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black tie brawl on a cruise ship we are going to talk about this latest current event story that involves a very public brawl this etiquette author is going to respond welcome back to the daily connoisseur my name is Jennifer and if you're new here I am the author of the madam chic series my third book in the series polisher poise with madam chic is largely about etiquette and I have another book on etiquette coming out in the fall called connoisseur kids so I love the subject of etiquette and I often do these current event stories to just highlight what's going on in our society and how it relates to etiquette how proper etiquette can help a lot of these situations if you haven't seen my last current events video I discussed the Disneyland brawl that went viral well I am sad to say that there is another brawl that has made the news today this one doesn't have a video for it that's probably a good thing but it's in all the major news outlets and I woke up to it this morning so let's get right into it I'm reading from Newsweek right now but this has also been featured on the BBC and The Daily Mail and all the major news outlets so it says passenger dressed as clown sparks fight among passengers on a cruise ship but let's get a little bit more into the story six people were injured following a fight on a cruise ship a confrontation that was reportedly sparked by a passenger arriving to a black-tie dinner dressed as a clown okay I know that I shouldn't I shouldn't be laughing the fight broke out in the early hours on Friday morning aboard P&O Cruises Britannia as it returned from a week-long cruise in Norway according to the Guardian three men and three women were injured in the fight though the extent of the injuries was not clear one of the injured is believed to be a ship staff member the newspaper said another ship crew member who requested that she not be named when speaking to the Telegraph said that the clown's arrival to the formal event seemed to upset some other passengers things got out of hand very quickly people had been drinking and there was a fight chairs and plates were being thrown people were very angry it was shocking to see and some of the staff and passengers were scared and had to Heights at the anonymous crewmember good morning Britain chief correspondent Richard gays furred was also on the cruise and tweeted that he was alerted to a problem when an announcement was made around 2:00 a.m. for security to come to the restaurant on the ship's 16th floor and then it goes on to talk about how violent unfortunately the fight got yeah did that the altercation allegedly began when the individual arrived in the clown costume which upset another passenger because they'd specifically booked a cruise with no costume party the journalist went on to describe the scene he found when he went to the restaurant and included information that two people suspected of taking part in the brawl had been confined to their cabin for the final day of the cruise okay so this has so much that we need to talk about here there is so much here where do I begin okay so often when I talk about these current events stories people always make excuses for the bad behavior and excuses that I often hear are related to socioeconomic background and all that sort of thing so a lot of people say well people with poorer backgrounds you know this tends to happen in their communities some people attribute these arguments to race and that is just totally wrong because bad behavior is seen from all sorts of different types of people different backgrounds people different races different socioeconomic backgrounds as well and that's my message here I am certainly not here to shame any one particular group of people what I like to do here is to examine the trends in our society and kind of analyze what is behind it and how Edeka actually plays a role in all of them okay so this is a cruise ship that was sailing in Europe and it was going to Norway and it's not about the type of people on board and I just have to say that if you are on a cruise you have a certain amount of money so this is not particularly a very poor group of people in fact this altercation took place at a black-tie event so my point with all of this is to say that bad manners bad choices bad etiquette transcends all types of people all groups of people as well just because you are in a certain class of people or a certain economic background does it mean that you are not going to have etiquette or behavioral problems do you see what I mean so that's what I wanted to say with this post now this is what is so interesting so apparently and we don't know the full story all of this is just allegedly what happened there was a black-tie dinner on the cruise which let's be honest people do not go on cruises every day most of the families there we're probably saving up all year long to go on this cruise really looking forward to it maybe some people were on their honeymoon or anniversary cruise or they just wanted to have you know just a beautiful time right just like the Disneyland thing okay I just have to parallel these two situations so the people who were at the Disneyland