Create Your Own Music with Composer in Magic Piano

32 thoughts on “Create Your Own Music with Composer in Magic Piano

  1. ok, i understand this
    part, but how to you add black keys?? this is IMPORTANT for a perfect sound!!

  2. Why can't we compose songs that go as low as A0? I can understand going as high as C8 because that's the highest key on a regular 88-key piano, but I know for a fact that you can give us a chance to compose songs that have notes lower than C2.

  3. I hate how this game uses coins to get songs that they didn't make which is why I hacked it lmao

  4. I suck at this game, my hand will begin to hurt and my pinky finger always ends up pressing the screen

  5. Your app charged us $200 for a VIP all access pass, when we never stated we wanted it, let alone purchased it

  6. I can't find any sharp notes. It would be nice if there was a setting that shows an actual piano keyboard so we know which keys we are truly doing. Overall, the app is still fun! 😀

  7. I'm not sure how to add different notes for the different difficulties. I'm having trouble on how that works.

  8. How do you add the double, triplets, and the four notes on different levels so that it's not just one single note touching on every level?

  9. I wanted to creat a song, but I don't hear any of the good notes I hear in songs other people made, why is my list of notes 1) so full of notes I don't need and 2) why do I don't find notes I like to use? I want to make songs where I have no list of where to put the notes so this makes it tooooo dificult for me -.- can someone for example tell me how to arange a normal speed fast pop song with super happy music where a lot of girls sing "rolly rolly rolly loo rolly rolly rolly loo (and so on)" because I tried and my result sounds awfull -.- I even tried to make a slow song, but no just no. it allways ends up sounding like if a dumbass would destroy the piano -.- tell me your secret how to make a good sounding song and not crappy shit!

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