Creating the Future of Academic Publishing, Emerald for Academic Book Week 2017

I think the workshops went really well I think discussing particularly innovation and impact there are two things that are absolutely sort of quintessential to academic publishing and the academic publishing landscape at the moment one of the themes of this evening I was on impact I thought the different things the word impact means to various people and that fits into one of the other themes about interdisciplinarity innovation impact and interdisciplinarity I think that's pretty unique and I think it's pretty important actually this is really important you know publishing effects you know the whole of aichi it affects researchers it affects students it affects the whole kind of academic record you get a chance to speak to people that you probably wouldn't normally speak to and ask questions that you know people you work with on a day to day basis might not be able to answer problem areas how you – they get the most of the answer in your own book the reason I was here tonight was to see the links between journal content and book content and seeing how they can be put together and secondly just to find out what else is going on around the world of publishing it's a highly-skilled thing to be able to incorporate new ideas into traditional publishing what we need to do is to figure out how we can make Skol the outputs available online which involves a lot of changes to how we do scholarly publishing but there would be so worthwhile for general education of the world how we can guess like you get more people around what are you writing I learned some really interesting things I met some really interesting people and I think it's extremely valuable experience books bring people together across generations and places and an event like tonight where I have no idea who is coming has been most rewarding in terms of seeing how people's ideas are developed

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