situation Disneyland is expensive and some people probably flew from out of town out of state to come to Disneyland and then they have to witness that right so let's go back to the cruise ship so they're at a black-tie event and everybody is dressed up they have formal attire on you expect to have a very refined evening right that's what you're paying for somebody comes in dressed as a clown okay I don't know what the deal is with this I don't know maybe he just it's like Bridget Jones diary when she she got the memo wrong and she came in fancy dress maybe he saw fancy dress and he thought that he was supposed to come in a costume I don't know I don't know what was behind this person's motives for dressing as a clown or maybe he just wanted to troll all the people there I don't know but his presence apparently disturbed these people who had come to have a refined evening and so a fight broke out so that's what is allegedly what I take from the articles that I have read on the subject today okay so you know me I am always talking about this how we should dress appropriately for different occasions because what we wear matters right what we wear to the theater matters what we wear to graduations matter what we wear to our child's performance matters what you wear to a black-tie dinner clearly it matters right and so this is why you can't really come dressed in whatever you want to can but there might be a fallout from it now I do not condone violence or even shaming of any type of behavior I talk about this on my youtube channel because I think it's important to get the conversation out there and to just educate people who don't necessarily think about it that you know no you shouldn't wear ripped yoga pants to your child's graduation right that's just it's not it's not respectful and it's just not a good idea however if I went to my child's graduation and I saw somebody in ripped yoga pants I would not say a thing I would just keep it to myself because you at that point you do not need to shame the other person you don't need to make them feel bad you just need to be the example yourself so these people who were at this black-tie dinner yes they could have been annoyed that this person came dressed as a clown but at that point you need to rise above your annoyance and just enjoy the evening whatever that means for you and just don't worry about it you know the person who came dressed as a clown if it was an accident they probably felt very foolish you know and so there's no point getting into a heated argument with this person so there's just a ticket breaches all around on this one the person who was dressed as the clown as soon as they walked into the black-tie event and realized that their attire was inappropriate probably should have went home and changed ok back to their cabin but he didn't so the people who were there and were upset that this person was dressed as a clown at that point should have risen above it and ignored the situation and been gracious to the person everybody could just laugh about it you know and that's it these are my thoughts I don't know why in our society we are suddenly erupting into all of these angry vicious public arguments violent ones – there was another story about a woman who got kicked off an airplane for hitting her laptop on top of fiancee's head okay this is just I don't know why I'm laughing just because there's nothing else to do why are we having such violent outbursts is it because of the media that we're consuming we're just becoming desensitized to violence I don't know what it is but either way violence is never appropriate and I can understand why people feel disappointed when somebody comes to an event that you have high expectations for and you know they are not dressed appropriately I totally get that there's no reason then to lower yourself to their level and just you know get into an argument about it another final thing I want to say about this subject is I don't watch TV anymore definitely be open to watching high-quality television I'm not against TV totally I just don't have the time to watch it but back when I used to watch TV I noticed a very disturbing trend on shows like The Real Housewives for example I would notice these women who were very affluent dressed up beautifully had everything around them riches and they had the worst manners swearing at each other in public fighting each other in public it turned me off so much that I really went off TV because that behavior was being glorified and it seems like that is what was happening at this cruise ship so as usual I would love to hear your thoughts on all of these subjects what do you think about this trend going on in society do you agree with me that we cannot continue to make excuses for this type of behavior that I think that we should discuss it and call it out and provide an anecdote and a way to react again likely these people do not have good role models in their lives and they're just doing what they know so we have to be that role model for society be sure to share this video with a friend and join in on the discussion in the comment section below thank you so much for joining me today and I will see you next time on The Daily connoisseur bye

