not the same as always. With tears in his eyes he raised these to heaven, asking
mercy to the Almighty, when he perceived in the darkness of the sky a beautiful
star, a beautiful colored star of gold, who walked along with him, sending
to earth a delicate stream of light that served as a guide and torch. Thank you
to the Lord for that wonder, and shortly stretch, as in the past that of the prophet
Balaam, his ride resisted following go ahead, and said in a clear man’s voice
mortal: ‘Consider yourself happy, Brother Longinos, because by your virtues you have been appointed to
a portentous prize. ‘ Not well it was over of hearing this, when he felt a noise, and a
wave of exquisite aromas. And saw come by the same path he followed, and guided
for the star he had just admired, to three splendidly dressed gentlemen.
All three had bearing and royal insignia. The forward was blond like the angel Azrael;
her long hair spread over her shoulders, under a miter of constellated gold
of precious stones; his interwoven beard with pearls and gold threads shone on
his chest; It was covered with a mantle where they were embroidered, very richly, birds
Pilgrims and zodiac signs. Was king Gaspar, gentleman on a beautiful white horse.
The other, with black hair, eyes too black and deeply bright, face
similar to those seen in the low reliefs Assyrians, girdled his forehead with a magnificent
headband, dressed in incalculable dresses price, it was a bit old, and would have said
of him, just by looking at him, being the monarch from a mysterious and opulent country, from the center
from the land of Asia. It was King Baltasar and wore a cabalistic gem necklace
that ended in a sun of diamond fires. He was on a carapace and ornate camel
In the way of the East. The third was face black and looked with singular air of majesty;
the rubies and emeralds glowed of his turban. As the most magnificent prince
from a story, I was in a carved chair of Ivory and gold on an elephant. Was king
Melchior His majesties passed and after the Elephant of King Melchior, with an unused
trotecito, Brother Longinos’ borrica, who, full of mystical complacency, shelled
The accounts of his long rosary. And it happened that – as in the days of
cruel Herod – the three crowned wizards, guided by the divine star, they reached a manger,
where, as painters paint it, it was Queen Mary, the Holy Lord Joseph and the
Newborn God And close, the mule and the ox, that warm with the healthy heat of your
I breath the cold air of the night. Balthazar, prostrated, he pulled a sack beside the boy
of pearls and precious stones and dust of gold; Gaspar in golden jugs offered
the rarest ointments; Melchor made his offering of incense, ivories and diamonds … Then, from the bottom of his heart, Longinos,
the good brother Longinos told the boy that smiled: -Lord, I am a poor servant of yours who in
His convent serves you as he can. What do you Will I offer, sad of me? What riches
I have, what perfumes, what pearls and what diamonds? Take, sir, my tears and my prayers,
That is all I can offer you. And behold, the kings of the East saw
sprout from the lips of Longinos the roses of his prayers, whose smell surpassed all
ointments and resins; and fall from his eyes copious tears that became
in the most radious diamonds by the superior magic of love and faith; everything
this while the echo of a choir was heard of shepherds on earth and the melody of
a choir of angels on the roof of the manger. Meanwhile, in the convent there was the largest
desolation It was time for the trade. The nave of the chapel was illuminated by
The flames of the candles. The abbot was in his seat, afflicted, with his cloak of ceremony.
The friars, the entire community, looked at each other With surprised sadness. What misfortune
will it have happened to the good brother? Why hasn’t he returned from the village? And it is
and at the time of the trade, and all are in their put, except who is the glory of his monastery,
the simple and sublime organist … Who dare to take his place? Nobody. None
know the secrets of the keyboard, none have the harmonious gift of Longinos. And as ordered
the prior to proceed to the ceremony, without music, everyone starts singing by going
God filled with a vague sadness … Suddenly, in the moments of the hymn, when the organ
it must resonate… it resonated, it resonated like never before; his basses were sacred thunder; his trumpets,
excellent voices; their tubes were all like animated by an incomprehensible and heavenly life.
The monks sang, sang, full of miracle fire; and that Good Night,
the peasants heard that the wind was carrying unknown harmonies of the conventual organ,
of that organ that seemed touched by hands angelic as the delicate and pure of the
glorious Cecilia … Brother Longinos of Santa María delivered
his soul to God a short time later; died In the smell of holiness. Your body is preserved
still incorrupt, buried under the choir of the chapel, in a special tomb carved
in marble

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