CreateSpace Self-Publishing: Episode #4 Don't Use a CreateSpace ISBN!

today we're going to talk about ISBNs where to get one why not to use it a free CreateSpace ISBN and how that will get you in trouble later and what to do with it on the CreateSpace portal once you have your ISBN for your book first let's talk about the dangers of using a create space is the end that free one that they offer you that sounds too enticing and why not and create space will assure you that they're not the publisher you are self-publishing and they are just the printer but when you put their ISBN on your book it has embedded in that code that number is a number that is unique to create space and identify them as the publisher so if you're like me the first time I put out a book I use their ISBN and what I found when I was trying to get into bookstores like Barnes & Noble that I could not get into those stores because in the major system that they use the system that catalogs all books for them crate space was identified as the owner or publisher of the book and even though I had hired a distributor it couldn't break through their system they didn't recognize it as a non print-on-demand book and they don't stop print-on-demand books in their stores so let's first go into create space log back into our account and see where we're going to actually put that ISBN let me get it and what the options are here we are back at the creates paid website I've logged into the account I set up in episode 1 and you can see I'm on the member dashboard which is the seam which is the screen that will show up when you first log in so I have my one title that we started let's open that project we can see right up here we've got the title information that's been completed but we want to do the ISBN so let's click on that link we have a number of options like I said there's the free create space assigned ISBN which you can do if you have already done that or if you publish the book like I did you can always republish the same book with your own ISBN which is what we're going to do here so provide your own SBN we're going to go over to the bokor site which will actually give us an option to buy one if you just want one ISBN then it might be cheaper to use this one up here custom Universal ISBN I haven't ever looked into that but Volker shard is $125 for one ISBN and this is 99 so it looks better but focus also gotten deals on packages which you probably will be interested in so when you get your ISBN you put the number right here in this field and then the imprint name is the name of your publisher in my case the Enlightenment and simple living Institute a nonprofit I have started became the publisher you might want to think of some fancy name for your publisher or you could just be dorinha Road or whatever your name is that would be your imprint and that'll be what you tell bokor is the publisher so it will be assigned to that entity now let's go to the bokor site where we can get we can purchase our own identifiers or ISBNs here we are on the bokor site you can see the website address is actually my identifier ska m– and once you're on the page you can see at the bottom here there's a place to purchase ISBN as I mentioned they give bulk discounts so let's learn more so one is 125 but you can get 10 for to 95 and 100 per 575 and you're going to be using quite a bit cuz you'll need a different one for your paper bag for your audio version your Kindle your nook any other electronic version getting a high 100 ISBN just makes a lot of sense let's login to my account to see what it looks like here we have the organization name which is the publisher name in my case the Enlightenment support living Institute and if you want to look at my identifiers or ISBN we go up to this tab right here here we have all the different books I published and the ISBNs that were assigned to each one the first one is a paperback and then I've got a ebook which is a Kindle book 12 steps to the pass enlightenment as the Nook version the 12 steps of the path enlightenment has the Kindle version and then the twelve steps is class enlightenment as a paperback version so you can see each ISP is assigned to one of my pedals let's go to the second page of ISBN here we have many many more ISBN that don't have a title assigned to them yet so let's say let's click here and take a look at what it would be like to assign a title to a new ISBN so it's really simple to setup a new title so once you've got the pick an ISBN for your book you come to the the page here where they have you just fill out the title subtitle description you can upload your cover that sort of things then you click on the next tab go to contributors same kind of thing who's the author are there any other editors or authors or illustrators you put those contributors in you tell them what size the book is and then you look at sales and pricing and this is the one I want to look at in particular because down here is the distributor section and this is where I got in trouble since if you're using it create space is the end you don't get access to this page you cannot pick the distributor and in my case I use be a BCH fulfillment and distribution now I used to use new leaf and we'll talk about distribution and distributors in picking one in a different episode so it's very simple you just fill out the form in bokor once you've purchased a batch of ISBN you get the numbers for your books you bring that back in to create space put it in the little slot there and then you're good to go one thing you're going to want to know is that you don't need to buy any barcodes CreateSpace when you upload their coverage you'll leave a little space for them and they will automatically generate the barcode for you very easy so you don't have to spend the next two twenty-five dollars or whatever Volker wants to sell you a barcode you don't need that you're good to go enjoy so if you have any questions feel free to put some comments down there I will respond to them if I've missed anything or I've confused you also please subscribe to my channel and you'll get the next episode right to you

42 thoughts on “CreateSpace Self-Publishing: Episode #4 Don't Use a CreateSpace ISBN!