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  1. I just reread Polish Your Poise. I try to read all three of your Madam Chic books yearly in the spring/summer. They are an excellent and refreshing motivator for me.

    I think that the media our society consumes and the constant stimulation has a lot to do with the outbursts. Time in nature,in the arts, in rest, and in consuming nourishing foods is needed for many of us.

  2. I like your take on the possibility that there might have been a miscommunication regarding "fancy dress", and the Bridget Jones example! I know I was confused when I first read that part in the book or saw it in the movie. To me (Canadian), "fancy dress" means dressing up, formal wear, etc. but apparently in other cultures it means costume party, where one might dress as a clown! Quite different definitions! 🙂

  3. Hi Jennifer, I always try to remember the old adage negative attention is better than no attention. I very much agree with rising above your annoyance and ignore foolish people. Just recently I was in a store in rather growing small town where I live and a young couple was browsing in this store but the young male was wearing a light baby pink footless fleece onesie pajama outfit, I know he was trying to get attention and I think everyone else did too. All of the shoppers and employees choose to ignore this couple and the spectacle they were clearly trying to make. Within ten minutes they had left the store. When instigators realize nobody cares hopefully they will figure out how to be productive in society and receive recognition that way. 😊

  4. I think it is helpful to separate a person’s behavior from the person. In other words, one should recognize that a person can behave badly and still be a nice person. We are sometimes too quick to judge. Let’s be gentle.

  5. I love your channel so much. I feel like it is my place to say, yes, someone somewhere cares what their world is turning into. I was watching a movie just the other day where the children go through security to go to school. Because none of my children go to school yet, it made me think that says more about our society than just about anything. You have made reference in the past about how you want to expose your kids to music and art, which I enjoy doing. I have been recently having my children listen to old music from musicals like Hans Christian Andersen, Oklahoma as well as music from the 50s. I had such a wonderful response from my daughter. Mom, I didn't think I would like that music, but I really do, it is so Romantic. Isn't that another issue that people don't know how to love anymore. Love you and your channel. I love being a mother and attempting at create a home.

  6. If my husband and I were an attendee of the black tie event, I think we would have just simply assumed "the clown" was a prank or something- and we would have would laughed it off!!! It shows the lack of sense of humor/class of that people have when they get offended, to the point of confrontation … instead of making light of it.Either way, it's just SO sad someone chose to get violent over something like this!

  7. Unfortunately, I think most of the problems we are seeing is due to the fack everyone has an inflated sense of self-importance – as in "How DARE this person ruin MY evening!" It does not occur to them to consider, even for a moment, that whether or not they are offended is of minimal consequence because the world is not required to revolve around them. It takes maturity to so what you so concisely stated, "Remain silent, rise above it, and enjoy THE evening". It is after all, everyone's evening (including the person in the clown suit), not just yours.

  8. What if the people/person disturbed by the clown have coulrophobia (fear of clowns)? Some people have a very real fear of clowns and it can cause anxiety, hypertension, and a host of other physical representations of stress. Is it then just something that should be ignored and “laughed about later”?

  9. The actual Honkler rides into the restaurant on a beach ball, the NPCs get mad of course and he sparks a brawl with them and the flag wavers who
    were also on the ship having a jolly …And everyone commenting says it was just a guy in an ordinary clown costume!?

  10. The actual Honkler rides into the restaurant on a beach ball, the NPCs get mad of course and he sparks a brawl with them and the flag wavers who
    were also on the ship having a jolly …And everyone commenting says it was just a guy in an ordinary clown costume!?

  11. The actual Honkler rides into the restaurant on a beach ball, the NPCs get mad of course and he sparks a brawl with them and the flag wavers who
    were also on the ship having a jolly …And everyone commenting says it was just a guy in an ordinary clown costume!?

  12. I am amazed at these stories. Who thinks "I need a clown costume" as they pack for their upcoming cruise! SMH! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  13. Hampshire police by some news outlets has informed that there was no clown on board the ship and no clown started this brawl. What sounds like a most unfortunate incident, perhaps we do not know enough to comment on affairs. I personally will continue improving myself and hope for the best for all involved.

  14. It seems we’ve reached a point in our society where the inmates are running the asylum. It used to be that establishments would enforce their own policies. For example, fine dining restaurants would have a jacket and tie behind the desk for men who showed up dressed too casually. They would have to don the jacket if they wanted to get into that restaurant, and it sent a strong signal that inappropriate dress would not be accepted. If this was advertised as a black tie event staff should’ve immediately asked the clown to return to his cabin and change before he could be admitted.

