Crystal Valentine – "Ode to Cardi B"

Ode to the Bronx girls, to the girls who get buried
while still screaming. People say we got an accent, but nah, we just talk
with a bullet in our voice. Nobody wants to know
where the girls go after dark. Nobody wants you to be a stripper
and a feminist and still breathing. Always ready for the check, or the fight– whichever comes first, whichever keeps us fed the longest. Always ready to throw hands, these hands be handcuffed,
be coffin-nailed, manicured, be refused marriage proposal,
be offered side chick status instead, be middle-finger salute,
be scrubbin' dishes since five years old been waitin' on child support,
government support, any support. Everybody want to throw it back, but nobody want to be called
a black slut while doing it. Everybody want to be a stripper, but nobody want to clean up
the blood when they dance. Cardi, I want to call you a god, but I'm afraid I'll jinx you
into an early coffin. (applause)

41 thoughts on “Crystal Valentine – "Ode to Cardi B"

  1. y'all fanboys missing the incredible poem she delivered bc she didn't mention cardi b till the end. wack.

  2. i get why cardi is an inspiration to them (not sure what pronouns they use & dont wanna assume) but i wish they’d acknowledge that cardi’s hella transphobic

  3. Yeah uh are we gonna ignore the fact that Cardi B drugged and raped men and repeatedly makes fun of trans ppl

  4. I loved it she was speaking straight up truth got mad respect for her because so many folks afraid to do what she just did

  5. Everyone says they love real, genuine people….
    Until they see the circumstances that molded those people.

  6. If a stitch in time can only rhyme 9 lines. Than forward the joy as we rush our wayward voice. And play with our toys. It's easy to think but harder to speak. As I seek to sleep beneath

  7. And here I am, waiting a whole 30 sec waiting for it to load, only to find out that it hasn't even been out yet!

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