  1. I learned about the closure/merger the other day when I tried to log into my Createspace acct and every email address I might have used never got the password reset email. KDP customer service apparently is in India now, every email from them had Indian sounding names and they were complete idiots. I gave up trying to get back into my acct and created a NEW one on KDP, uploaded my manuscript and cover, then it got an error on the ISBN that it was already in use on a title, no shit!!! it's in use on the very title I just UPLOADED. Here's what they said, redacted for privacy;

    Subject: Your system error

    Your system wont let me continue as it tells me my ISBN has already been assigned to another title 978-0xxxxxxxxx It IS assigned to my book by Bowker- the title I just UPLOADED.

    Greetings from Kindle Direct Publishing! Upon further review of your title, I can confirm that the ISBN has been used on a title “The xxxxxxxxxx” The book can be found using the link below. You will need to use a different ISBN. You can ask KDP to assign a free ISBN to your book. We will register your book’s imprint name as “Independently published” with Bowker (the US ISBN agency), and this information will also be displayed on your Amazon detail page. Free KDP Print ISBNs can only be used for books published on KDP Print. If you’ve already purchased your own ISBN (from Bowker, for example), you may enter it in the Print ISBN section under Paperback Content for us to validate prior to publishing. In this case, the Amazon detail page will display the imprint name associated with your ISBN" Regards, Haashim S. Kindle Direct Publishing

    I BOUGHT the ISBN from Bowker in 2012, the same number, same book I was uploading and their system kept telling me there was an error and i couldnt save or continue, so after 3 days of messing with these fools I said screw it, deleted what I had in KDP and told them to close my acct after they informed me they dont do JUST POD any more and I don't want their Amazon marketing/eBook garbage, my book is a highly niche narrow focus color photo intensive book that has no general appeal to a broad audience, and which would never work as an eBook, plus I dont want it out there as a hackable eBook file. I looked around for an alternate for 298 pages, 7×10 all color interior, paperback, some print sites like 48hour books quoted $64 each, and more, I WAS paying $21 at Createspace. So I tried Lulu, it wanted $48 but that was with the premium color option, so I tried some changes and decided to order one copy to see how it looks with standard color but on the better 80# coated paper since I have a LOT of full page color photos in the book. I dont remember a premium color option on Createspace so I have to assume it was "standard color", I only know the printing on Createspace was fantastic, the photos were even better looking than my original scanned 35 year old prints, we'll see if Lulu is comparable, if so the cost is very workable, but the premium color $48 is NOT, not when the book is priced $35 with postage, but that was based on the book printing costing me $21 plus shipping to me, if they are $48 plus shipping nobody is going to pay $60 for a paperback book unless it was a parent buying it from their child author!

  2. Good morning! I just stumbled upon your video and what highlighted to me is that you set up your publisher under your non-profit, which is what I am doing. Only I don’t know what I’m doing. Would you mind if I contacted you for a few questions in regards to this? I would really love your input!

    Warmly, Jillian

  3. Thank you for this information! I'm trying to see my barcode on KDP/Create Space so I can send it to my cover designer. Can I see the barcode on a preview somewhere before I hit publish? Also, did you have to create a new tax ID and company for your publishing name, or you just make up a name

  4. Thank you ma'am. I'm planning to print my book with KDP. I don't have a budget for ISBN. I see there are many sites that provides free ISBN, are they the same as amazon ISBN or they are actually genuine and all the rights giving ISBN s?

  5. I have a question about the purchase of the 100 ISBN pack. 

    Do you know if there any regulation against spliting the ISBN numbers with a friend or a fellow author? For example if i wanted to keep 50 of them and give a way the other 50?