    Now, people are rewarded for their bad behavior. Establishments are too afraid that people will make a big stink so they allow them in wearing clown suits, ripped jeans, yoga pants etc.

    It’s funny, my husband and I went out for our anniversary to a fine dining establishment. Of course many of the diners were there in their ripped jeans, sport jerseys etc. My husband had on a suit and I was wearing a dress. The owner was so excited to see us he led us to the best table in the house. So dressing appropriately has its perks!

  15. It is the withdrawal of the Holy Spirit from the earth that is causing the breakdown of society.

  16. This was so well done. Thank you for doing this video. I agree there's definitely a need to address such issues so that we can collectively do better.

    On one end I think some of us are just overwhelmed by the amount of negative information we consume considering the amount of media access we have these days. That added to our own personal challenges in life has us bursting at the seams.

    On the other hand some of us are growing desensitized as a result of the same.

    I've personally had to be much more intentional about my media consumption and also honest with myself when I notice my manners and tolerance for others slipping.

  17. Hi, Jennifer. I just want to clarify my comment (& other similar ones) from the Disney video, which you seemed you reference here.

    I do not believe that people of certain races (I’m a woman of color) or classes (I’m not rich) cannot be incredibly rude and impolite. And I don’t believe that someone from a lower income shouldn’t be held to high standards. In my work with people living in poverty, nearly everyone is gracious, kind and polite.

    In that particular Disney video, it was an incidence of domestic violence and I was referring to how that relates to trauma. I referenced income because of my particular work but, yes, of course trauma, rudeness, violence, everything cuts across race and class. And, it seems in this cruise incident, alcohol played a huge role.

    Thank you for considering my clarification. I appreciate it.

  18. I agree with you!! I think our society is lowering their standards!!! I wouldn't also say anything ,maybe I would laugh ,but having a fight or argument? What do you want to achieve ? I think it's better to give a good example of who you are ! Last time I was in the grocery store in my village ( I live in Holland) there is only one small and expensive grocery store ,and I mostly go there if I have to buy something like milk or bread…but when I was there I saw mother with 3 children ( I think they were 6,8,2) and she was speaking so hard oh it's soo.expensive here… what 3 euro for…..for every product she had something to say ? And I'm thinking ..what's the point? Yes it is expensive ,everybody know s that but what do you want to achieve? Encourage other join you ? It was really terrible to see that and her children? I rolled my eyes and went snel back home hahah , I really don't like this behaviour, what does it say about you? For it means only that you really.dont know how to behave!!! So I'm happy there is channel also your ,so you could help other people and show them the way to have better life!!!!

  19. Let's look for good ettiquete. Let's point out the good that we see. Here's one. My friend's adult son was visiting her from out of town. I had judged him as lazy, disrespectful based on his texting while his mom and I cleaned the house. A year later he visits and I'm totally charmed by him! He offers to step on the corners of the mat I was vacuuming, to hold it down while I vacuumed it. That helps the vacuuming immensenly. I love it when I judge someone and am proven wrong. I really do.

  20. I wish we had more details about how the fight started. Because one person dressing inappropriately does not cause a fight, clearly someone else acted badly too.

  21. I agree, we should not continue to excuse this type of behavior. It is almost a daily thing any more. I think that social media allows us to see a lot more that goes on in the world than before . Lord only knows. I get so disgusted with the lack of self control, lack of self respect, and the lack of respect for others. in todays world, there are no morals, and the standard of common respect for our fellow man rarely exists. In my opinion, people need the love of God and allow it to govern their lives.

  22. I wonder if this was a response on the clowns part to a black tie affair? There are a lot of people who despise what they perceive as snooty traditions of the "upper crust"; or just rich people in general. Considering how much cruises like this cost and the fact that most of the dinners are dressy it makes me wonder why this person would choose a cruise like this.

