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everyone out there this is Rp wolf I'm an independent author and I just published my first book the book name is Father forgive me and I want to show everyone how to create your own cover for create space using Microsoft Publisher I did not see any YouTube videos out there specifically to use Microsoft Publisher there's other software that's probably better but Microsoft Publisher is the software that I had so what I wanted to first start off is to show you this is the going to be the end product what I did was I had someone designed my ebook covers and so I kept that and I had found this picture of the eyes on deposit photos and I gave it to someone to develop it and I use Fiverr calm to do that I've also found this this is a picture of a priest this is for the back cover and so I use that as my back cover and then here's my text and then here's the spine I'm going to show you how to do that very quickly I'm not going to show you how to do this this was a little detail in this but it's what I basically show you how to the key part is setting up the dimensions and I'm going to show you how to do that so the first thing you got to do is you got to figure out your dimensions and my book is five and a quarter by eight and I set up this really simple spreadsheet and my book is 336 pages and what you do is you mine is white pages and you multiply it by point zero zero two two five two and this is going to be my spine so I take to figure out the width of the document that we're going to have for the cover you take point one two five for the bleed from one side and the other side here then you put in the back cover which is going to be five and a quarter which is the size of the book and another five and a quarter and then you got to add your spine which comes from up here so our width is going to be eleven point five one and you got to put it in there exact the bleed okay so the height is going to be that eight inches and then the bleed will be 0.125 on the top and in the bottom so we're going to get 8.25 this all you get to do is do a quick spreadsheet like this and if your do six by nine you know the numbers will change accordingly just got to put in the formulas to capture these these amounts okay so let's go to Microsoft Publisher okay where is Microsoft Publisher okay I'm going to go to blank and it's loading up here when you go to page design and then where it says page setup hit this little thing down there and then remember the width was eleven point five one and the height was eight point two five sorry about that okay then you want to change these margins to 0.125 this is going to be the bleed I put too many decimals in there so they're going to bleed all around 0.125 so there's our blank document and now I'm going to go ahead and insert my front cover which is this now when it comes in if you grab the corner handles it will change it proportionately keep its proportions but as you can see this is not five and a quarter I need to make this five and a quarter by eight and what you do is let me get a line here's that bleed mark I'm going to change the size manually and I'll save you a lot of time uncheck this lock ratio and relative to original picture it doesn't work if you do that because it's going to no matter what you put in here it will change it so we want eight height not eight and a quarter because this is the actual height of the book that when I count the bleed and then the width is the actual width of the book which is 5.25 then hit OK okay and then you got to kind of line it up with these bleed marks okay so now we need to insert the back cover which is this photo here and this is a priest and I liked it because it's black and I can put my text in there so we're going to format this picture like we did the other one and undo this going through by size Heights going to be eight inches the width it's going to be five and a quarter and then it lined it up perfect so here's our spine so what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a spine here real quickly and we're not going to do this part down here but you go to insert draw text box then I I ball it first and then I'm going to go in here wait I'm going to right-click and I want the size to be we're going to go back to our spreadsheet seven point five seven point seven five seven so the width it's going to be 0.75 seven oops to my decimals okay and it looks like it's lined up okay okay then you got to go in we want to format this right click and you want to go to text box and you want to check this rotate text within auto shape by 90 degrees you want to hit best fit and then you want to hit middle you want the text to be in the middle of that box and I'm going to change this to Times Roman okay and I'm just going to type in real quickly here got all capitals Father forgive me and I shrink this a little bit maybe Center this a little bit okay I'm going to bold this tool I would spend some time on this but okay so one thing you got to make sure is you got to make sure there's room here and room here and then this is my book got rejected here the reason why I got rejected is that they need actually a quarter-inch they could they say a point one through five but these eyes would be cut out so what I had to do was I had to kind of go like this header and otherwise the eyes would have been cut out so then you would you know save this sit here oops when I go to onedrive let's call publication okay then once you have it saved as you save it as a you save it as a PDF file and there you have it and if you go to your dimensions here under properties 811 1/2 by a 25 I hope you liked it I'm going to have another video of the unboxing because I ordered 10 books and see how they came out have a good day

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  1. Thank you, I use publisher. There is not a lot or really anything on setting gutter size, or margins. I do kids books, and one side picture, one side all text, and have problems, with it. KDP is being very anal, is the only word I can come up with, and don't like that word, but that is how they are being. they said CreateSpace helped authors, so if they were off some, then they fixed it, KDP won't do that. There is a lot of trouble with KDP, on this. Any help would be great. I had a book on the market, published, when it went over to KDP they rejected my cover for a novel. Can you do a video, in depth, with full-size pictures on one side and full text on another side./ also, maybe a novel book would be great. I know I am asking a lot, but help would be wonderful.

  2. Thanks for your prompt response – I was playing around with it yesterday – I did add the 1.25 on the borders but made the entire image full bleed – to compensate for the 'cutting process' – I also changed the line spaces in the text 1.15 – which added more pages, which helped because it;s a novella – ( a little over 30M words) so a wider binding space was helpful. when I publish early next year – I'll send you a copy and appreciate the time you spent making your videos and sharing your experience. thanks again

  3. Hi RP and thanks for vid and followed your step-by step process (I also use MS Publisher) However, I watched your unboxing video and noticed your book was NOT FULL BLEED – and the finished product had an outline / border. In my case, I want a full bleed – so – I reckon I should bring the photo to the edge and not allow for the trim? (provided it is an area that will not affect the images or text on the cover or back page? if you had to do another cover – what would you change?
    thanks for you very instructive video – appreciate it. stephen

  4. Thank you so much! I've been searching for a how-to on this and have had a lot of trouble finding it. This was even more helpful than I could have asked! I'm trying to get my cover for my book put together asap. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work.

  5. I love this technique. But I wanted to add that it works better if you save final product as 300 dpi jpg instead of print to pdf. Thank you for the guidance!

  6. I am a 3D artist and when I search for book covers for my 3D models I get nothing impressive so this is very helpful to me plus I am an IT student at Evelyn hone college so I have killed 2 birds with one stone thanks great tutorial it is thumbs up for me.

  7. It's amazing how difficult it is to do something that should be very simple. Why do you have to go to all this trouble just be able to design a book cover with back cover and spine?

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