Creating Newsletters in Microsoft Publisher

49 thoughts on “Creating Newsletters in Microsoft Publisher

  1. Creating newsletters should be a key component of every business' marketing strategy, but it's so important to make sure they're professionally written and provide value to the target audience. More details are shared in this article:

  2. I am still having a little problem, with the publisher and the sizing of the words in the text box and so forth.

  3. Nicely done, Sir. It will come in handy for an elderly client of mine who writes a small newsletter for his retirement village. Thank you. Dale Cuffe, Computer Technician, Yankalilla, South Australia.

  4. how come I can't find textoutline anywhere? I tried under customizing ribbon, can't find it. Thanks.

  5. Hey nice video! Keep it up.

    Just wanna ask, what's the headline's font and size. thanks

  6. I fully agree with Rachel. This is succinct. There are a lot of clever shortcuts in here. This is the jumpstart I have been looking for.

  7. Very helpful – I'm also curious how to add page numbers to the bottom of pages easily…  Thanks for making this video.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you. A whole lot of good things contained with this efficient and easy to follow presentation

  9. thank you for your video because of this i know what i need to click when im making my news because im one of the desktop publisher i join because i know how to use ms publisher but beacoz of this vid i get a lot of lesson about ms publisher i really need to learn about this because ima trainer in my school so many thanks for your video so please make more

  10. I am trying to create a homemade newspaper/newsletter with several interesting articles with images. About 15 pages long. Could I use Publisher for this?

  11. Thanks man, I can't tell you how helpful this video was! Holy crap, I have been racking my head trying to make a newsletter on Word, all this time….Publisher!

  12. I've enjoyed watching this video. English isn't my language but I've understood everything. I consider buying this software and presentation such like yours makes me sure that it's worth spending money.
    Good job! Thanks!

  13. This is great for doing a physical newsletter on paper to be sent……but what we all want is to be able to create and send an email newsletter or marketing info. Publisher does have templates for these. i've tried them but they're not getting through the way i designed them and yet the Design Checker says there are no problems.

  14. Thank you for helping! I never understand my teacher when she is teaching that, and after I watched you, I knew more than her! Woohoo!

  15. Hi every one
    I am graphic designer and i am working graphic designing last 5 year i can design your newsletter in minimum.

  16. Great explanation!
    But please, how can we send this? I use Microsoft Outlook, and I couldn't send it correctly.
    I need to send this (similiar as you created in the video) in message (but not in JPEG).
    If someone knows please share.

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