  23. Thank you! It is always about being calm, cool and collected. No matter what….. could you picture Jackie O getting into a fight over a clown? A refined black tie affair is exactly that…… refined. If a clown shows up smile and move on. No fights, ever!

  24. May we that are walking as instruments of the Heavenly Father be the BRIGHTEST light in a dark world through Love 😌

  25. These types of things make one almost afraid of going out and experiencing new things or even going out of the house period because you never know what you're going to get. You may be out trying to have a lovely time and you could be met with violence. Who knows how many innocent people were hurt in this brawl; people who, as you said, had saved up their hard-earned money to have a relaxing vacation. I also agree that it seems like society, as a whole, has become desensitized when it comes to violent. Hearing this type of news becomes "oh, here's yet another thing that happened… so, what's for dinner?" without a discussion of why the behaviors are not appropriate.

  26. The people in my city fight a lot. I have been called names because I won't fight. (Never been in a fight but i shut my mouth and walk away from incidents that could be a fight) I just don't think it's worth going to jail over small things. We have a high crime rate here. I just think fighting brings on more trouble than honor. Or at least where I am at, fighting and Facebook fighting can get you jumped or worse 😟

  27. I'm deeply upset by the terrible acts of violence today in our society and extremely concerned for the children that happen to witness this awful behavior that seems to be taking place today. Very sad indeed.

  28. Jennifer, since you love the Victorian Era you may like to see this YouTube channel by Bros of Decay. Title: Abandoned 18th Century Victorian Castle True Time Capsule Everything Left! It is quite awesome to see.

  29. I think it is important to note that by people taking matters into their own hands they are not allowing the staff to do their jobs. I see this as falling in the same category as people not having respect for authority. We have security, staff, and emergency personnel for a reason and people taking matters into their own hands like this create more of a problem. It makes me so sad =(

    On a happy note, I am so excited for your new book to come out!!!!!! I adore you and your channel! Thank you for reminding us to set the example!

  30. Wow, for a minute there I was afraid you were going to say this happened in the US with Americans…unfortunately we are known around the world for our bad manners. Today it is all about " ME"….and the media and Hollywood are assisting with this idea also. Actually I believe media and Hollywood are promoting it. People think they have the right to do anything, say anything and act any way they want and no one better say anything because they have this right…. and if you say anything the first thing that comes up is that you are racist or entitled…..It is really just plain selfishness. Yes, some people come from different backgrounds and may not know what is acceptable in polite society however, when I travel around the world I do not see this rudeness in those I meet regardless of socioeconomic level. We see crude, rude and vulgar behavior and dress in our society more and more. It all starts with the home. We took the time to educate our children and continue to do so. We also role modeled this behavior in all aspects. Also so few families are going to church which I firmly believe is a positive influence on us all. So what do we do????We can start with ourselves to be polite and kind to all those we meet and to roll model for others what good manners are. Some will see the light and change for the better. Some will not improve their behavior and will continue to be inappropriate. Hopefully those people will enter our sphere less and less. I know that there are people that I do not associate with because of their behavior and because they are trouble makers. We all make choices and I choose to be around those whom I can respect and who respect others. As for the incident on the ship, the crew should have taken care of it immediately and not the other passengers. So sad that our society has gotten to this stage.

    Glad you are writing another book on manners…trouble is, those who have chosen to be less refined will probably not read it. Perhaps this could be incorporated into the schools…Just a thought. It would help the teachers also to deal with unruly students. I have heard my share of stories from teachers about the verbal abuse and violence even from first graders.

    Enjoy your day, Jennifer. Loved your books.

  31. My guess is that this was a possible fear-related incident based on a few years ago when a few whackos dressed in clown costume committed violent acts, etc. That has given clowns a bad rap since. (unfortunately) I'd say fear could've consumed a guest, and spread to a few others, which resulted in action that quickly became violent.

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