  6. I'm going to publish in Spanish and English the same book… Do I need an ISBN for each or one is enough to both?

  7. I just visited the Bowkey website and after I signed up, it would not let me checkout – I called the phone # and was told that the site was down and they dont know when it will be back up. I then tried to delete my info and could not -does anyone have an update on this company?

  8. At least for Canadians, the ISBNs can be obtained for free by going to "Library and Archives Canada" and establishing oneself as a Publisher (for free), where ISBNs can be obtained for free as well.

  9. I have published several books on Create Space with their ISBN. So I will need to remove each book and republished each one with it's own ISBN?

  10. Thanks for your very helpful and clearly explained videos. I had a question regarding ISBN and setting a price. On the Bowker screen in your video it had a place for price, but I was wondering if this is editable and if it would effect the ISBN if the price of a book needed to be changed in the future.  Thanks

  11. Thank you for the information. If i used a CS ISBN,on a book I change the to my own ISBN without changing book title and contents? will CS accept the change?

  12. Thank you so much for your reply. I love your short videos. I have another question what if I choose the custom-made ISBN option at Createspace that cost $99? Can i still put my book in bookstores or Amazon has the royalties? And if i get Amazon's free ISBN, can I order print copies of my book and sell them myself?

  13. I'm going to publish my first book through Createspace. It's a paperback book only. Do i need to buy only one ISBN?

  14. Quick question: Can the imprint name be my Pen Name or does it need to be a real name attached to real ID? Thanks

  15. Thanks so much. I love Amazon and Kindle and am going to buy my own ISBN's. As writers, we must remember that nothing is free. If it's free…look for the benefit to the provider. They want something. And, rightly so. They have to make money…businesses aren't hobbies. Great job.

  16. I don't have the budget right now to purchase one so I will probably be using the free ISBN. You mentioned that you could republish later if you do use the free ISBN. Will that cause any problems or is it easily done? I want to buy one when I can.

  17. Thanks for the great video. One question is how can I buy an ISBN without being a US citizen? I am been writing an English travel guide book of my city, now it's nearly finished, but I am not able to get ISBN from my country as well, ISBN in Mainland China is like an administrative monopoly with censorship. Is Bowker valid for non US citizen? If not, do you think this ISBN Agency ( works to me? Thank you.

  18. One thing is unclear to me. If you purchase a bunch of ISBNs in bulk, can you only use those ISBNs for the same title of a book/ebook/audio etc. ? Or can you use the remaining for a different book/title in those formats?

  19. Great video. Question, if you have your book sold in other countries, do you have to have a separate ISBN number for each country?

  20. Thank you- your informative and very positive- world needs more people like you…makes it a better place!

  21. Thank you very much for making this video (and this series). It is very helpful! I still have a couple of (related!) questions though.
    First: if one does not plan on selling in bookstores straight away, is there a drawback to getting the free ISBN first, and buying one from Bowker only later?
    Second: if ISBNs are only really required to sell in bookstores, why use a Bowker ISBN for the ebook version(s)? Is it not possible to use a free ISBN provided by CS or KDP for the ebook, and one bought from Bowker for the print version? Would there be any drawback to doing this?
    Thank you very much for your help!

  22. Watch out for ISBNs from resellers like ISBNagency dot com. These numbers may not be accepted by Amazon or other retailers. Don't waste money on cheap ISBNs from sleazy resellers!

  23. Or can I use US ISBN to sell in Canada? Or i need separate ones for eache country? Sorry, my first time! Thanks!

  24. ello. Love your videos! I am creating a children's book. I want it to be available in 3 different colors for a book cover. Same book covers-different colors. Do I need different ISBN for each color? Thanks!

  25. It's just more shelling out money to big corporations, they make the money, we get broke, i'm tired of making losses, I don't care about Barnes and Noble, they can kiss my ass too, they probably still won't stock your book anyways! Don't be swayed! You have about as much chance becoming a best selling author as gold coming out your arse! If you can't get a real publisher then just do it as a hobby, otherwise we give our money away to all these organizations who become rich and couldn't give two shits about anyone anyway. Sorry but i'm not a fan of self publishing or self promotion, it's just not a good route in my opinion.

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